Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 63

I fell asleep on the flight just like a baby in a car, I swear. It didn’t take us long to get out of the airport, get our luggage, and catch a cab. He told him to take us to the Marina. From there, we took a yacht to an island. I blinked, looking around. The water was the bluest and clearest I ever saw in my life. The sky was a beautiful blue. The beach wasn’t crowded, just a few people out and about.

I looked at him. The curiosity got the best of me. “Where are we?” Then I saw the sign.

Welcome to the Bahamas.

“I thought it would be nice to let you have a carefree weekend. What better place than the Bahamas?”

I gasped. “It’s absolutely beautiful!”

He chuckled. I could see a gleam in his eye at my happiness. “I’m glad you approve.”

“Do ya come here often?”

He shook his head. “I’ve never been here. It’s kind of a romantic place and I didn’t want to come alone. If you’ve never been here, then we’ll enjoy it for the first time together as a family.”

I shook my head. “Mike stopped doin’ romantic things once he got the ring on my finger. He didn’t need to impress me anymore. He had me so why put on the act. At first, I missed it, but then it just became a way of life.”

“That’s no way to love. When you care about someone, you’re supposed to make sure every day that they know how special they are.” He leaned over, looking deeply into my eyes. I felt my heart grow wings again. “You are very special to me. I find it hard to breathe when you’re away from me. You complete me and I never want to be apart from you.”

I smiled up at him, gently kissing his lips. “Soon, you’ll never be alone again.”

He smiled. “I can’t wait for that day.” Turning, he pointed to the water. “Look at this big, open ocean in front of us. I can’t wait to get my boy into that sand and see how he does.”

“He will try an’ eat it.” I chuckled. “You know that everythin’ goes in his mouth.”

“Well, he can’t drink up the water.”

I groaned. “I’m not lettin’ him swim in the ocean just like I’m not swimmin’ there either.”

He smiled. “I’ve already thought of that.”

It was another one of his secrets, apparently, as he didn’t say another word about it. I had news for him. If it was a body of water connected to the ocean, I wasn’t getting in it! When we got to the beach, our things were brought down the long pier to the little hut on the water. It was our hotel room! I was amazed! It looked like it was sitting on top of the water.

“This is our room?”

He laughed. “Yes. I knew you would love this.”

I did and I didn’t. I didn’t see any sharks but that didn’t mean they weren’t there and that hut was really too close to the water! “Yes. Do I ever? Look at this place!” I tried sounding enthusiastic, but still… my mind wandered to Jaws and how it attacked people. This hut would be bite-sized for that shark!

There was a bedroom with a queen-sized bed, crib, a dresser, and two nightstands with lamps. The bathroom was huge. There was a full-sized shower with a Jacuzzi built for two.

There was a little kitchenette with a little refrigerator and a sink. I guess they didn’t put the stove or burners in so you had to eat on the island.

It had a little living room area as well. There was a TV and a DVD player set up with surround sound speakers on the wall. There was what looked like a fish aquarium in the middle of the floor, but it was a place to look at the fish that swam by. Logan loved that!

It was like my own little heaven… as long as I didn’t see a shark.

We gathered up our swimming gear and headed out to the beach. We passed the open areas and the sunbathers. Before long he stopped at one section of the shore and I looked around. It was more like a caged-in section of water.

I sat Logan in the sand. I regretted that because I spent the short amount of time he was in it telling him not to eat it.

I pointed to the wall. “What’s with the rock wall?”

He smiled. “It’s a lagoon.”

“A lagoon?”

“Yes. You don’t have to worry about sharks or dangerous fish in the lagoon. They can’t get in.”

“How do they know nothin’ can slip in?”

“They check the water daily to make sure. Besides, the water is so clear you can see the bottom and anything in it.”

That made me smile. He researched where he could get me in the water and not worry about sharks. Like I said, it was the little things that he did that made me love him more. “Aw, ya thought about that?”

“Yes, though, you’re going to have to stop thinking that way. We’re going to be living in California. They do have sharks there.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

He smirked. “It was either this or I knew we’d spend our vacation in the kiddie pool. When we’re on a tropical beach haven, we have to be in the water to fully enjoy it.”

I laughed. “Ya know me well.”

“Not well enough. I plan on learning everything.”

I reached down, cleaning Logan’s hands of sand. “No. No eatin’ sand.”

He threw it at me as an answer, while grunting.

“No. No throwin’ sand.”

Corey scooped him up and rushed out into water. “It’s time for you to learn how to swim.”

I blinked. I knew it was a good thing for him to learn, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t worried. I moved in after them. “Are ya sure about this?”

He smirked. “He’s perfectly safe in here. It doesn’t get very deep and the only fish in here are small minnows.”

“You’re gonna teach him how to swim?”

“Sure. I learned at a young age. I know a lot of babies who are taught how to swim. Even the youngest are taught how to flip over, float, and call for help.”

