Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 66

“Well, my question to you Michael,” Corey said as he stormed in the room. He stood in front of me, protecting me from the lot of them. “Is why the hell didn’t you tell her ten years ago, you were sterile. You knew damn well you couldn’t father any child and yet you kept her hanging on for years for the possibility.”

My mother stepped back, poking my father. “Oh Lord, here we go. You should really believe in my visions.” She walked over to me. “Honey, give me the baby. This is about to get real ugly.”

“That’s no excuse.” Maureen screeched.

I handed my mother Logan, standing beside Corey. I glared at Mike. “Yeah, Mike. Why did ya beg me to marry ya with the promise of children when ya knew ya couldn’t have any? You knew how much I wanted kids.”

Maureen looked at Mike. “You lied to her about that?”

“Mike couldn’t father one out of a million eggs if you lined them all up to be fertilized!” Corey yelled.

“Corey, that’s enough.”

“Is this because I stole Betty right out from under your nose?” Mike glared at Corey.

“Michael!” Maureen sighed, throwing up her hands. “Oh, I give up. This is worse than Jerry Springer.” She sighed, looking at Logan. “I always thought Logan was the miracle baby.”

“Betty?” Tania asked confused. “Who the hell is Betty?”

I glared at Tania. “Yeah, you need to knock it off. The jig is up.”

“You know who Betty was. She was my high school girlfriend – the same time you were dating Mike – who he lied to for her to fuck him because he wanted what was mine. He didn’t like the whore – that would be you, Tania – so he went for my girl.” Corey snorted. “You think I did this on purpose because of something you did ages ago? I didn’t even know she was married to you when we first met.”

“So, you just whore around with my brother of all people, and go out and get pregnant?” Mike yelled.

“’ I didn’t know you had a brother in California when I went out there either.” I told him. Granted, I couldn’t argue about the whole whoring thing, because that was exactly what I did, but it was just with Corey.

Corey snorted. “You’re such a dick. I’m in love with Elyse. Logan is mine. She and I are planning our lives together. We’re going to raise Logan and all his other brothers and sisters because I can give her all the children she wants.”

“You son of a bitch! She has to get divorced first and I won’t sign the fucking papers,” Mike growled.

“She doesn’t need your signature on the facts of this case. Mike, you started a relationship on a lie. You lied to her from day one of your dating, which isn’t any way to start a loving relationship you hope will last. She’s going to be my wife… your ex-wife.”

Mike glared at me. “I never pegged you to be a whore like your sister.”

“Hey!” My mother, father, Tania, Corey, and I all said the same thing at the same time.

I took a step closer to him, my finger in his face. “I’m not a whore like her. I didn’t go there with the plan of sleepin’ with someone. Sure, I listened to Tania’s idea an’ thought it might be the only way I got a kid, but I didn’t go there to find another man! However, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that I would find a man who was as handsome as my husband.”

Mike smirked. “Oh really? That’s odd Alicia, considering it was your sister who told me all about your California fantasy vacation in which you spent so much time in the arms of my brother and couldn’t get enough. You got two separate rooms and even used your middle and maiden name so I couldn’t track you down if I called. It was your idea on how to get pregnant.”

Everyone in the room looked at me and then Tania. I looked at Tania in pure shock. I couldn’t figure her out. She planned this whole thing and then turned around and told Mike that it was my idea and she didn’t want me to tell anyone that it was her idea?

He continued. “She told me all about your big plan to collect a sperm donor so you could have that one thing I couldn’t give you. How you turned off your phone so you weren’t bothered when you were with him. How you fell in love with him and almost didn’t leave California.” He shook his head. “You told me you got your phone wet and that was why you didn’t answer my calls. Just how many lies did you tell me?”

I was beyond shocked. Everyone, except Corey, looked at me as if this was all my doing. I shook my head, staring at Tania much the way they were staring at me. “You told him all that?”

She blushed. “I didn’t mean to… it just all came out. I’m sorry, but I think it’s time ya told him what ya did. It’s only fair.”

Maureen scoffed. “That wasn’t all that came out. The more champagne Mike gave her the more she just started telling everything… and I do mean everything. There are just some things a mother shouldn’t ever hear.”

I looked at Tania. I realized just what it was that Maureen was saying. “You slept with him? You told him all that bullshit an’ then slept with him? Is that why ya planned all this to get Mike back?”

“I didn’t plan anythin’, I just went along for the free vacation,” she said, lying straight to my face.

Did I mention this was like a soap opera?

“There was no sleeping, darling. That girl was so loud the whole neighborhood heard her.” I got the impression that Maureen really hated Tania… so did I right there.

