Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 46

It was three months later when I got my first full night’s sleep. Logan slept through the night and things were on a schedule. He was such a good baby. Everywhere we went, people commented about he was a tossup in looks, but he favored Mike more. That made Mike fluff out his chest and nod.

I took so many pictures of the baby. We had five full albums. I wanted pictures of every day of his life. I did it more for Corey, just in case.

I was on the floor playing with Logan and his cars. I zoomed them up his leg and made him laugh. There was something about a baby’s laughter to make you smile.

“Oh no… We’re gonna crash… aaaaaaaaaaah.” I crashed two cars together.

He laughed, waving his arms in the air.

“Are you tryin’ to fly now? Oh no. Where’s my little Logan? All I see is a little birrrrd.” I shook my head into his tummy.

He laughed hysterically.

I don’t know how long Mike was watching from the doorway, but I didn’t hear him come in. “How’s my little slugger doing?”

I looked up, offering him a smile. “Oh, I’m just fine, thanks. How are you?” I picked Logan up off the ground and he waved his hands for daddy. “Look whose home! Is that your daddy? Say hi, daddy!”

I could see that Logan truly loved Mike and the feelings were mutual. He got so excited when his daddy came home. He grunted and groaned, waving his little arms, all while keeping his mouth open. He tried so hard to talk.

Mike smiled and did the same thing with his lips. “Hey there, champ. What do you want?” He put his face up to his and laughed as he grabbed his cheeks. “Ooh, you want your old man to pick you up, do you?” He wrapped his arms around him and snuggled. “Ooh, if only you knew how much I love you, little man. I love you soooo much.”

Logan turned his head, opening his mouth and kissed Mike’s cheek. He sucked on his face, which was a kiss from Logan. I knew them well. I got plenty of Logan kisses during the day.

“He had a busy day today.”


“He’s tryin’ so hard to crawl, now that he’s learned how to roll over. He just kicks those little feet an’ moves those little arms an’ looks surprised he’s not goin’ anywhere. It’s really cute the way he looks around… like… why haven’t I moved yet?”

Mike laughed as he watched Logan grab anything that came close. “Soon, he’ll be all over this house.” He tickled his back, getting a kick out of the giggles and the way he jumped. “Of course, that’s when we’ll tell him to sit down, and stop getting into everything.”

“He doesn’t wanna take a nap anymore. I keep tellin’ him he’s takin’ a nap. That’s when I get to clean. He screams bloody murder at first an’ then he lays there talkin’ to himself an’ goes to sleep. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was cussin’ me out.” I laughed, shaking my head. “Just wait till he’s two an’ it’s an unendin’ job.”

“Oh yeah… he’s going to be into everything.” Mike winked, leaning over to kiss my cheek. “…and you will love every minute of it.”

I laughed, picking up the photo albums off the floor. Logan loved to look at pictures. “You know I will.”

“Why do we have so many photo albums filled with Logan? They do have flash cards for storing them on the computer.”

“One, it’s not just the baby. It’s him an’ then him with everyone else. I’ve got them on flash, on the hard drive, an’ printed out. He’s gonna be our only child so why not stock up on them?”

He looked at me with an arched brow. “Why would he be our only child?”

I looked at him, and shook my head, laughing softly. “Honey, it took ten years to make that one. Do ya really think we’re gonna get another chance?”

“I don’t know… but we can always have fun trying.”

“Well, we’ll see about that.”

“On another subject…” He got down on the floor and started to play with Logan. “Mother wants us to come to a dinner party she’s throwing.”

I looked at the calendar. Thursday, August 2, 2011. “She wants to have a dinner party on a Thursday?”

“It’s in Logan’s favor, and she really wants to do it.”

“Oh yeah? Who all’s gonna be there? I hear dinner an’ think of some convention table of food where your mother is concerned.”

“It’s just going to be us. You go get ready while I get the little man here ready for his first dinner party.”

“What should I wear? Please say jeans because I don’t feel like gettin’ all dolled up for this.”

“Jeans are fine, honey.” He rolled his eyes, but looked at Logan with excitement. “Ooh did you hear that? Just four months old and you’re having your first dinner party! What do you think of that champ?”

Logan grabbed his hair, trying to pull it into his mouth. He grunted and growled in baby talk with forceful coos.

I laughed. “Four an’ a half months, an’ by that gesture, he’s either excited or he doesn’t want any parts of it. I’d say no parts of it.”

“Oh well,” Mike said as he carried him off to the nursery. “Let’s see what we can find to dress you in that’s befitting a dinner party.”

I laughed, heading to the bedroom to get dressed. I still had some of the baby weight. I wasn’t back to my body yet, but not from lack of trying. I was back to dieting and trying to find a way to turn household chores into an exercise workout.

My phone rang as I walked in the room. I thought about not answering it since that would slow me down. It was already hard enough trying to find something that fit and looked good.

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