I nodded. Like I said, I knew it was a good thing, but I was terrified at the same time. I watched him blow on his face and dunk him under the water. He brought him back up and at first Logan freaked out. The more he did it, the better he got at it.

Then, I was the only one freaking out.

I decided it might be better if I didn’t watch. Logan loved it, but I was having heart failure. “I’m just gonna leave you two to bond.”

He and Logan waved bye-bye. I went and sat on the beach. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about the fact that my son was being doused like a tea bag.

After a half hour, the two joined me. All that swimming wore him out and he was half asleep on Corey’s chest. “Maybe we should go back to the room and let him sleep?”

I nodded. “Okay. You carry him. I’ll get our things.”

I wasn’t sure why we got the pail and shovel for Logan. He only used the shovel and that was to fling the sand everywhere.

Once in the room, I put his things away and Corey laid him down in his crib. He was so gentle with him. It made me smile when I watched him. He really was a great father.

We sat on the couch together, snuggling close. I looked up at him. “Wow, I can’t believe I’m in the Bahamas. I never thought I’d ever get to be on a tropical island. However, if this is what Gilligan had to deal with… I’d never wanna leave either.”

“Mike didn’t take you on a honeymoon?”

“Sure, he did. We went to New York for the week. While he dealt with business meetings durin’ the day, I got to do a lotta of shoppin’.”

“That doesn’t sound like much of a honeymoon.”

“No, but I got a hell of a lotta nice things.”

“That’s not what a honeymoon is about. You’re supposed to be there for each other. Like our fantasy vacation. That’s what a honeymoon should be like minus me leaving to get dressed.”

My cell phone rang and I scrambled to grab my bag, pulling it out and checking it. “It’s my mom. So, either her ESP kicked in an’ she knows I’m here with you, or Mike called her an’ got her worried an’ now she’s callin’ to find out if I’ve been murdered.”

“If she has ESP she knows you’re not dead.”

He had a point. I clicked ignore. “True. I’ll call her later.” As I went to put it away it started ringing again. It was Tania. “Hm, maybe I should answer. Now it’s Tania.”


I jumped when he screamed and almost dropped the phone. I put my finger to my lips to shush him, turning to make sure Logan was still sleeping. He merely turned over, but stayed asleep. “What’s wrong? Are ya tryin’ to wake up our son?”

“Our son. That has a nice ring to it.”


“I wouldn’t suggest you answer any of their calls. I think we should turn off our phones and take the batteries out too. That way no one can locate us.”


“I have a feeling Mike’s behind this. He’s trying to get information after reading your note. First your mom and then your sister is just too coincidental.”

My mother would know I was fine, and I still had my doubts about Tania. Yes. It was all circumstantial evidence at this point. If I were in front of a jury they wouldn’t convict her, especially after she flashed her boobs at them.

I turned off my phone and removed the battery. “Hm, ya have a point there. You’re a smart cookie, Corey.”

“It’s like my Uncle Pappy used to say…”

“Wait, you have an Uncle Pappy?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Is he related to Mike because I’ve never heard him or Maureen mention a Pappy before.”

He nodded. “Yes, he’s from…” He paused looking around. It looked to me as if he was trying to remember. “Kalamazoo… and… he lives in…” He waved his hand, dismissively. “Anyway, Uncle Pappy used to always tell me… He’d say, Son, it’s the beauty that makes the brains; it’s the brains that makes the beauty. Because if you got the brains, the beauty will follow you anywhere you tell her to go! So, you’re the beauty and I got the brains, only…”

“Is that right?”

He fluffed out his chest. “I’m damn good looking too, so I was able to win you over.”

“Your Uncle Pappy is like Confucius; confusin’! You’re so conceited.”

“Oh, come on. Tell me if I was ugly I would’ve stood a chance taking you to dinner much less getting in your bed, or spending a week with you. I might add that caused me to be ultra–backed up at work with a ton more orders to fill.”

“Why’s that?”

“I wasn’t on vacation. I just went to the beach for a few hours and after meeting you… I just couldn’t leave you to go back to work.”

“That’s because you got it goin’ on, babe.”

He fluffed out his chest. “Yep, I knew it, but what can I say? They broke the mold after me. Figured this was too damn good looking for any one person to have, so…”

Laughing, I shook my head pointing to the crib. “Then explain Logan.”

He looked over at Logan, smiling. “That is me spreading the good looks around.” He winked. “…and I can’t wait to see what our daughters look like.”

“Hm… I’m thinkin’ they’re gonna look a lot like Logan, which means a lot like you. Hell, the only thin’ that boy got of mine was my toes.”

“I don’t know. Wait until he gets older. I think he might have your facial bone structure.”

“Oh no, baby… he’s the spittin’ image of his daddy. It’s as if you spit him out, not me.”

“Start the movie. I’m dying to see what I missed.”

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