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Little White Lies

By Mars Thornton All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Poetry


Little White lies is an erotic poetic romance. It will take you to places unknown, and pull you in. Little White Lies is not based on Chapters, It is an open, and read novel. Allow Little White Lies to pull you into its erotic romance.

Untitled chapter

Venus’s Dream

You took me into romances arms

A place where love cannot be harmed

Like a bird I feed from your heart

Oh dear man may we never part!

We take an adventure to Venus’s way

This is where we love to play

In dreamland we do collide

May our romance never hide.

From your eyes comes forth a sexy dream

Into romances true loves flowing scheme

Our kisses are as fires love touch

This is where we found true love.

Laying on this beach of sand

It was true loves plan

To bring us together forever more

Where amour shall always always pour.

We make love into the sunset’s hue

Just me and just you

Touching each core of our soul

We take each other fully whole.

Planet of Tranquility

By the moon, we lay in tranquility

Saturn comes to take us away

We float on the stars so far so far

Oh how our sensuality does roar!

Oh how our making love does pour!

We soar to places beyond control

While each of us takes each other whole

Into the soul of Aquarius high

Oh how our bodies do fly!

We plant a garden, inside our mind

Enchanting lullibies and rhymes

Both fulfilling a magical place

On romances epileptic true state.

Our minds are somewhere they have never been

Sensual actions we do send

Bringing us closer than ever before

Oh how the magic of touching does pour!

We fondle each other’s bodies in ecstasy

So involved and so relieved

Nothing can tear us apart

For we hath made a new start

We roar somemore.

Beach of Reality

My heart is yours, as we watch flowers bloom

We live in romances sensual room

Nothing can compare to our love so deep

While we close our eyes, we sigh.

We shall open our eyes to each other

For we are each other’s perfect lover

Sparrows fly, from my finger tips

To capture that one true awesome kiss.

Oh how the sun captures your skin!

Pulling my mind far within

Taking me to a place never touched

All over love, all over love

We become two white doves.

All over our sweet touch, and embrace

Oh dear man we cannot be replaced!

We take this sensation to heights unknown

Only a place where true romance does roam.

Come now come into my ecstasy

Where only you, and I can be

Feel the passion of forever more

Hear my body explode, and roar!

Planting Kisses

I sigh but a little, as we make love so sweet

Under this weeping willow tree

Stars are shining, and the moon is bright

While we shed forth this full blown night.

Our arms wrap together, like two birds in a tree

For all of nature to come and see

Grasping romances concept this May eve

For it is true love we do receive.

An abstract of Venus does come near

Saturn and Pluto can hear

What our making love does rear

I sigh but a little, when you are near.

Come forth! My gentle dove of the night

Come forth! My love to make things right

Let’s plant kisses to bud in the morning dew

For you love me, and I love you.

Shedding our soul in each others hands

Sensualy climbing a mountain as planned

When, when, when shall we see this again?

In the sand again, we shall be

For all of nature to see.

A Shore That Runs Deep

A ray of light beams my soul

While I sit on this river shore

Watching romance pass by in a roar

I want some more, I want some more.

When shall loves hands come to take my heart?

To that place where romance may start

To fill my mind with love, and joy

Where ecstasy does employ.

Ravaged and torn, I still do wait

For romances sincere bounding fate

To erase these tears that falls in stride

I hope dear romance does not always hide.

Born as a flower in play

It is still love that I do long?

Am I wrong to wait this shore?

Forever more, forever more.

A touch enters my shoulder so quick

I pick up a drift wood stick

Looking around I see his eyes

My heart lets out a sigh.

He takes me in his arms embraced

A kiss enters my lips in joy

It is making love we do employ

He the man of my forever dreams

His fingers scream, his mind does race

For we now are making love in good faith.

A town boy he be that has come my way

On this river shore today.

A man I hath known my entire life

We touch, fade, and make fire love

Upon Echo’s Sand Beach

Looking at each other we hath reached

A climax of making loves fun

Now out comes the rising sun.

Our bodies embraced in full collide

We ride the river shores tide

Touching each obstacle of our bodies embrace

We hath found true making loves faith.

Romances Garden

Your shuffling of my heart is clear

All though afar you are so near

I feel you so close to my heart

Our love has been romantic from the start.

You take my mind to places only we can go

It shall be true love that we do sow

We plant a garden so sweet, and true

For you love me, and I love you.

Oh man of mine, we shall wed!

For it is romance that we are fed

In our garden, flowers bloom

For they know they are in romances groom.

Oh pity! Leave us for you are in the wrong

We do not care to be harmed

In arms we walk in a lover’s path

Where our romance garden shall always last.

Oracle High

We walk towards romances dinner plate

A place were only we can relate

We find kisses, and hugs at the table

Loves true sensual supper stable.

Oh how the spirit of amour does flow!

For it is romance we do sow

Flowers bloom, as our lips do meet

Down sunsets romantic street.

Amazing is our touch so glorious

It is our mind that does flourish

Pour my amour, pour them sweet kisses!

For they are so delicious.

Hand in hand, we walk the river shore

Watching stars fall and pour

We make love near tides of sunset colors

For I am your lady, and you my fella.

Night comes forth, with splendid amour

We embrace and kisses pour

Soaring through never lands cliff

We look at each other, and we do kiss.

Falling to sleep, arm in arm

Mother Nature becomes our charm

A cloud comes, while we are asleep

To take us down Amours Oracle Street.

Lassy’s Ride

Lassy: The main character

Oh deadly night, and spring you arrive!

In a bounty of many colored sunsets

Oh Thor and I hath not met yet!

Oh spring please bring my man to me!

To be, to be, to be, so we may see.

I wait for Heavens gift to me

Upon a river shore to see

No eyes that hath come to my side

I set here all alone to confide.

Dear river shore, bring my man to me

For my eyes of aqua green to see

Though as far away as he may be

Dear Spring bring him to me!

Thor: Lassys faraway life time friend

I hath not laid eyes upon my Lassy’s angel eyes

Sitting here in wait for that day

Must I go afar for amours true story?

Oh how I need that glory!

One might need to go a million miles!

I must now see Lassy’s angel smiles.

Upon my travels I shall go!

We hath only met through our minds

Now go power for it is time!

We may go to Lassy’s angel rhymes

Go forth power and away!

For we shall meet this very day.


A voice comes forth, inside Lassy’s head

She can feel her man closer then ever

Happy as she may be on her land

She feels somehow he will take her hand.

Though she has felt this before

She is still alone on this river shore

All she wants is amours true smile

Forever more and all the while.

Springtime: the season speaks

My child do not fear for what is

For spring time has come to give you a kiss

Your man will come to thee in black

Spring time will bring him in little slack.

Look over there, I bring you flowers

Watch as many colors shower

Cannot you not see now where he is?

I give it to you just like this.


I smile because of your gift

Each river wave that passes by

I see spring time in its wave

For sure nature brings me amour

Forever more forever more

To watch tranquility grip my soul

It takes my mind, body, and soul whole.

Sitting on drift wood on this shore

Forever more, forever more

What is this tap I feel on my shoulders side?

Is it a bear! Or something bigger?

I fear I may not turn my head

For I might just be dead!


Do not fear that I am near

I come in all good cheer

Allow our eyes to meet

For we have been on a life time defeat.


