Lies, Sacrifices, and Alibis

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Chapter 67

He staggered back as his hand went to his nose to try and stop the bleeding. My mom, Maureen, and Tania all looked shocked. My dad and Corey had a bit of a proud expression on their face. Mike looked surprised.

“You, asshole! I wouldn’t have had to do any of that if you had been honest with me in the beginnin’. Ya married me under false pretenses an’ then have the nerve to call me out for gettin’ what I wanted? Fuck you! All this time you were lyin’ to me… all this fuckin’ time!”

Mike held his hand to his nose as he sniffed the blood back in. Maureen rushed over to try to help, but he just ignored her, waving her off. “It’s because I wanted you to be my girl! Is that so hard to understand? I knew damn well if I told you I couldn’t have kids that you wouldn’t want anything to do with me. So, what? I told a few little white lies. You still lead a great life until you whored yourself out to my brother.”

“Don’t talk about my fiancé like that!” Corey yelled at him.

“Your fiancé?”

“That’s right. As soon as she’s divorced we’re getting married. Oh, by the way, you’re going to be an uncle about twenty times over after that happens.”

Without thinking about his actions, Mike punched Corey in the face. That pissed Corey off who retaliated, by swinging back at him. The two of them were fighting all over the living room. One minute they were over by the fireplace, knocking everything off the mantle. The next they were over by the china hutch, breaking the glass shelves which broke everything inside. They were throwing each other into the walls, over furniture and the room looked like a tornado had gone through it.

Mike was getting his ass handed to him as Corey proved to be the better fighter. Logan started crying and my mother tried telling them to stop. It was catastrophic. I finally had enough.

Putting my fingers into my mouth, I gave an earsplitting whistle that stopped them both. “Stop it! Logan doesn’t need to see this! There will be no more fightin’ in this house!”

Corey pulled back when I yelled. Seeing Logan was upset, he rushed over to him. “Aw, it’s okay, Champ. See, daddy’s okay.”

Logan practically leaped out of my mother’s arms and into his, running his hands over his face. It almost looked like he was checking to make sure he was really okay. It was very cute.

Mike leaned against the wall before sitting in a chair. He looked like he had tied one on with Mike Tyson. He just sighed, looking at me. “I can forgive this. You and Logan come home and we’ll forget any of this happened. However, Corey will not be allowed in my house again.”

Maureen rushed over to him, babying him and it was obvious who she favored. She turned, looking between me and Corey. “This is ridiculous! Brothers shouldn’t be fighting over a girl or anything else for that matter. Corey, I suggest you find yourself another woman, this one is already married.”

I didn’t appreciate her choosing who I should be with. “Excuse me, but this woman can choose for herself. Michael, you don’t have enough money for me to live with your lies any longer. You should’ve just told me the truth in the beginnin’. I am divorcing you an’ movin’ with Corey… an’ Logan will be with his parents.”

Corey shook his head, looking at his mother. “Lucky for us, you don’t get to choose which brother gets the girl. I found the woman for me and she just so happens to be the mother of my baby.” He looked at me. “Go ahead and pack up anything you forgot. We’ll ship them home. I’m taking you away from this mess today.”

“You better get a DNA test to make sure that baby’s yours,” Mike said. “…after all, once a cheater, always a cheater.”

“No Mike, you gave her reason to cheat. I haven’t and won’t. One thing you fail to grasp is that in the short time we were together, I made her happier than you ever did in ten years of marriage.”

As he was speaking sternly, Logan pointed a finger at Mike, bitching him out in baby talk… or so I assumed.

“I doubt that very strongly. She and I had a good marriage till you came along.”

“No, I gave her one thing you couldn’t… honesty.”

“…an’ Logan,” Tania said.

Corey nodded, pointing at her. “…and give that woman a blue ribbon. Yes, I gave her a baby. I had no idea that was why she fell into my bed so easily. It only took a week of us being so close for me to realize... she’s the woman I’ve been waiting for and it took years for her to find me, but I’m never letting her go again.”

Maureen sighed. “Yes, but she was taken.”

“Had I known that at the time, things would be different, but I didn’t.”

Mike nodded. “Well, little brother, I guess you finally got even with me after all. You hurt me more than I could’ve possibly hurt you with Betty.”

“True. Not that either of us wanted to hurt you. I have to admit it does feel like serving up a steaming, hot plate of poetic justice. However, it was never about hurting you. When a woman tells you that she wants kids, lots of them, and that’s the only way she’s going to marry you... somewhere in that stupid mind of yours, you should’ve realized this was going to be the end result.”

“Not in my wildest dreams...”

Seeing they were talking and no longer screaming at each other and worse, I walked upstairs to pack up anything that money couldn’t buy. My mother walked upstairs to help me.