I didn’t know who to yell at first. I picked Mike. “You slept with my sister, Corey’s high school girlfriend, an’ then ya get mad at me for sleepin’ with your brother?”

Mike glared at me. “No. You fell in love with him and allowed him to ruin what we had.”

“What we had? We had nothin’ but lies… started by you an’ finished by me. You promised me for ten fuckin’ years that we were gonna have kids. Ya fed me lie after lie about why it wasn’t happenin’ because ya knew damn well if I knew the truth, I wouldn’t want you.” I looked at Tania. “…an’ you.”

Tania sighed. “Don’t freak out. I can explain. If we could just go somewhere alone.”

“While she was tellin’ ya everythin’, did she tell ya that this whole thing was her idea? How she planned everythin’ from my name bein’ Alicia all the way down to the beaches of California?”

He looked at Tania in shock as did the rest of the room. “Wait… it was your idea? You told me that it was all her and you just went for the free vacation.”

She sighed. “I was tired of hearin’ her whinin’ all the time about how she didn’t have a kid an’ you were bein’ a dick about it. You told her that ya didn’t care if she bought a baby… so I just made a suggestion,” Tania told him. “I knew that Corey lived in California an’ he’d make a great sperm donor.”

“A suggestion?” My father asked.

“Family doesn’t do that to each other. No matter how many times ya whined an’ cried after Mike left you, I never turned my back on you. I held you as ya cried all night long for a week straight,” my mother told Tania. “It was a week, right?” She looked at my father.

He nodded. “Yes, it was a whole, mopey, sad week. Shortly after that, Elyse came home an’ Mike an’ her started datin’ an’… well, we all know what happened then.”

…and the lies continued to unravel.

I glared at Mike and then Tania. I already knew the truth from Corey telling me about it, but I wanted to finally hear them say it. “Wait a minute… you mean to tell me you dated him before I did?”

“How do ya think he saw you? He an’ I had a fight because he slept with Corey’s girlfriend, we broke up, an’ then he came over to talk to me about possibly gettin’ back together. However, you were there. The next thin’ I know you two were goin’ out.” Tania said, glaring at me. “I still don’t know how in God’s name he chose you over me. You were still fat!”

Mike glared. “…and I gave you fifty-thousand dollars to never tell her about it too.”

Corey looked at Tania. “…because class and a good personality override good looks. Personally, I think she’s a lot better looking than you. No offense.”

“Exactly…” Chloe agreed. “Not all men go for just the looks. Some actually do go for a good person.”

“Apparently more than a few…” Mike argued, staring at his brother.

I was fit to be tied. There were a lot of lies going on around me that happened before mine started. All of them canceled mine out, because had I known the truth from the start I never would’ve gone out with him, much less married him.

I shook my head at Mike. “That was another lie! Ya never told me ya dated my sister.” I turned, glaring at Tania. “…an’ you… the one person I trusted in this whole world. You never told me ya dated Mike. As a matter of fact, ya both looked me right in the face an’ lied to me about it.”

Mike shrugged. “We didn’t date that long.”

“Not that long?” Tania was angry and it showed.

“Oh please… we were nothing more than fuck buddies.”

“We dated for almost a year, you jerk! You told me ya loved me!”

I shook my head, laughing. “Oh yeah, because that sounds so much better. If I had known, you two dated, I never would’ve gone out with you. There’s no way we would’ve gotten married either!”

“It was a lot more than that!” Tania yelled. “He talked to me about us gettin’ married an’ havin’ kids. He was jealous of the other guys I talked to an’ made me shut myself off from any person of the opposite sex. I should’ve known you were full of shit.”

I glared at Tania. “Are you really tryin’ to flip it around so ya get pity outta this? I guess you two deserve each other.”

Tania sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry? You’re sorry for what? From where I stand, your crimes started a long time ago.”

“Mike didn’t want anyone to know about him an’ I datin’.”

“…an’ you listened because that’s a lot of money that you can buy everythin’ ya ever wanted for just the cost of betrayin’ your sister.”

“I didn’t know it was because of you… at first, but then when you two started datin’…”

Corey reached into his pocket, pulling out the fax. “I had my secretary fax this to me flipped over so it didn’t damage the original one. I got this the morning you arrived in California.” He read from it. “Come to the Plaza and look out on the beach. The girl of your dreams will be waiting for you after 2pm. Wait for her.”

I looked at Tania. It looked as if the blood drained from her face. “I can explain.”