Lassy turns her head, and their eyes meet

Spring time flowers and baby blue skies

Sail boats in a distance do pass by

True amour came to Lassy, and Thor this day

Sprng time lets out a little sigh

Watching true love fly.


Come sit with me on this drift wood, please

So spring time can watch, and see

All combined we make amours true power

Flowers over there do shower.


Lassy and Thor grew white angel wings this day

Yet here on the river shore they still stay

Sail boats pass by while they do kiss

On the same piece of drift wood on that shore

Of evermore, of evermore

Where true amour does soar to roar.

Each night a rainbow of tranquility pours

While they make love with kisses, and passion

Spring time’s fashion comes alive

Blue skies, and white clouds do slide

All through amours true love ride.

Stars of Saturn

An epic

When the stars of Saturn fall in my eyes

I think of you

So far away yet love so near

I shed a tear, I shed a fear.

When spring comes in one day

I daze by the river shore to play

So far away, so far away

Where true angels linger, and sway.

There is no myth, but our love shall be

It has been set in destiny

No morals, and harm can shed loves grave

For our love shall always be saved.

Summer comes with stars so bright

Sheding a path to the river shore at night

Lights aplenty fill my eyes

Letting out a star lit sigh.

When winter comes, stars still shine bright

You can see them in my eyes at night

A light of love travels far, and near

To find my true immaculate dear.

My eyes glide over that ice river shore

Of ever more, of ever more

Where our love shall always cheer

For on this river shore there is no fear.

Shall my ship ever come sailing forth?

I do believe in all due course

Love finds my eyes in those stars so high

Where true love shall always fly.

No ship shall take from me

For true love is my destiny

If wrath comes forth in heavy trial

Inside my mind sits a sword of war

Forever more, forever more.

On this ancient river shore

Sitting a life time, and gliding forth

Down loves true shore course

Stars beaming, love gleaming.

Can love hear me in the woods that I hath sought?

Where angels glisen in the river, and sky

Where true angels of invisibility do fly

Why must love ever ask why?

Angels sigh when love is empty, and far

Ancient river shores still soar

Forever more, forever more

Rather love is rich or poor.

No epic of poetry, not story wrote to be!

Can please any empty soul

Only true love can fill it whole

Amour shall toll rather here or near

No heart should need to fear a tear.

For when I look in the sky glistening down

True love on this river shore can be found

Hearts pound while stars fall near

True love smiles and cheers.

So let not love bring you down

It is not lost, but found

We need not bleed nor worry in thought

For true love can always be saught.

Wee Pee

I know many Mikes you see

All of them like to watch things pee

All of them like to watch sex

Just like all the rest.

I know many Mikes you see

Insanaity makes them all look nice

They all want different sex every night.

I know many mikes you see

Sex makes them all feel right

Pee flies in heavy flight!

I know many Mikes you see

That likes to watch pee

Sex and me they like the most

All Mikes like hot sex you see

Because they all like to watch pee!

I know many Mikes you see

They all live in many places

Yet they all seem to be of the same race

Yet they all like sex, and do believe

That pee is what they will receive.

I know many Mikes you see

This is all their cup of tea

Sex and pee is their only desire

I know many Mikes you see

Oh no! I must go pee!

Lightening Kiss

Entwined in destny of a love so true

We shall wonder free upon untouched ground

In Heaven our souls are to this day found

We shall engage in a love so unseen nor touched

A word shall flow free called true love

We shall become Heavens two true doves.

A path we shall walk not looking back

We shall do it in little slack

Wondering along singing loves song

It shall last for eternities forever long

A wonderful bountiful forever love never gone wrong.

Lilies shall bud, as I appear my face in its stream

Lilies shall come to see the unseen

While my love forever more is up there

In Heavens Mountain so far, we shall tare tare.

Nothing shall ever invade our Heavens cliff

While we touch lips to kiss

We shall primence upon Heavens shore

Forever more forever more.

Needing not to build love for it is still waiting there

To bring true love forever, and eternal cheer

Night shall never come, only day

For love will blossom forever to play.

Fire Love

Sensual and entwined on this beach shore

We pour amours kisses so delisious

We invade what we pave

Our sensoul sensitivity is released whole

We board making loves ship of soul.

Engulfed in a flame that can’t be tamed

Challanging a mesmerizaton of sensations

Loves temptations, we sway as we play.

Pouring two souls into one whole

Taking in loves soul, we invade each others minds

Romances and amours rhymes.

Signs fly invisibly by

While what we long flies

A sigh enters our path, we embrace at last.

Chills of evermore pour

On this beach shore, where we sore

Becoming a fire flame that cannot be tamed

We make passionate love. With no shame.

Where Butterfly Kisses Play

Where is my butterfly, my butterfly so true?

I come to you, do you come to me to?

We shuffle along night into day

Where butterfly kisses play love to play.

Our lips shall meet, amongst the dew

Where flowers hath grown, and loved so true

Embraced in a caccon all our own

In a gentle butterfly kiss so true

I love you, do you love me to?

Included in this dream we seek

Our amour is casual, and complete

Sending magical butterfly kisses your way

Kisses so dileosous our minds do seek

True amour entirely complete.

Universe of Wonder

You tame my mind against the times

Our amour is as fragile, as you are

My one, and only shining star.

From Pluto, to Venus, and Saturn to

Our love is so rare, and so true

I think of you, do you think of me to?

Flowers see our love so rare

We become one so bold for them to stare

Oceans, lakes, and rivers too.

See our amour so love so true.

I think of you, do you think of me to?

My one, and only love so true

Sunsets and sunrises also to

Knows our love so very true.

From Mars, to Capella Al Aynnz

We shall always in our mind dance

Ar Kab near Haesus 1 in the universe shall cheer

When our love is forever near.

Island of Dramatization

Our minds and bodies collide, as we ride loves tide

While the facts of life come to be

Upon from you to me

We embrace in the emotions, of romances devotions.

Caged in four arms, in loves alarm

We charm our spirit so romance can hear it

Fading in a game play so extremely full of power

We invade embraced as we shower.

We build a tower, as we kindle a fire of red

Romance gets fed, from our desire

Loves fire of embers hot gleaming red

Sheds forth an eclipse from our lips.

We embrace in the emotions, of romances devotions

Upon from you to me

While the facts of like come to be

Our minds and bodies collide as we ride loves tide

Purples Sensuality

Purple violets I see in your soul

Whilst I sit here on this river shore

Purple Lilies do soar

My heart, my love, does pour.

Forevermore, forevermore on this shore

Birds of yellow, green, and blue do soar

A mighty song, they do sing

Whilst our amour wants to ring.

A bell of nature so mighty, and loud does mourn

With toll, and mighty sword, and word

Of our love can be heard a mighty song

How our love does long.

Purple violets in fall turn to seed

They have eyes, and ears to hear to read

What our love does believe

They come to you, and I to see

In our eyes we shall receive.

We touch with our eyes in every way

Romance comes out to play

We frolick in the flower dew

For you love me, and I love you.

Haste Not Waste

Triumph in our skin binds parables

We invade the realm of ecstasy

Just you and I sensually fly

Frequently exploding erotically high

We need not try, we need not try.

Chained in the concept

Mesmerizing enchanting mellow kisses

We hug and we dive into a delicacy delicious

Inviting each other into a down pour

Enticing sexy galore.