She leaned against the doorframe, watching me. “…so…”

“Mom, I really don’t wanna be lectured. I’ve just learned a lot of things, was betrayed by the one person who meant the world to me, an’ I have a lot on my plate right now.”

“I’m not gonna lecture you, Honey. I came up to help ya pack.” She grabbed a bag and packed Logan’s favorite toys. She started packing up his clothes, sighing deeply.

I could tell something was wrong with her. “What’s the matter?”

“You’re gonna move to California, aren’t ya?”

“Yes. I really do love him, mom.”

“I can tell. The day you were marryin’ Mike, ya did it, but were hesitant about everythin’. You had more cases of cold feet than anyone I knew for someone who wanted to get married, but I don’t see that with Corey. I don’t see ya gettin’ cold feet of any kind.”

“I always said I wanted to do this once. I hate it when people are married over an’ over, time an’ time again. It just seems like they’re tryin’ to get married to be married. Now, I’m gonna be divorced at least once.”

“Yes honey, but look at this way. You’ll be free of Mike, who ya never would’ve married if you’d known the truth an’ you’ll be married to Corey. I can see the love in his eyes for you when he looks at you an’ Logan an’ it reflects back from your eyes to him. That was somethin’ I rarely saw from you towards Mike. Ya just look a lot happier an’ the two of you look so cute together, like ya belong.”

I smiled, picking up my bags, turning to look at her. “Oh, mother, I am gonna miss you. I never thought it was possible to be so in love with a man. I knew I loved Mike, but it was nothin’ like the way it is with Corey. I can’t imagine livin’ a day without him much less livin’ my life without him an’ Logan. I didn’t feel the same way for Mike or I never would’ve cheated.”

“A baby does bring about a certain bond between a couple, but there has to be that love to start.” My mother hugged me, gently moving the strands away from my face. “I knew it the moment I saw Corey come rushin’ in like the knight in shinin’ armor to rescue his damsel in distress… that he is the man for you. It’s like your whole face just lit up like houses with too many damn Christmas lights on ’em. That’s how I know ya really do love him.”

“I truly do. I never felt this way about Mike. I tried. Lord knows I tried, Mom. I didn’t want this to happen to my marriage. I really wanted to have his baby. I guess maybe I fooled myself into thinkin’ I loved him… or maybe I did love him at one point but I got tired of all the bullshit an’ him not even tryin’ to have a baby with me. Then, once I met Corey there was no way I was ever gonna be happy with Mike.”

“Just make sure I’m there for the weddin’. Ya know, we can always plan the next weddin’ as if it was your first.”

I laughed. “We can do that. We better get downstairs before they kill each other.”

“Good call, but that was why your father an’ I raced over. I saw somethin’ ugly with us not here. I didn’t want that to happen.”

I had no clue what she was talking about, then again, I didn’t want to know either. If it was that bad… I, for one, believed my mom’s visions. “Thanks, Mom. It’s because of the great job you did raisin’ us that made me wanna be a mother so badly.”

“Well, I did a great job of raising you, but I’m not sure what happened to your sister. She’s for sure got the devil in her.” She stopped and looked at me. “What about Tania?”

“What about her?”

“Well, you two have been close since you were little girls.”

“Mother, she planned this whole thin’. I trusted her. When the truth started comin’ out, she was only worried about herself an’ didn’t want me to tell anyone what her part was in it. She betrayed me. She broke my fuckin’ heart.”

She nodded. “I know, but in her warped way she did it for you.”

“I don’t believe that. Tania’s always been about Tania. If it didn’t benefit her it wasn’t worth doin’. Somewhere along the way, she thought she was gonna come out on the top.”

“Can ya ever forgive her? You do have Corey an’ Logan because of her.”

“That’s the only good thin’ that came outta the deception.” I sighed, shrugging softly. “Who knows? They say time heals all wounds, so, maybe over time. I need time to heal from the hurt she put me through. Now that I know, I look back an’ see everythin’ she did, all our conversations, her drillin’ all this in my head… an’ it was definitely because she thought she was gonna gain somethin’. I can’t get over that. I can’t forget that. Right now, I can’t forgive that.”

My mother smiled softly, shaking her head. “I don’t see it quite like that. Oh, sure, when she got drunk an’ slept with Michael, she did turn on ya, but before that… I think she did all this mainly for you.”

“I dunno, maybe over time. God does say to forgive your enemies.”

“I know, she’s like a one woman wreckin’ crew.”

We both grabbed a bag. There wasn’t much that meant anything to me that I couldn’t purchase somewhere else. I already had the movies and pictures of every day of Logan’s life, that was the only thing that would’ve mattered to me. Everything else was just materialistic. We headed back downstairs.

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