Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 45

Mike was able to bring us home the next night as promised. He was anxious to show me something. He ushered me up the stairs. “Come on, you’ve got to see this!”

“Why are you in such a hurry?” I held onto Logan and rushed up the steps. “I just had a baby, ya know. Runnin’ isn’t on the list of things the doctor said I could do.”

“Well then walk fast.”

“You act like something’s gonna die, if I don’t hurry up an’ get there.”

He opened the door to the nursery. “Well, what do you think?”

I stepped in. Looking around, I was amazed. “It’s absolutely gorgeous.”

“We worked all night long to get this just right. Your mother changed everything around like twenty times. Between your mother and mine, I’m surprised anyone agreed on anything.”

It was a room created for a prince. The crib was set up in the corner with a changing table positioned right beside it. It was filled with diaper changing needs. The crib was lined with a baby mobile, a baby monitor, as well as cute little singing toys hooked to the bars of the crib.

A stroller sat in the corner and the closet was filled with cute little boy outfits of all kinds. The wall was papered with sports figures as well as a baseball glove, cap, mitt, and helmet on one of the shelves.

There was a bookcase filled with children’s books from nursery tales to folklore. A huge teddy bear in another corner with different baby toys in a toy box right beside a rocking chair with balloons tied to it.

I fell in love with him all over again. It was a dream nursery that Logan was going to love.

“Do you like it? We’ve been flooded with good tidings and gifts from my clients.”

“That was nice of them.”

“The baby already has a toy box filled with toys. The plaques on the wall and the stuffed animals all came from clients.”

“It’s good to know it wasn’t you shoppin’ like that.”

“I just got the main furniture.” He pointed to the rocking chair. “My mother picked this out for you.”

“Your mother? Maureen?”

“Yes. She said all new mothers need a rocking chair and it will make it a lot easier on you.”

“That’s a shocker.”

“I told you she’s going to be different. A baby changes people, Lyse.”

I nodded. “True. So, who helped you with all this because I know you didn’t do it by yourself.”

“I’m going to pretend not to be hurt by that. We all came back here last night and did it. Your parents, my mom, Tania, and then we sat up arguing half the night about what should go where.”

I looked around, chuckling. “Where’s my mother? I thought they were stayin’ for a few days?”

“They were going to, but she got some vision or something and had to go home.”

“That sounds like mom. Ya know, this room is fit for royalty.”

He laughed. “Nothing is too good for my son. My little man deserves the best that money can buy.”

“Can I move in here? I love this room.”

“You can move in this room until you’re healed.” He leaned down, kissing my nose. “Then you’re mine again.” He took Logan and walked him around the room. “Look at that teddy bear, son. You’re going to have a good time beating him up when Mommy makes you mad.”

“Ya make it sound like that happens all the time.”

“Trust me. I have a punching bag in my office that’s almost worn out.”

“My two men, what am I gonna do with ya?”

“Get used to us mommy, because we’re here for life.” He lifted Logan’s hand as he gripped his finger. “This boy has got some grip! He just might make a great quarterback one day.”

I rubbed my ribs. It was the one place Logan kept his foot for almost the entire last trimester. He kicked so hard they were bruised. “Trust me. He’s got a hell of a kick too. My ribs are still sore where he lodged his foot.”

“Ooh going to be the kicker for the Washington Redskins.”

“…or for the Dallas Cowboys.”

He looked down at the baby and cringed. “Tell mommy she’s crazy. Ew, not the Cowboys!”

“They’re better than the Redskins this year.”

“I’m going to have to get him a Redskins outfit. I think he would look too cute in it.”

“Then I’ll get him a Dallas Cowboy one.”

“No self-respecting Redskins fan allows his child in the enemy’s clothes.”

“Okay. I have the perfect compromise.”

He looked down, winking at the baby. “Listen and learn son. This is where mommy plans on getting her way.”

“Whoever wins the games will determine just which outfit he wears, so ya better hope Redskins come through, highly unlikely, though!”

“Err, maybe we could just go with a weekly color code instead?”

I chuckled. The truth was Redskins and the Cowboys were both my teams. I liked the Cowboys a little more, but I wasn’t upset if the Redskins beat them. I started more bar brawls by stating they both were my teams. Men get so irate about ‘nonexistent’ rules of the game.

I yawned. I felt so tired. It was probably from how many times in the course of a night that Logan woke up. “I’m so tired. Who knew givin’ birth to a watermelon would be so exhaustin’?”

“You go to bed. I’m going to spend some time with my boy.”