We purr, then moan, and then groan

Simplicity released, while our bodies feast

Our touch does tease

Triumphantly, we engage our sexual rage

We become love notes first page.

Michaels Concept

This one fine day along this path

I come to the river shore at last

Hot tanned sand fills my mind

I lay the blanket down so kind

Here is where romance comes to be

Making love naked and free.

I close my eyes so cheerfully

The sun pours on my face so gleefully

Something unknown touches my mind

Poems love making love divine.

I write this poem from my sensuality

For romance to be so free

We explore the sands that roar

On this pleasant evening shore.

Through Michael’s concept we get so wet

I close my eyes on this tanned filled moon

Michael’s concept meets me at noon

While awaking to the sun so bright

We smile making love in delight.

Boutique of Love

Sweet undying kisses in the sunset

On this tanned beach so wet

A delight on this warm July night

Fading away both you and I

Love making does fly passing not us by

We invade eye to eye.

We fly not for we become power

From the lovemaking we shower

Each touch as the stars appear

We hold no fear.

The moon rears on this old beach sand

We hand in hand

In the water, we hold each other

Becoming July’s lovers.

Algebra of Love

Fulfilling the hunger we our under

A river stream pours our ecstasy

A parade erupts our fingers

While we eat dinner

Dinner for two just me and you.

Tantalizing is our lips, while we kiss

Each moan becomes a groan

Perfection slips our rush and need

While we feed

Giving this tree of nature a rush

From our touch.

W slip into our skin so deep

Far off in a place of making love we keep

Sweet desires fire.

Grand Opera Beach

Greet me with soft gentle eyes

We shall fly the sky

Walking along the beach sand

Hugging so soft and so grand.

We fall to the ground in this abstract night

Ecstasy pulls us in deep and tight.

You on top as tanned from the sunset

Our skin gets sand and wet

We drift away into touching ecstasy

Feeding emotions on this warm romantic beach

We reach a climax only we can do

From making love to me and you.

Ecstasies Landscape

Dripping sipping mesmerizing

Flying, dining, whining

Sighing ecstasy while you’re next to me.

Perfection, drowning, and no frowning

Smiling our way into

Ecstasy of me and you.

Sensual embraces

Kisses on our faces

Dripping sipping!

Orgy of Two

Sensually gliding a high so wondrous

We an orgy we must confess

An orgy of two just me and you

Slipping, dipping.

We explore places un-known to man

With our wondering hands

Each stroke makes us moan

Each caress makes us groan

We fall into the boulevard


Eccentric Boulevard

Eccentrically delicious we rave

Into our making love we pave

First sweet mourners in delight

On this sexual forecasted night.

Lingering sweat of dampness galore

Oh how our bodies do roar!

Amazing fragrances un-known to human touch

Becomes our lunch and fire

That takes our love making so much higher

We collide side by side.

Quaint dilutions enters near and far

Into our enormous roar

We pour so much more

Purr into a love making frenzy cure

Eccentric Boulevard hard.

Shack in Orion

Breathing on each others neck

Kisses soft and mmmm___mmm so wet

Oh how love does lick and moan

Oh how romance does hone

Purrs, dribbles, grrr___rrrss, and groans.

We pool away in smothering delight

Hugging with all our might

Procrastinate in sensual revelations


Mmmm___mmm those temptations

Of mmmmm__mmm sensations

Breathing down each others neck

All shocked and wet

In this shack in Orion

Nothing can go wrong.

Ocean of the Mind

Our charismas flingers

Loves trembles to be

To lushly love thee

As thee loves me

Touching, caressing emotions

We are enveloping.

Pleading to the extreme

We scream

Great mountains soar

While we pour

Mesmerizing concepts all wet

We dive the ocean shore for more.

Exploding in rhythms naked and free

Touching we skim as one on this shore

Of love making and more

We pour

A tidal wave explodes high

While we fly

We purr some more.

Legs on Stage

I am not living in a pawnshop

I got the legs to walk

Pretty, sexy legs that dance and stroll

My legs are sexy wouldn’t you know.

Yea, I got legs my pretty friend

All the way from bottom to end

Crossing, pausing, in long stockings

Muscles in my legs as they spread

Oh yes if I got a man he gets fed

When my legs get sun tanned and red

His tan is my plan.

I got legs and they set on him

I am alone so my legs don’t swim

Although, when they do they are strong

Don’t get me very wrong.

Legs on stage and in a play

My legs have sex everyday

Although, I am all alone

My legs have fun in my own room

Crossing, sexy, and strong

Don’t take me wrong.

Angels Door Mat

Where are the key to your heart that twains?

Does only hate remain?

Where is the honor that love should hold?

Where true amour stories always unfold.

Where is the prism that glows so bright?

Where is the true bright light?

Where is the key of loves door gone?

Where is the amour that I long?

Why has the blues set into I?

When love should always fly

Why, why, why, why?

Must an angel cry?

When Angels Fly

Promises never spoken, and love stolen

Replaced with the attire of hate

Where love can’t relate, and then replaced

Taken in then deleted

Hate and left and repeated.

Where does an angel fly?

In loves romance and lullabies

Where does the heart swim to?

When down and feeling blue.

Promises broke and ripped up love notes

Where is the dance and joy?

Where love does employ?

Battered, erased, and misplaced

Where angels fly, love flies

Where hate has taken a once loved heart?

Where angels are to make a new start.

Promises broken and love stolen

Where is the relativity?

Where love suppose to always be

When angels fly, hate does die.

Loves Chronicle

Bid me not for I am power

Where only good love showers

Take not my heart that fails

If love does not sail.

Pails, and pails of envy roars

Upon my given door

Deep, deep, deep to the core

In my heart love does still roar.

Soaring flowers bloom my mind

Setting into loves true rhyme

A hymn pours, upon my mind

Has love been left behind?

Setting here in wasted time

Writing gifts of loves true rhymes

Time takes a hold of me

Into loves eternity.

A flower cage, I set invisibly into

Feeling sorrow of love so true

Alone waiting for it to come to I

So, my poems and art don’t cry.

September Rain

Where is this captain of this ship so bold?

Where is the ancient love stories told?

Love we hold so dear, and clear

Mountains cheer, and animals don’t fear.

We rear a plently appetite

On this pure September flight

Stars of hundreds fall to see

As we make love in spreads of delight

On this pure satin lite night.

Where is the captain of this ship so wide?

You look at I, and I to you

In scarlet passions eyes of blue.

Diving into this sensual rage?

Like a kite blowing in the wind

They have estacy swim in aburne sand

On river shore, they soar!

5 Reasons Why and 5 Reasons Why Not on Celibacy


1 = The candy is more plentiful

2 = When there is a two for one deal at Dairy Queen, you got one to take home.

3 – You don’t have to make bacon, eggs, hash browns, for breakfast. You can eat yesterdays left over spaghetti.

4 – A drunken man cannot rule a household. He must be sober at heart.

5 – You own the remote control

Why not

1 – The candy is plentiful, but you might get fat.

2 – Again, too much of dairy queen, and you could get fat.

3 – Bacon, eggs, and hash browns are really good in themorning.

4 – A celibate should still always go for a non-drunken man.

5 – Who wants to own a remote control, anyhow?

Sunset of August

Each moment so precious and divine

While we dance into a rhyme

Time stands still for both our souls

While the poem and dance take us whole.

