Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 47

Seeing it was Tania, I answered. “Hey girl, what’s up?”

“I dunno. I’m at work. It’s lucky for you that ya don’t have to be here. We all thought you were bad? The new bitch is… Wow, just that… a straight up bitch.”

“Hey! I was never that bad!”

“No, ya weren’t. You would explain an’ praise then chastise. This bitch knows nothin’ but chastisin’, an’ if ya claim ya don’t know how to do somethin’, she won’t train ya, or show ya how to do it. She tells ya that ya better learn fast or you’re out the door!”

I chuckled. “Well, technically you’re supposed to know how to do your job. I was lenient. Not all bosses are.”

“Yes, an’ we miss you.”

“I’m sorry to hear she isn’t up to my speed of handlin’ things. Then again, they all can’t be as talented as me.”

I could just see her rolling her eyes on that statement “Yes, you’re a Goddess among bosses.” She laughed, but then there was a serious pause. I could tell that something was bothering her. “That’s not the real reason I called.”

“I didn’t think so. What’s wrong?”

“There’s somethin’ weird goin’ on at the office. Do ya remember how that one truck driver was caught the one time without a delivery fee with McStevens & Son?”

“Yes. Why, is it still goin’ on?”

“Yes, but there’s more of ‘em an’ they don’t have a delivery fee at all.”

“More deliveries with no fees?”

“Yes. The new boss checked somethin’ on the computer an’ she said that the powers that be said no delivery fee, so she let ’em go.”

“Hmm, maybe it’s somethin’ they just started?”

“No, because everyone else still has one. I tried explainin’ to her that your rules, per the corporate rules, was that no one gets outta here without a delivery fee, but she said that I needed to stop listenin’ to you since you no longer work here an’ that apparently, those deliveries are free.”

“That’s odd.”

“Do ya think they might be haulin’ out somethin’ they’re not supposed to? I know when the delivery guy comes in there’s no fee, but I looked at the ticket. After each one, it shows there was a fee.”

I looked in the mirror, putting on some mascara. I had my mouth open as I did because there was something to do with the balance of your hand, near your eye, jabbing on some dark liquid, that helped keep everything straight if you kept your mouth open. Odd, I know, but it’s a fact. Watch most women when they put on makeup. We turn our face into different expressions as we apply the goop.

“Hmm, that doesn’t sound like it’s addin’ up at all. It’s almost like someone doesn’t wanna draw attention to these deliveries.”

“That’s what I thought. Should I call the main office an’ ask about it?”

“No. Just don’t make waves an’ ignore it all, but ya might wanna make notes. Make sure ya keep ‘em at your house not at work. Ya need to cover your ass, so on those days print out the receipts just in case ya ever need it. Print out the main ones before they go out an’ after because I’ll bet something isn’t right with that.”

“Okay, I’ll do that. Because I noticed that the before receipt was definitely changed on the after receipt to show that they paid a fee when I know they didn’t.”

“Yeah, like I said just keep notes, keep records, an’ make copies of things that don’t seem right. It could protect your ass in the long run.”

“Thanks. I’m gonna do that now.”

“Just make sure no one sees ya doin’ it. Ooh, guess who has his very own dinner party tonight.”



“Oh yeah? Who’s throwin’ such a fancy dinner for a four-month-old?”

“Who else? Maureen. We’re all goin’ over there for some family dinner she wants to throw an’ show off her gorgeous grandson.”

She laughed. “Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever had a dinner in my honor!”

“Neither have I.”

“When do I get to spend some time with him? I miss his gibberish. He gets so frustrated with me since I can’t understand him half the time.”

“Logan talk is not gibberish. No one is keepin’ ya from him. You can come over here anytime ya want.”

“Yeah, I like to keep my distance from Mike as much as possible. I have enough monsters in my dreams.” Then she whispered into the phone. “Okay, I better go. No one is around so I can get those files now an’ make copies. I’ll call ya later. Get bail money together in case I get caught!”

“Just don’t look like you’re doin’ anythin’ sneaky an’ ya won’t get caught. There is nothin’ unusual about makin’ copies of files an’ puttin’ them in folders. Just act like ya normally do an’ don’t look suspicious.”

“Okay. I’ll call ya later.”

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