Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 62

It didn’t take long for us to get there and as soon as the cab pulled up, I saw Corey waiting for us, leaning against the front of his car, a metallic blue Mercedes SL 280. Damn, he really did look sexy. He looked like he could be a pinup on one of those male calendars. Even though he had clothes on, he was still sexier than hell.

He walked over, helping the driver get the bags out of the car. He paid the driver as I took out the car seat. Once I got him out, I turned, ready to head up to the hotel room, but was surprised that he was loading everything in his car.

“Nice touch on the letter. I can’t believe he thought his letter would work.” Then he noticed all the bags. “Good Lord, are you sure you didn’t forget anything?”

I chuckled carrying Logan over in one arm, and the car seat in the other hand. “I only brought what I couldn’t leave behind, plus, ya never told me where we were goin’, so I had to pack for all weather conditions.” I teased him with a wink as he took the car seat. “There’s still a lot left if ya want me to go an’ get it?”

He put the car seat in the backseat, chuckling. “We’ll get it later.” Once he had it situated, he turned around, taking Logan, hugging him tightly. “Hey there, little man. I missed you so much. I am so glad you are here. I love you.” He kissed him and then buckled him in his seat.

It didn’t escape my attention he bought little toys to put on the car seat. Logan opened his mouth wide, as he started grabbing at them, playing with them, having fun. There was even a pacifier that he connected to the front of it so he didn’t lose it and couldn’t throw it. It was the little things that I thought was sweet.

“So… where are ya kidnappin’ me to?” I asked, buckling myself in.

“I thought we should go back to the beach.”

I blinked. Well, at least I packed bikinis! Was he serious? “Which beach?”

He wiggled his brows. “No one else knows about it. I want to go where we don’t have to worry about prying eyes.”

“I like that. Go where no one knows us an’ we’ll look like a little family out together for some fun. Then we can actually be a couple without worry of running into someone that we know.”

“I’ll be able to get to know my son as well.” He picked up my left hand, kissing my ring finger. “I’ll get you a suitable replacement to go on that finger.”

I nibbled on my bottom lip. “Okay, but remember, I don’t like big an’ gaudy.”

“It won’t be. So why did you arrive in a cab? Don’t you have a car?”

I sighed. “It was a weddin’ present from Mike, but it’s always been in his name. I knew if I took it, he’d say I stole it an’ then be able to track it an’ me down.”

“That sounds like my brother.”

“After Logan was born, I went to the courthouse an’ got full custody of him.”

“Don’t you automatically get custody of the baby that came out of you?”

I shook my head. One thing I learned from a friend of mine, who lost her children to her husband, nothing was set in stone. If you didn’t have the custody papers, they weren’t your kids. Her husband took them right out from under her and she trusted him.

“No, but he is now. I know Mike. I didn’t wanna take the chance that he’d be able to steal Logan from me, especially when he’s not the father.”

“Wow, you really do know him.”

“I should. It’s been ten years.” I realized… I said that a lot.

Once at the airport, he parked. We went through the line, but when going first-class, it’s much shorter and less irritating. We were boarding a smaller plane that looked like a jet. There didn’t appear to be a lot of people getting on that one. Logan was excited to see all the planes. He pointed, trying to talk through his excitement.

Corey laughed. “He really does like planes!”

I nodded. “Apparently so!” Taking out my phone, I recorded his excitement and Corey holding him. “Daddy an’ Logan look too cute together. Wow, he really does look like you.”

Corey smirked. “I told you. I noticed it right away at the dinner party. I was like, ‘this kid looks like I spit him out’ and didn’t understand that. Then I started looking at you and thought there was something about you that was so familiar.” He jostled him up and down. “Isn’t that right, champ? You look just like your old man!”

Logan laughed, squealing with delight as Corey tickled him.

I smiled. Whatever I had to go through from here out was totally worth what I saw in front of me. Having that little boy filled the missing parts of my heart, and that man, my baby’s father, filled the rest. “My family... so goofy.”

Corey leaned over, kissing me on the tip of my nose. “Get used to us, ma!”

Our luggage was sent ahead of us. I opted to hold onto Logan’s blanket and his teddy bear was in the diaper bag. I held onto that bag as if my life depended on it. As we boarded, the stewardess caught sight of Logan and just squealed with happiness.

“Oh, aren’t you just the cutest thing I’ve seen all day.” Her nametag screamed, ‘Stacie’ as she held her hands out to him. “May I? I have a nephew that I rarely get to see and I just miss holding him.”

Smiling, Corey handed him over. “Careful. This is Logan and he likes grabbing everything. Logan, this is Stacie.”

She made a deal over him and he ate it up, tickling him, holding him close to her, talking about what a cutie-pie he was. He was definitely going to be a lady’s man. After a few minutes, she reluctantly handed him back. She went back to doing her job of greeting people and we headed down the tarmac to our flight.

Once we boarded the plane, we moved to the first-class section, taking our seats. I took the window seat. Corey held onto Logan, sitting down one seat over from me as a car seat was installed onto the seat between us.

Corey winked at me as he put him in it. “I paid for the extra seat. I don’t care what anyone says. The safest place for my little man is in his own little seat.”

It was a new car seat and it had an assortment of toys on the tray as well as a pacifier. Once more, they were all attached so he couldn’t wing them around the plane. That would be awkward. Sorry about your bleeding head. My son threw it at you.

Logan was happy and content to sit between us and play with his new toys. As usual, everything went in his mouth. He lifted his head every now and then, looking around us. We were in the first-class section which meant the front of the plane.

I looked out the window and back at Corey. “So, we’re goin’ to California?”

He shook his head. “Nope.”

“Oh. Okay. So, where are we goin’?”

“It’s a secret.”

“Ohhhh, so we’re gonna start keepin’ secrets from each other?”

“It’s not that kind of secret. This is a good secret.”

“Okay. I’ll remember that.”

He looked over, grinning. “Why does that sound like a threat?”

I shrugged. “I dunno. I guess it’s just your perception. It sounds kinda warped to me.”

“I thought we should go someplace where no one knows us. Too many people know me in California.”

“Oh, come on. You can tell me!”

“Then it wouldn’t be a secret.”

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