We so far apart yet so close

We dance into our ghost

Magical sunsets do appear

As our dance lingers into non-fear.

Each moment taken, we enter the divine

Into amours love romantic rhyme

Becoming one, within this light

On this warm August night

Amour comes to make everything all right

While we dance hanging on so tight

Into the August sunset light.

Artist of Orion

Each stroke of the brush drips a new power

Upon the paper it devours

Craving the existence of birth in flight

Each brush stroke just right

On the paper with delight.

Within my artist mind does pour

Angels from Heaven that sores

Coming to life new color and power

Within the new painting all does shower.

Kingdoms come to life and bid their peer

Clouds, moons, sunsets cheer

Dripping from my mind to brush, and paint

Angel’s faint, dear golden crowns do taint.

Fainting on this paper scene and attire

A flock of white birds in sunset fire

Laying the paintbrush to rest

My mind and fingers pasted the test,

Muse of the Enchanting Forest

Ultimate cheer, I give to thee

While we set our minds to peace

Butterflies come our way in delight

To see amours true sterling light.

Kinsmen chanting from afar this forest range

As we set loves pure stage

A cage of two just you and I

Enchanting mythical angels fly.

We ride the hope that we devote

Flowers cheer us on, within their song

We long for nothing for we have it all

For we are on loves golden wall.

Amours Cage

If you love me, set me free

If you don’t, then let me be

Why waste another moment on neglect

Love is all that we hath left.

If you see romance, then make it clear

If you don’t, don’t bring it near

Why pave love gardens to grow

Bring love so it may sow.

Kiss me away in loves true bliss

For this is loves one wish

If you love me, let me know

If you don’t, then let me go.

Trail from Heaven

Trails of past memories enter nil

I want them to leave, with out denial

My heart shall not ever fail

So be off with you for my future holds I

Where dear sweet angels do fly.

You cast your sword and evil grin

With invisibility still you won’t win

For that is where my angels swim

Now leave and be off dear evil play

For I wait still for Heaven each day.

Dear trail that I walk down and through

My Heaven awaits still so true

You can cast your invisible hate upon I

Yet, I am going where angels fly.

Cast me away and bid me harm

I still hold Heavens charm.

In Chancellors Way

Wading in the pool of life

Walking through a muddy strife

Amidst this castle so adoring and kind

Loves lost its mind

Loves lost its grip

Loves lost its rhymes from time.

The dragon’s invisible climbs the walls

Where love does call

Where love does fall

In chancellor’s way is where demons play

Wading the pool of loves death of inevitability

It sets love free

It sets love down, upon hates frown.

These castle walls once where white

Until love became a fright

Now, they pure blood upon the floor

Forever more, forever more.

In chancellors way, where love should be

Invisibility of evil set it free

Dragon’s fire lingers over the castle walls

Where loves did fall

Time is the master and mind

That set this rhyme that set this rhyme.

The blood did stop, when love was lost

Will it ever come back to this castle door?

Forever more, forever more

Will invisibility set love free?

So in this castle you and I shall be?

Light of Orion

The light of reality sets in among this tour

What seems forever, and forever more

Tears of blood shed within my mind

Doing this unwanted time.

A sword of steel, within my brain

One that can’t chance to be tamed

A halo in my bodies roar

Forever more.

Taint me not for I am power

It is only love I do shower

May I give thee a gift of strength and, freedom?

To watch love swim, to watch lover swim

So deep with in, so deep within

This light or Orion chant go wrong

Love is but a song a song.

Invisible Flowers

I could see flowers blooming our mind

While we danced so pleasantly so wild, and free

Yet, now where hath they gone?

Wilted, torn, and scorned?

Where hath they gone to for so long?

I could see no misery, while dancing with thee.

Yet, where has the dance blown to?

Amongst another’s love so unfairly true?

I dance myself to sleep, where angels keep

Where angels die, where my tears do cry.

I can’t see anything while neglect wrecks

What’s left?

What’s left of this dieing, crying, mind?

Lost in time, lost in wrath that will not pass

I could see being left and released

A dieing seed in a bed of dreams

Where angels scream where angels scream.

Where hast thou gone for so long?

To bid me fair well into another’s cage

Lost in my own and own page.

Faro, Rio de Janeiro

I feed you a portion, of my heart

Of my heart, I feed you a portion

Open dreams I give to thee

For romance to see

I give thee all my inner shower

The towers one cannot see

I give to thee.

Rio de Janeiro, lays my faro

In that place I might never see

He be, he be

So far inside of me.

I feed thee pedals, from my heart

For the start of that state

Where love relates

I give to thee my soul, so whole

So whole, I give thee my soul

To protect, until our death

I give to thee, in sincerity.

So far inside of me

He be, he be

In that place I might never see

Rio de Janeiro, my faro.

Cranes Untamed

This insane asylum rushing rivers of hate

My heart and home cannot relate

A castle born inside of me

Wants to set me fully free.

Climb not the stairs for the steps hold power

Of love and sincerity that showers

Upon a once well love that towered


Rhapsody has taken hold inside so far and wide

To see my eyes full of tears and sigh

An angel falls on each shoulder of mine

Telling me now it is the time

That my inner child be set free

To let me be, to let me be.

Caged inside, I can’t get out

Oh how my heart does shout!

Nothing there, but deep pain

What on this Earth do I have to gain?

Tombstone of Tomorrow

Captured, erased, and replaced

Left, torn, and scorned

Thorns bellow inside my quiver

Life shivers.

Captured, abused, and accused

Lost in a state I can’t relate


Silenced by the criminal effect

Speculated and unrelated

So un-becoming each strike

Of that invisible knife

Filled with strife.

Filled with horror of the next tomorrow

Lost in a living tombstone

Left alone.

Captured Love

Worn to the bone so red and dead

Caught in a cage of celibacy

For everyone to see

Captured in the gates of hate

Where love don’t want to relate.

Torn, worn, and scorned

Tossed to the side

Where romance use to bind

Lost in a creatures time

Never to un-bind.

Lost in a deadly rhyme

Each wall never falls

All doors un-seen stand tall

No locks to unlock thy way

Lost in love everyday.

Dream of 365

I forbid sleep, but it loves me

Good dreams seem to forbid I

Only demons have ever flied

Where my dreams cry, and just try to lie

Laying their unwanted fears into my sleeping tears

I forbid the entry of them

Yet, they come deep within

Non-invited into my soul

-while sleep takes me whole.

I forbid my wake to be forsake

My mind being raped whilst the bed

Where dreams aplenty shed

Those horror events and power

That sleep does shower.

Tragic is the 365-day dream

To watch me scream in terrors flight

Bring no good cheer

Where it sets tears

In a sleepy human, trying to ruin the mind

A sleepy poet lost in sleeps time.

I bid the off, with what it costs

Nothing gained and nothing lost

With what is costs, I bid thee off.

Corpse of Reality

Tamed and mystified on this walk

Listening to nature talk

Swans at peace of ten fold

This has to be Gods make and mold.

Tree’s quivering and budding seed

Autumn’s love and nature’s deed

Colors flowing so galore

Reality comes of the evermore.

Bears feeding for hibernation

All of this is a wonderful sensation

Glorious is the outstanding temptation

Grasping a poem from Mother Nature

For this is our one true teacher.

