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His Crybaby

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When Ashton Yang, Femi's childhood bully who would always mock and tease her for being a crybaby is laying next to her door with injuries she makes the obvious smartest decision: To let him in. Femi Dalisto is just any other introverted girl who wants to spend her Fridays with her best friend and sleep in during the weekends. But there is something she hates the most about herself, her tendency to cry easily. And it only got worse after Ashton had mocked her for it, even if he randomly stopped. So to protect her weak heart she stays away from him in case he ever goes back to how he used to be. So why did he come to her doorstep with injuries and apologize over his bullying? It was something that happened long ago, yet he remembered and cared enough to apologize. As Femi treats him she realizes that there is more to her cocky ex-bully than what she knew. Could her getting close and trying to understand him lead to her getting hurt? After all, he is the one who tormented her all those years ago. started: 2022/03/21 completed: 20XX/XX/XX

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 - Monday Mornings Are A Battle


The sounds of the people in the hallways were all drowned out by my music. The calm songs helped ease my heart and escape my worries. The sweet solitude and perfect distance from my class, I could reach out my hand to their blurry figures but we’d never touch. Something I didn’t want to change, it was perfect that way for me. I stopped my slow steps infront of room 43, even though I needed to go in I could feel how my feet were heavy. Shoes filled with rocks, that’s how it felt so I took a deep breath and took out my headphones. Standing infront of the door forever wasn’t gonna work, I’d have to go in eventually. I always needed a moment of mental preparation before entering class.

Even though the teacher never made official seats for us we all sort of claimed our spots somehow. So I’d never worried over someone taking my seat- which was at the far back on the left- since just like how I knew not to take the seat by the right row near the window- that was were Jessica would usually sit, she knew not to take mine. We all just had a mutual understanding, well of course unless someone would be a little late and leave their seat open because then another student could snatch it away. And that just happened, someone was sitting in my perfect seat with a nonchalant expression, not knowing just how special that seat was!

I bit my lower lip and looked around to see if there were anymore places I could sit, I turned to where my best friend Darianna would always sit but someone was already sitting next to her. A shaky sigh escaped my lips and my eyes went back to darting across the room.

“Femi please sit down already!”

The stern voice from my least favourite teacher, didn’t even feel like thinking of her name, made me jump. All eyes were on me, well they weren’t but it sure as hell felt like it! The cold sweat dripped down my neck and made me squirm.

One seat was free.

And before I knew it I was already sitting there.

I had rushed to it, I wanted to just turn tiny and act like this never happened. My body immidiately melted ontop of the table, well atleast it felt like it. No bones in my body, just fluid, I could’t move a muscle and didn’t want to. Monday mornings were like fighting in a war, high tension, stress and just wanting to go back home to your comfy bed. I let out yet another sigh and glanced up to see who I was sitting with.

I’d been so focused on getting a place to sit I didn’t even care enough to look at who was next to the free seat. It was somewhat embarassasing actually.

My body turned to stone once I realized who I was next to, that tan skin that had a soft warmth to it, that jet black hair that fell over his eyelases and could suck you right in. The way his stormy gray eyes were focused on his phone, not once darting up to see what the teacher was writing. They were locked in place and he hadn’t even noticed I was staring, or maybe he just didn’t care. Either way I made sure to not make a single sound, even breathing felt dangerous. My body stayed down and angled as far away from him as possible. There wasn’t much I could do when we were only inches apart but I still tried my best.

Of all the people I just had to run to where Ashton Yang was sitting, my oh-so favourite childhood bully!

To let out a sigh that would be heard throughout the whole earth was what I wanted to do the most but held back from. Especially since any noise would most likely piss off Ashton and that was something I couldn’t risk.

‘Monday Mornings really are a battle..’

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