“Okay, that sounds good. Come an’ get me if he gets hungry.”

I went to our room and climbed in bed after putting on my gown. I could hear him talking through the baby monitor. I smiled because it sounded so cute.

“Once upon a time, there was this beautiful princess named Elyse. There was not a more beautiful girl in the kingdom. She topped the cake. Everyone came from far and wide just to see her blue eyes. There was this well known, rich king named Mike, but you can call me dad. Mike caught a glimpse of her through her window. He had to have her for his very own. By the grace of God, he was able to convince her to join him in his castle.”

I drifted off before he got to the happily ever after stage.

Two hours later, like clockwork, Logan woke up screaming his head off. I staggered out of bed, yawning, stretching, and trying not to run into the door as I walked through it with half–closed eyes. Walking into the nursery, I looked down at him in the crib.

He stopped crying when he saw me, and just cooed up at me.

“Hey there, little man.” I reached down, picking him up, cradling him in my arms. “Are ya hungry? Let’s change ya first.” I smiled as I went through the process of changing his diaper, medicating his circumcision, and putting alcohol on his belly button.

He sucked on his fist and watched me, kicking his feet.

“Mommy’s little man. I went through hell to get you, but persistence paid off. I can’t wait till ya have girlfriends so I can embarrass ya with talk about how ya were playin’ with your wee-wee at blah-blah age.”

After he was clean and bundled up warmly once more, I picked him up and carried him over to the rocking chair. I told Mike that I had to breastfeed for at least a week, but I wanted it to be a little longer than that. However, he wanted to be in on the bonding time, so I compromised. One week and then we were switching to formula. It took about forty-five minutes for me to get him back to sleep.

I kissed him gently before walking out of the room and climbing back into my bed. I was exhausted and was out before my head hit the pillow.

Two hours later, Logan’s wailing started the process all over again.

It wasn’t long after we switched Logan to formula that Mike was getting his bonding time with him. This was why he wanted him on formula, so he could be part of this wonderful experience. I sat on the couch, alternating between watching TV and him and the baby. I had to admit, it was cute watching the two of them.

Yes. I still felt guilty, but it was getting easier to deal with.

Mike was holding him and soon we heard the motorboat from the baby. “Uh-oh, it sounds like someone’s ready to have his diaper changed.” He stood and moved to the changing table in the living room. He had put one of those in almost every room of the house. At first, I thought it was a bit extreme, but when I didn’t have to run up and down the stairs, I loved it.

“Lucky Logan gets to have daddy change his diaper.”

He chuckled. “You mean lucky mommy.”

“Oh, you’ll soon see.”

“Does my little man need his diaper changed?”

Logan laughed and wiggled his hands, watching daddy as he changed his diaper.

Once the diaper was pulled down it wasn’t a fun thing anymore. Mike put his hand up to his nose and cringed. “Good God! What did he eat?”

Logan laughed at daddy’s silly face, and so did I.

“It’s called shit, Mike.”

“What happened to it?”

I peered over, arching a brow. “It looks the same to me. It looks like shit.”

“It never smelled like this!”

“Did ya think he would always have sweet smellin’ shit? When we started him on formula, so that you could wake up around the clock at night, which you’ve been slackin’ on, is when smell came to diaper changes.”

“Wow! I thought mine was bad! Woo! Son, you stink!”

Logan laughed as he talked to him in baby talk.

“Stinky Logan is what we’re going to call you from now on!”

I shook my head. “Oh no, we aren’t! That’s somethin’ that would stick with him. I’m not gonna have him gettin’ in fights at school over that nickname.”

“Whew! You can catch the next ones.”

“No darlin’, we take turns, just like you agreed. Remember, it should be you gettin’ all the nighttime ones, since I have him all day an’ then like clockwork, every two bloody hours at night.”

“I never knew you were related to the skunk, but he gave you away!” He cringed and gagged.

It took all I had not to laugh as he used half the wipes in the container. He wiped a little bit and threw it away, just to grab another and repeat. When he finished after thirty wipes, he rolled up the diaper and walked it to the diaper pail.

He held the dirty diaper far in front of him as if he carried a toxic substance in his hand. He tiptoed as if he thought it would explode if he walked too quickly. It was most comical.

“Nope, he got that from you, darlin’.”

“We’re going to need more air fresheners.” He grabbed the can and sprayed down the entire living room until we choked on the fumes.

“We need an air freshener from the air freshener!”

“Okay no more comments from the Peanut Gallery!”

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