Reaching for the sunset high

I fly; I fly oh how I fly

For this corpse of reality

Has taken me.

Layman’s Trilogy

When will loves soldier come to take me?

Into the reality to see

When will the fog disappear?

Where love suppose to rear.

How does the time go on?

-when all my heart does is long

How do the tree’s still bud forth?

When love has no remorse.

Will the hate of power invade forever?

Or will true love endeavor?

You’re on my mind all the time

Right at a wedding door for sure

Right into the evermore we pour

Sweet unseen melodies we frolic entwined

In Heaven we shall dine.

Naked as you shall be

In eternity with me you shall be

So, why stop an arrow so true

From afar when it comes to you.

I give to thee sweet far away kisses

To take away the bad, and I will the riches

Life is, but today then off it offs to fade

We pave on so why be sad and blue

For you love me and I love you.

Why wait for Heaven when we now have this time

In Heaven we can’t do as we now do dine

Allow this poem and allow this rhyme

To listen to this heart beat cry

For love should not bellow and should not sigh

Love should not ask why.

Beloved is the miraculous roar

Of true love forever more

Castles of invisibility

Sets true love fully free

To be, to be, to be to see

Loves true reality.

Grays Command

If ever there was a love so true

It is inside you

When down and feeling all alone

Love still inside holds a home

If ever there was a smile so true

It had to come from you.

When blue and feeling worthless and gray

Remember love holds every day

It is waiting for you somewhere

Someone else does care.

If ever there was a romance so bright

You are that shining light

Don’t be down and please don’t frown

For love holds a golden crown

It is there waiting to lift you up from sorrow

Into the ever last and into tomorrow.

Amours Concept

Within the winds of time stands amour

Waiting to take us in forever more

Non cai le vie and non avore

Can tame what is so becoming and strong

Our love shall never go wrong.

Rampaging the river inside

This is where our amour hides

Tamed by our dance and grace

Our love cannot be replaced.

Our tide comes in the eve

We dance and we do not deceive

Our river carries us into a trance

Our eyes meet and we do glance.

Within the wind of our storm

A magical night of sunset is forewarned

Within our dance, we waltz with pride

For it is love we can’t chance to hide

Amours concept we slip into

For you love me, and I love you.

Paradise River

A monopoly has come my way so long ago

Drifting again this eve to Paradise Rivers shore

Where I look for love forever more

Each step to its watery edge pulls me in

Love must swim

Love must be there, somewhere.

Captivating still is the sunset’s hue

While I think of you

So enchanting and mesmerizing we are

Invisible and two shining stars.

Your grasp is magically enlightening

We dance, swan, and sing

Mystical invisible bells swing

Invisible as it may be

You hath come to rescue me.

Pondering with hope something touches my hair

I look and you are truly there

We kiss, hug, and disappear

For true love has reared.

We now the cage of reality

For all of love to see.

Titans Roar

Craving your special needs that feed

My loneliness pleads to acquire your flight

To see your enduring romance light

I give to thee sweet adoring rhymes

Until the end of time.

I give to thee my emotions, and devotions

I plaster art at thy feet, my sweet.

Jasmine, and scents of vanilla, and orange

A dance so warm

I give to thee a soft sweet gentle touch

Of love, loves precious amour

For are love to be forever more

Pure thy lasting glimpse my way

To have you everyday, to have you in every way.

Sounds of Chimes

One day we will touch and see reality

One day, one day, one day

Our love will never fade

One day, we shall be.

It’s in our minds as one we hold

It’s in each sunrise so bold

One day, one day, one day?

We shall be for eternity

One day we will see

That we were meant to be.

Sounds of chimes fill the mind

One day at a time

One day, one day, love shall be

For eternity to see

To see, to see

That one day we shall be.

One day, one day in a sunrise

-when I see your eyes

One day, one day, one day?

Love shall be.

For eternity, to be, to be

One day, one day, love shall see

One day at a time

Sounds of love fill the mind

One day, one day, one day, we shall be.

Solitude of Orion

When will the highway end?

When will the maker defend?

When, when, when, when

When will it end?

How does the falling stars loose their sweet light?

Why does the day turn into night?

When will the blur of hate go away?

Why must life have to pay?

Why, why, why, why

Must an angel cry?

Wait you hath looked into my eyes

Now I feel no more sighs

Loe has come, and kissed my lips

This is nature’s romantic trip.

We make love in each others arms

Away from the obsticles of hateards charm

No more alarms will come our way

For we are in natures ecstasies play.

I Fly

Uncertainty grasps, as I walk this lane

This lane of pain trying to take me in

I swim

Swim do I, so high I fly

I fly straight to Heavens sky.

Hate comes close, and enters my walls

I fall

Fall do I, then I fly

I fly straight to Heavens sky.

Envy strikes towards my lane

I pain

Yes, pain do I yet, I fly do I

Straight to Havens sky, I fly

I fly, I fly, by and by.

You come close to this obstervation

We explode in making loves emotions

Lips gliding to heights unknown

A poem flows from our finger tips

As we make love with our lips.

Sword of Nativity

Oh bland thought!

That creeps my way to play

War and its enemy wraths me

I die, only but a little

While war tittles.

I the great sword of nativity

It is in me

It is I that flies to die

To die, but a little

While this world tittles

Away, day by day.

My own battle storm now inside


This sword and I its carrier to end

Must defend

For I am, but a war of one

When all is sad and done.

My invisible sword shall leave

When it is you I receive

Not until that fill enters nil

Will my sword fail

I alone with my sword in home.

Over the valley, and into the sky

A tap comes to my shoulder, and I look to see

You looking at me

Touching in a rish of desire

We sparke each others fire.

Loves Cage

Love is plenty in every state of mind

In a pledge it will find its chime.

It lifts you up, and hides you away

Love should be there everyday

Naked and free for all of nature to see.

Love has become a fire of flame

Love should be glorious tame

It burns and shatters the inside inner child whole

Love burns the soul.

Love should be open and free

To be, to be, to be!

Love should be happiness and show its face

For loe is the human race.

Forest of Dreams

Pigments of forest invade my tracks

Sunsets yellow and orange adorn

Up ahead lays a unicorn of white

On this September beautiful night.

Leaves flowing of many a shades

Oh how the sunset of pink does invade!

Geese flying for south hibernation

Oh what a wonder September sensation!

This trail takes me into the woods so far

Out comes the first night star

Beams a flowing onto the lake of dreams

Oh how my heart does scream!

Setting by this old ancient waterfall

Love comes to holler its call

It picks me up, and takes me so deep

Into loves true natures sleep.

Blinded by the eyes that I see

Love has come to rescue me

We eat each others sensations

Making loves ecstaties temptations.

Invisible Pills

Inside the pain burns and lingers

Tears fall from fighting for myself

Life is what life is dealt

A bullet then you die

Inside life resides.

Invisible pills of many colors galore

Has seen my door

Trying to patch what has hatched

I am sober for I throw away

Those invisible pills everyday.

Inside lays a baby waiting for loves door

Where it shall return forever more

I leave all those invisible pains

For being in love is my gain.

With a whisper of the breeze

You come to me to tease

Oh please dear arms that hold me now!

I do not know just exactly how

You came to me this morning in flight

We now make love in midflight.