“Can you?” I reached for the fax, looking it over. I noticed the code on the bottom and gasped, glaring at Tania. “I knew it! You planned this whole thin’ from start to finish. Ya got me scared about not bein’ able to have kids. Then ya threw out this whole sperm donor thin’. You knew where his brother was an’ planned for us to go to California. You sent him the fax. You planned it all! Why? You can’t tell me that ya did all this for me. I don’t believe you.”

“I can explain…”

My mother glared at Tania. “You sent a fax to Corey an’ set up the meetin’? You got more sides than a mirror that’s been dropped down the stairs. You’re a walkin’ disaster, girl.”

I pointed to the bottom of the paper. “AO020301. This is a code we used at Aivedal. The AO means it came from the main office; Aivedal Office. 02 is section two an’ 03 is desk three an’ 01 is fax machine one. Tania sent this when we stopped there to turn in the timesheets before catchin’ our flight outta town.”

“I can explain all this.” Tania looked around at each of our angry faces, but stopped on mine. “It’s not what ya think.”

“Well I hope you can explain it, because it doesn’t look good from where I’m sittin’,” my mother told her.

My father shook his head. “You’ve been tryin’ to get me into your soap operas. If they’re like this, I’m gonna have to start watchin’ ’em.”

“Oh, they can be worse than this, but usually this is about the size of it. Someone likes someone who slept with someone’s better half. Usually, there’s a baby thrown into the mix from someone that wasn’t the one it was supposed to come from or that person died a few years ago, but miraculously came to life to father that baby.”

“Just like this! Minus the whole dead thin’. I’m thinkin’ that retirement might find me hooked on soaps.”

I shook my head looking at her. She was just as bad as Mike. She lied to me over and over again. I couldn’t get over how far she went to make this happen. I wondered how long she plotted against me. “Why, Tania? Why would ya do this? Though… I guess I should be thankin’ you because if ya hadn’t done it, I would never have met Corey or had Logan.”

Tania sighed. “You wanted a baby. I knew Mike had a brother in California, so the blood type would be the right one. You kept harpin’ about if the hospital found out the blood type was wrong, then you’d be busted. So, I knew it would be right an’ he would never know about it. It might’ve been wrong, but I did do this for you… and a little bit for me.”


“You said he had to be an exact ringer. Who else would be an exact ringer but his own brother?”

“Why? What did ya gain from all this?”

“I thought ya just wanted a baby. However, after spendin’ all that time with Corey, ya fell in love. It was no longer just about the baby. You moped over the loss of Corey.”


“I still love Mike. I loved him when we were datin’ an’ I still wanted to be with him. I knew it wouldn’t be long before you an’ Corey ran off together. I was shocked ya didn’t stay in California. I thought if ya did, he would fall back in line an’ be my man, but you ruined it by catchin’ the flight.”

Mike shook his head. “You’re crazy to think that I would be with a slut like you. At least with Elyse, I knew she wasn’t a whore… well, not until you turned her into one…. but you? You have to be the life of the party and that’s no wife for me.”

“Wait a minute… last night when we made love in your bed, you told me that you knew ya picked the wrong sister an’ ya should’ve always been with me,” Tania cried. “What happened to that?”

“Ugh, I can’t stand the sight of you, Tania. I really don’t want you in my house anymore, so when Elyse leaves… you leave too. In fact, I want her whole family out of my house when she’s no longer in it.”

“…but Mike… I love you.”

I glared at Tania. “All this time… I trusted you. I trusted you with every detail of my life.”

Tania shook her head. “I didn’t tell him everythin’! I didn’t tell him how the night of Logan’s dinner, Corey knew it was you. I didn’t tell him how the next day, ya went to his hotel, where you two made love for hours an’ planned to spend your life with him. I didn’t tell him how after kissin’ Corey, kissin’ Mike reminded ya of a slug in your mouth.”

My father shook his head, wincing. “Until now…”

“Well he deserves it now. He’s a jerk.”

Mike snorted. I could tell he was angry. I wasn’t sure if he was angrier because I slept with Corey, or that it was because his brother was so much better than him. “My God, Elyse… I should’ve believed you when you claimed you didn’t think you could be faithful.”

I growled. “Fuck you! I’ve been faithful to your ass for ten fuckin’ years.”

I felt like a broken record. I was sure the mailman knew we were together for ten fucking years at this point.

“Maybe so, but then you meet my brother and couldn’t keep your hands off him!”

“I can’t deny that.”

“All in one week? It must have been some great fucking for you to fall that quick, you fucking whore! You should’ve kept your pussy in your pants.”

Corey was about to say something, but I didn’t give him time. I stepped up to Mike and punched him in the face.

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