Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 58

I flew home like the devil was at my heels. I knew that Mike was going to be home soon and didn’t feel like answering a million questions on where the hell I was. I wasn’t ready for him to find out what was going on until I got some answers. Once all the loose ends were tied, then I could join Corey in California. It sounded like we had a beach house for a home. Not a bad place to spend our time.

When I got home, I parked in the driveway and quickly took Logan out of his car seat. Once I got the door unlocked, I took Logan inside. After removing his coat, I placed him in his playpen. Hurriedly, I put our coats away. I put the diaper bag where it usually hung, and took out the bottles. The empty ones were cleaned but the full ones went in the fridge. I did all that in less than ten minutes.

Now, what to make for dinner? I checked to see what I had the ingredients for, figuring that Mike would be hungry when he got home. Moving things around in the refrigerator, I looked for something quick and easy to prepare so it didn’t look like I had been gone all day. Then a thought struck me and I stopped.

“Mike can’t have kids… ever.”

Oh yeah. I didn’t care what time he came in, he could make his own damn dinner. Since Logan was born, he stopped working late at night. He was home for dinner every night and usually I had it waiting for him on the table… not tonight.

Picking up my phone, I called Tania. I had to tell her about my day. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to tell her, though. The fax still boggled my mind. It made me question Tania because no one else knew where we were staying!

I was only on hold for a few minutes before she answered. “Hey girl, what’s up? God, work sucks! Do we ever miss you!”

“Girrrrrl, I have to tell ya what happened. Oh, my God, you’re not gonna believe this! Hell, I’m still floored. I feel like I’m dreamin’ only I do not want anyone to wake me up!”

“What the hell’s goin’ on?”

“I just left Corey’s hotel room.”

“Oh, that’s right! You did say ya had to go over there! How did that go?”

I sighed. “Well… he played with Logan for a bit an’ then laid him down in the crib that he had in his hotel room. He is such a good daddy. Then we took it to the next room an’ yelled at each other for a little while.” He told me he got a fax. Do ya know anythin’ about that? I still wasn’t sure whether I was going to bring that up, yet. “I found out Mike can’t have kids?”


“Yep, an’ he knew that well before we got married?”


“Yeah, no shit. That’s what I said when Corey told me about it too.”

“Did he get fixed or somethin’?”

“No. He had chicken pox when he was fifteen an’ it fried his sperm sac… or somethin’.” I told her exactly what Corey had told me. “So, all those excuses he gave me, an’ arguments he had with me, an’ his refusal to be seen were because he already knew why it would never happen.”

“Oh, how horrible.”

“The doctor told him he couldn’t have kids… at all… ever!”

I could hear her wince over the phone. “Wow! I’ll bet you’re fit to be tied. Mike never told ya this?”

“Hell no. If Mike told me this, I never would’ve married him. He knew I wanted kids… lots of ’em.”

“Oh c’mon, Lyse. Ya mean to tell me that ya wouldn’t have married that handsome man for the sex an’ money? Hell, you could buy a few kids if ya wanted to. Money makes people happy, ya know?”

“No, it really doesn’t. He lied to me for ten years an’ I don’t give a shit how much money he has, how much money he throws at me, or how much he spoils me. He lied to me an’ I will never forgive him for that. Do ya know how guilty I felt because of that whole thing? I felt so betrayed. It justified everythin’ I have done. If I hadn’t, I would just be another woman who couldn’t have a baby, for whatever reason, an’ didn’t.”

“Yeah, I think I’d be pissed too. If that’s true, though, why hasn’t Mike asked who the daddy is? He has to think there’s a possibility that he could get ya pregnant. I don’t see a man just being okay with his wife cheatin’. Cause if he thought, for one second, that he wasn’t that baby’s daddy… you’d know.”

“Yeah, I don’t understand that part either.”

“Maybe Cory’s lyin’ about all that to get ya more pissed at Mike so ya go with him?”