Untamed Love

In this quartette of untamed love

Lying in rest on the table of hate

Where love is not suppose to relate

In this chamber of my heart

Where love has fallen apart.

Where has the manners belittled

To love true fiddle

That true dance that suppose to last

Love laid into the past.

In this quartette where symphony has fallen down

Why must love hold such frown?

In this song, and dance love suppose to last

Why must that old ancient word love be in a fast?

A fasting from pain that rains.

For love is as becoming as the sunset wishes to be

When released

In this quartette lays a song

Where love should never go wrong.

A vloud appears to come to me

Tot ell me it has brought something for me to hold

Some this cannot be sold

Down pours a my mate in all their glory

That cloud brought me my love story.

Frantically touching from head to toe

Into the night we flow

Making love like two birds in flight

On this warm summer night.

Church of Dreams

No stolen hearts, and no falling apart

This is what love meant from the start

All words of love heard

The wrath of loneliness will never enter near

When you’re down and feeling blue

We shall make love into the dew.

No words spoken only touching skin

This can only come to a win win

Cypress dreams flow in a flower scent from our emotions

Loves true epileptic emontions.

On this ground rolling frantically high

Playing on this sand on this shore

We roar!

Loves Apple Tree

In the sunset blue after noon

The sky does sing a tune

So wonderful is the forever water glowing

Love definatly is showing.

Apple love shall spread forth

With no remorse

Love and I shall walk hand in hand

Down apple land

With no remorse, and no recourse

Down apple way is where we will be

Down loves shore forever more.

Then comes a ship so mighty, and with power

Anchors down, and here you come swimming to me

I hath found a love so grand

This was natures all enclusive plan.

Holding hands our lips do meet

We hath waited eternity

Frolicing in this sunset flight

We make love into the night.

Vacation of Love

Love is a map filled with vacations

Love is a wonderful sensation

It takes you on trails far and wide

Love is a bountiful mystical ride.

Love is a map of many destinations

It holds many sensual temptations

It has only one road that two may go

Love hold a light and oh how it glows.

The sunrise never goes down nor ends

Love is a woman and love is a man

It holds a tropical full delight

Love is there every day and every night.

Panthers Tour

Enticing so inviting

Manipulating and relating

We spin, within

Ecstasy spreads our bones

Where we roam

We feed just you and me

Sigh in this high.

Enchanting on this river shore

We pure sweet ambrosia delight

While we passionately touch on this night

We graze onto making loves phase

Skinny-dipping into sensual delight

On this erotic ambrosia night.

Our lips touch so frantically

So delightfully, we glide

Making love on this river shore ride

Your tan body becomes the miraculous stage

Where making love does rage.

All stops also Mother Nature

It all becomes our teacher

Our bodies invading as one

Under this sun sunken sun

Fingers exploring the evermore

On this river shore

On this erotic panthers tour.

Talent Meets Faith


Oh come to moi my dear sincere

Passion frolics my mind

Come it is lovemaking time.


A smile I give to thee Talent of my desire

We shall set loves virgin fire

I give to thee my lips in need

So both of us may dearly feed.


None shall be make believe

We shall make love and shall receive

A tease you are my sweet dear Faith

Come so Talent may taste.


A band and musical that we are

Making love under these stars

With your sword in your hand

Come my dear fine sweet man.


Naked as you are so sweet

Come to me my sweet treat

In auburn golden locks in hair

So shining in the moon so fair

Mock not this naked delight

On this auburn sunset night.


In see through lingerie in theses woods

I come to you like I should

In fine romantic windfall delight

On this warm October night.


Oh virgin Faith I touch your virgin skin!

Deep, deep, deep within

This first touch will always be

For now we float into eternity.


Talent becomes Faiths Teacher

Talent holds his hands out to receive her

Off they go into erotic delight

On this fruitful forest night.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Locw I know you are near

Waiting for me to arrive

To take away all burden and sighs

Rio de Janeiro is my faro.

I wait for it, with life in arms

It will hold me from all harm

Twenty four seven in blue clouds

Shall scream out loud

Shall scream out loud.

As loud as Rio de Janeiro

Awaits my one, and only faro

A whisper comes to my ear do dear

Oh dear, I knew you were near.

Nothing can now take you away

We make love, and we sway.

Forest of Dreams

In the distance out this window pane

Comes down a gentle summer rain

While I read this book of love so true

I think of you.

The one that I hath not met, as of now

Yet, we will somehow

I sip my café mocha from my cup

I am sure one day I shall find true love.

My mind wonders while the rain pure down

Watching out this window pane

While it rains.

I send a special magical sigh

Hoping it catches your mind

It is time my love it is time

For you to come find this rhyme.

Next thing I know, a knock comes at my door

I open it, and a stranger stands there

So fair, so fair, so fair

I ask you in out of the rain

This was the first day of our lives

Now, you my husband, and I your wife.

Romances Dance

Loves chronicle today has called for rain

From all the disaster and the pain

Left, abused, and accused

Loves chronicle today has reigned

Although, love should be tame.

The next weeks forecast calls for sunshine

Hopefully love will then dine

Although, today’s storm ruined loves dance

Surely this forecast will pass

So love may always last.

Waiting for you is like

Waiting for the sun to go down

Colors glowing and love showing

A flower blooms our eyes

We sigh.

Loves Crossroad

You are my sunshine, when times are down

You are my every thing that makes love sing

You are the poems that I write

My energy and my delight.

When times are to hard to follow through

You pick me up, when feeling blue

You are my power and my smile

All the while, all the while.

For this I give to you my charm

So our love may never be harmed

You are my bright and shining knight

That makes me feel just right.

A Day in the Park

Raise your sword into battle and grief

Does this give world relief?

Does a bomb make things right?

When war is in full flight.

Does the gun and soldier make life better?

Does it make children in school cleaver?

Does the death of many bring good cheer?

All through the year.

Does murdering in war bring non-fear?

Does shooting down humans make things right?

Does this shed the pure light?

Stop the bombs and stop the war

Before you see revelations pour

Hide the sword and hide the grief

Before the world gets relieved.

All of this dsappears

Sensual love making takes this all away

Why bother on the worlds shower

Making love to each other is loves tower.

Love is a Sunset

Love is whole in each our soul

Where a sunset stays, where we play

A temptation strays, within our hands

Where making love is implied, we slide!

Love is a joy, and we the toy

Painting each others bodies emotions galore

We roar, on this sandy shore

Nothing can take this fantasy away

As our bodies mingle, and sway.

Colliding as one in full mesmerizations song

We long as our eyes catch the sunset haze

Lips touching like the sun does the sky

Nothing needs not ask why.

Mingling in autumns colors on this sunset ride

We slide into a sunset ecstasy dream

We scream!

A Soul Tumbles Over

You take me to a mountain so high

We fly past the worlds ever more

We soar upon a dream our own

Making love in each others arms

Out of fright, out of harm.

Naked as two could possibly be

Only for nature to see

Bodies exploding like a shell in a gun

A plot we fulfill in each moan

In our romantic love room.

My body goes weak to your touching hands

As the wind passes our awesome plan

Nature watchs our play

As we make love, as sway.

Placemat of Dreams

Another day has past away with thee

While I set my eyes to peace

Moments gone and never to return

Another day and I hath learned.

A midst this bed of dreams I follow

Mermaids and monsters swallow

Yet, off they go, but they do return

Another day past and I hath learned.

Then I turn my head to the left

Where only hurt has rest

You are standing by my side in all its glory

You hath brought all love stories.

You pick me up, and we walk away

Into an abstract play

Making love to each others minds

We hath made a wonderful rhyme.

It is time you say, it is time my dear

That we make love naked with out any tears

Our bodies cling together this day

Our minds leave, and float away.

Hours pass as we make love, and song

Just what our bodies hath longed.

Castle of Hope

In this castle high on this mountain side

Is where I wait for love to confide

Dragons roaring by the sunset high

Oh how the unicorns do fly!

On this bed of dreams!

It has been a lifetime it seems

A loud echo comes from below

My mind opens, and my eyes do glow.

I go to the window to see

A prince looking up at me

He screams in great stride how he is in love

We fly away on a great white dove.

This became the first day of the rest of our lives

He became my husband, and I his wife.

Bolivia’s Stage

Sensations fills each foot step closer to romance

Our eyes touch, and they do glance

We shed loves blossom so whole

We become making loves true mold.

Climbing into the flower of loves gift

We kiss each other’s lips

Determined to invade ecstasies rage

We walk into the cage.

Longing in want, we touch sensually

While swimming in this sea of ecstasy

The sea of erotic destination

Loves flower blossom of sensation.

Entangled as one we explore

Making love upon loves door

Embraced skin to skin in flight

Feeling ecstasy in delight.

Fondling our selves into Bolivia’s stage

We make love touching in this cage

Climax comes to a near end at sunset

Both of us soak and wet.

Harp of Amour

Apart from the glamour and the joy

It is romance we do employ

A heritage we shall always keep

Our love runs it runs so deep.

A landslide, within your eyes

Enchanting lullabies fly

The jaspers of lilies, within my skin

Our love shall forever win

Romance shall never by-pass

True love at last will cast.

Within my mind, you are mine

You are all where true love falls

I hear your call from this shore

Forever and forever more.

A heritage we walk through to you and I

You and I hath walked many a mile

Enchanting colors of autumn fly

From your fingertips magic rears

Love hearts becoming rather then tears

Through open life and empty trials

Yet, love does not shed nor fail.

When we meet, it shall tell the tail

Loves sweet adoring exhale

Within a lullaby, we shall be

For all of loves eternity to see.

Captioning a Fire

Chilling shrieks the wooded hallow

Halloween will strike tomorrow

Days before it should hatch

Children of the dead shall patch.

Zombies screaming, while we are sreaming

On this Halloween night before

Many days before and more

The dead shall pour so frantically

Not very mercifully.

Nothing bothers us in ecstay

We are planting a sensual dream

All the screams come to an end

I on you, and you on I

We are flying sky high.

In a trance we still make loes true gift

Our lips collide in places unknown

This is where we love to roam.

Starting October 6th night

Until the 31st with fright

Don’t turn off tonight’s lights

The dead is waiting to enter nil

Zombies do not fail.

Yet we keep our stride making loves play

We sway into escasties stage

Our bodies collapse until we fade.

.Battle Ship up High

May our love battle ships that collide in a trance

May this sickening feeling end at last

Our boats shall pass not only on sea

Our love shall be open for all to see.

We shall collide on waves of battle

Thick and thin

For love is so deep, deep within.

These battle ships shall enter close

Upon our holy ghost

A toast we shall enter far, and wide

So our love shall be known and not hide

Collide we shall on brim of holy waters shore

Forever and forever more

Two battle ships shall roar.

Our minds now pour at this thought at hand

Yet this is our fantasy, and plan

I look up to the sea with tear in eye

A ship comes to shore, and you walk off

You are what my mind has sought!

Kissing, mingling, enchanting dream

We fade into the sunrise high

We fly!

Loves Puzzle

Our love was built before we had sight or sound

Our love was wrote, and it was found

A storybook we are each day

Our love shall come into foreplay.

A midst these streams, and path we follow

Into this day and into tomorrow

We bind together no matter how far our eyes may be

This shall hold or eternity.

We float our minds into a wish

Into our one true romantic kiss

Love notes invisible as they may be

Shall set us fully free.

With eyes closed we passionately make love

Our bodies roaring into the sun

Capturing a play so romantic, and free

Moaning and groaning until we climax

Down this dreamy loving path.

Breeze of Orion

Amidst the dragons roaring lips

Amongst our soaring kiss

The oars of eternity lingers on

Among a unicorn dainty song.

Amour so gentle and tranquil

As I set by this window sill

An ancient path of romance flows by

In the wind from the sky.

It brings to me this note so dear

To take away all of my fear

A note wrote from your hand in thought

The one that I hath always sought.

Oh dear breeze passing by!

Take these tears from my eyes

I give to thee the color of them so I don’t sigh

So never again shall I cry.

Take this note, with my soul

Take this note and take it whole

Dear breeze, fly this that I hath wrote

All of these thousands of love notes.

Take them to the man that loves me dear

Take them now and with out fear

Blow like a gentle breeze in mid air

To my one and only love so rare.

So we may fall in arms

Away from this tragic harm.

Loves Fire Place

Uplifting is your way

Where we do stay

Your love lifts me oh so high

Where only we do fly.

A castle you hath built in my heart

One that shall never part

Gardens of daffodils fill my soul

For you hath taken me whole.

So far away you are from me

Yet, our love is for eternity

We shall fly to each other’s arms

Where our love shall not be harmed.

Come my precious love of evermore

Come lift me from this shore

I await your touch of true desire

To light the sparks of loves true fire.

Oh Tranquility

Calm, serene, tranquility

In the woods all alone

In natures home

In natures throne.

Sweet is the ambrosia of tranquility

In the woods it is set free

To be as calm serene and dazed


Calm, succulent flow of nature delight

Calm tranquil flight

Tranquility is set to peace


Releasing magic only stars can see

In both you and me

You and I are tranquility

Set free, set free, set free

To be a seed, a seed

To be sweet tranquility.

Passion flows our finger tips

Love comes from our lips

Engaging in this love dream

We scream as we make passionate love

Bodies flowing in the wind

We win!

Carousal of Time

This carousal in time

Times myth wrote so long ago

This carousal so full

So vibrant so old

The Earths carousal so broad, and wide

Times already wrote mythical ride.

Brilliant was he that invented all

To make love stories fall

Watching this movie in each others arms

We charm.

Yet we make love under this apple free

So wonderful, and so free

Touching and embracing loves true kiss

Upon our open loving lips.

Through thick and thin and country boarders to

The carousal still stands tall

Our bodies go limp, and we fall.

Yet we make love as we linger as one so true

Just me and just you

This is the way the world was made to be

Making love into the sunset glaze

This is what we hath paved.

I am so glad to have met you

We do this together so care free

Making love daily into this sea.

Amour Bordeaux

Bath my love in our desire

For you are the tower

My monsieur so loving and dear

Come my amour to take away the fear.

No tears hath dropped for you my sweet

You are the one I shall not delete

No farewells and no goodbyes

No crying and no sighs.

Your kiss I hath not felt as of yet

Although, I know it is the best

May our far away love pass the test?

That test of time will set loves rhyme.

My heart I give to thee

To be my one and only.

Loves abstract Carnival

A stage of make believe waltzes high

Like romance passes by

The bird wings stop to here the true thing

That pure love does bring

In fall, winter, or spring.