I didn’t see Cory as a deceiver. Maybe it was my heart stepping in and my feelings making me unaware, but she did have a point. If Mike couldn’t have kids… how come he wasn’t fuming mad, demanding who the father was? How come he wasn’t calling me a slut or at least trying to find out what happened in California? Why was he okay with me having a baby and loving Logan like he was his own?

“A lot of this is very confusin’.” Like that damn fax.

“So, what are ya gonna do?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know what to do about Mike. Corey wants me to leave him an’ go back to California with him.”

“How is that gonna help?”

I chuckled. “Because he wants me to divorce Mike an’ marry him. He wants us to live in California an’ be happy an’ have a ton of kids. Mike used that to get me but this time, I believe Corey. Plus, I love Corey more than I’ve ever loved Mike.”

“That’s a harsh statement. You’ve been with Mike for ten years an’ ya never loved him? I mean, I know you’re mad an’ all, but c’mon. I know ya loved him.”

“I never said I didn’t. I said, I have never loved him as much as I love Corey.”

“Naw. That’s the way it is with everyone. Ya leave one person an’ ya never really loved ‘em. However, never mind in the beginning when you were tellin’ everyone that you’ve never been in love like this before. I hear it all the time from some of the girls here. Hell, one girl goes out with many guys an’ falls in love every other weekend with a new one. She says the same thing each time.”

Well, she might have something there. I knew I loved Mike a lot at one time, but I didn’t remember loving him as much as I did Corey. It could’ve been my anger at him, bleeding through my emotions, or the wild sex that Mike has no clue how to do or please a woman… or the bond that I had with him through Logan. All I knew was it was true. “Maybe.”

“So, what are ya gonna do?”

“He’s given me two weeks to handle this before he steps in.”

“Why two weeks?”

“That’s when he goes back to California an’ we’re supposed to go with him.”

She laughed. “Man, this is like a soap opera, only it’s like reality an’ really cool cause I like… know the main characters.”

“Yeah, but it’s your soap opera an’ my reality an’ it’s not that cool! I wanna go with Corey an’ I’m definitely leavin’ that lyin’ asshole that I’m married to, but I’m not sure how to go about this.”

“Which part?”

“I’m not sure how to end things with Mike. I know I have to tell him an’ everyone else about everythin’, but I’m still not sure how to deal with it. There’s a lot more to this story now.”

“Everythin’… you’re not gonna tell them that it was my idea are ya? I’d really rather ya didn’t. You could just say that ya met him, innocently, on the beach an’ that it wasn’t this whole scheme to get pregnant. It might go over better for ya.”

I got the impression she was trying to save her own skin. Part of me wanted to protect my baby sister as I have been doing my whole life. When three women were coming to beat her ass for sleeping with one of their men, I told them they had to go through me first. They didn’t like that idea and backed off. I had a hard time thinking that she would do anything to hurt me, but then again, she was all about herself and what she could gain from it.

What could she gain from this?

I still didn’t tell her about the fax. I needed to see it. I wasn’t sure who sent it, how they even knew about Corey, or why they sent it to a long-lost brother who no one knew existed. It almost seemed as if that fax was sending him right to me. I couldn’t get it out of my head though, that there was only one person who knew we were staying at the Ritz before we got there, and that was Tania.

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Ya remember when you guys were fightin’ hardcore an’ ya thought ya needed a break from each other?”

“Yeah.” That was another baby issue talk where I left him for a week and went to stay with my parents. I pretty much told him I was going on a short vacation, but we needed the time away from each other. He wasn’t happy, but he didn’t stop me either.

“Just do that. Then ya don’t really have to explain a lotta details.”

I shook my head. That wasn’t good enough for me. I was beyond furious, but I couldn’t just jump in and yell at him until I had all the details. “No. He’s not gettin’ off that easily. I wanna fuck with his ass first.”

“You really are kinky.”

“Ha-ha. I wanna hammer his ass to the wall for not tellin’ me about his bein’ sterile. He knew about this the whole time. He still made me jump through hoops.”

“I guess so. Wow. I have to get back to work. Keep me posted.”

“Okay, ya got it.” I hung up.

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