In non-soldier gear it comes with no wrath

So love may always and forever last

A cast so great, so far, so wide

Is where true love does confide

Loves abstract carnival in full flight

We shall set romance right.

Crimson Death

In crimson love is where I rest

In this old ancient castle of nothing

Yet, something.

Dead in love so dead, but alive to strive

A story wrote so long ago from loves lips

Told me to hold on, and do not slip.

Yes something will come to save this soul

Where crimson death took me whole

Nothing has entered no not here!

Where even demons fear

Eternal crimson fire does burn

Where love use to yearn.

Thousands of years hath past in these walls

Where many a tear still does fall

Locked on this wall on this castle this night

Eternal crimson holds me tight.

In dead og night I open my soul

I can hear a strange voice below

A man takes me in his arms

Explaining he has come to take away the harm

He tells me how romance has come my way

For we shall marry this very day.

We cling together making love, and singing

Church bells begin ringing.

Ghosts of Orion

In phantoms way where we do play

Our ghostly sounds can be heard

We the parade of natures cliff

As our bodies do kiss.

In our bed we do shed

A play so romantic so sincere

Only romance could rear.

We make love touching out minds

Our bodies touch, and catch this gift

As we kiss each others lips.

Pulsating into a delight through this night

Bouncing off the bed in grace

In a state of a game

There is no pain, there is no pain

We tame.

Path to the Edge

I have more time

For you to play your game of romance with me

I must open up my eyes and see

Making love was meant to be.

I have no more time to be fed, and to shed

What our love making does wed

I sigh, but a little in this stage

Of our love making roaring cage.

I have more time to say I love you

Because I know you love me to

We embrace this path of ecstacies flight

On this warm gentle sunset night.

Touching each other so hard, and in need

Of what we both desire, and plead

We scream as we embrace each others whole

We scold!

Biology of Loves Amour

Crippled from abuse and left all alone

Another night to roam to Heavens home

Alone waiting and wondering what’s next

Is it life or death we all must confess?

This is no test nor want nor need

It is a story we feed

A story wrote so long ago with someones mind

Until the end of the story of time.

A pledge we gave to live this way

In Heaven when I die I shall play

Someday will this biology ever end?

For all good and all good men.

Yes oh dear yes!

You hath come with an open kiss

We make love so hard, and so true

On this grass and open sky of blue.

Mesmerizing is this enchanting play

On this warm July day

Our bdies linger as one in flight

All has passed and all is now right.

Loves Chronicle

Facing life in the eye

Why, why, why, why?

Where does love come from?

Under the sun?

Where, where, where, where?

Has the light of romance passed?

Was it in our eyes that glance?

Just passing by this world so high?

Facing life into its eyes.

All is well though because we our as one

Under this enduing hot filled sun

That captures you as amber, and true

Oh dear lover how I love you.

Contetion’s Door

Have I forbidden your way?

In jeopardy

The brow of what you hath made

No for we make ecstacies love

Within this night

In flight we scream out dream.

We bow to our explostion of temptation

An erasistable sensation

To be a rhyme we starve, as we carve

On this door way holding our own

In our love making ferious home.

Poems Heart in a Box

In the wilderness in Christian missionaries

At night there lays a lake of black like steel

A cage of children that are real

Don’t know now how to feel quite

Then, out goes the lights.

One of the little girls wants to run away

On this very night and day

No way says the other girl!

God owns this camp and world.

In fright she runs to the lake in the dark

The other goes with in a spark

Hark says the dragon from the lakes rise!

I was looking it in the eyes.

Cries flew from the other trying to run away

I look at her, and said I told you so didn’t I

They took her to a mental place

I never again seen a trace

Of that dragon again so big and mean

I hope I don’t this Halloween.

Castle of Fire

Insert your sword so deliberately

Releasing me

Into your concept of making love so high

Oh how we fly

Into the flame that we tame.

Miraculous explosions evolve

Nothing we can’t solve

Embracing the challenge of romances gift

We give each other a kiss on the lips.

Ecstatic electricity vibrates our whole

We climb into each other’s soul

Furious as a volcano in heat

We seek.

Longing for this one night

We don’t put up a fight

Tied to your every emotion and desire

We climb into the fire.

Tide of October

In swift motion the tide lingers on

A fish song, within the swan

A light of sunset magical night

On this October delight.

Colors forming here and there

Magic paintings everywhere

You can almost feel the paintbrush thinking

While October is sinking.

An alarm of artwork in disguise

While magic is floating in our eyes

Of nature is this cool October’s fly by!

Fall lets out a blooming sigh.

In tides of the river shore

Colors miraculous galore

You can hear the colors roar

Paintings oh how we sore

In this sword of color delight

On this October cool night.

Floating on our dream we scream

Making love naked, and free

On this cedar fall tree.

Capturing a Pillow

Captain can you hear my calling thee?

For mercy

Can you hear the world that you paved?

When will life be saved?

Old wise man of this ship so bold

From all past, present and futures told

The maker of our very mold.

When will right become right?

When will war stop the fight?

When will this ugly story end?

For all good human life and men.

When, when, when?

When will it end?

Captain of this ship so bold

From all past, present, and futures told.

Bring me love so bold so true

One that will always last in glory

That shall bring all love stories.

One where we shall make love for ever more

On this bountiful river shore.

Allow Me

Allow me to flower you my sword of hearts

To give to thee a wonderful new start

Where only brave can go and see

What is inside of me.

Allow me to flower you, with my scent unseen

To go where only angels do fly

Where only miracles do prevail

Where true love does sail

Where romance never does fail.

Let my heart tell the tale

Allow me to flower you so brave

Where true love can be saved

Although thy sight to my eye

Where only angels do fly

Allow me and believe

For it love I only receive.

Abstracts of Orion

Not knowing one day from the next

What love has or will

It lies within a window sill

Unseen it the face of loves breath

Is it in the North, South, East or West?

I do not know, while my heart lays weeping

Love lays sleeping.

A pyramid inside my mind

While the sun goes down

Can be found.

A castle watching the colored abstract

I am so bold waiting for loves lips

To kiss

To kiss away this human castles emptiness

With just a kiss, with just a kiss

From loves true lips.

Starring out this window sill until

Mind fading into colored fall dreams

While nature screams

An invisible paintbrush magical delight

Come true love come this night.

Natures over Haul

Exaggerations flow on this ponds shore

Feelings galore

A swan of many swims near by my side

I temp into natures ride.

Tranquility spills its gift to my eyes

I sigh, but a little as it twiddles

A flock of doves fly above

Pure gentle sweet adoring love.

A warm breeze passes my side in thought

It is tranquility I hath sought

Buds of apples appear before my eyes

I sigh, but a little through natures twiddle

The air springs out an invisible fiddle

I sigh as it flies by

Through a swan song.

My heart enters yours, as we embrace

Nature has taken us both in

We swim in e ach others eyes

We sigh as our bodies intermingle in grace

Making love in true faith.

Loves Sail Boat

Waiting fore thee my precious love to be

Sincerely I give to thee my time

I give to thee all of my rhymes

All of my strength is yours

Forever more, forever more

We shall be destiny.

Fall scents take me in to its whole

Taking my words into your soul

Mesmerizing is the sunsets hew

I set here nightly thinking of you.

You are my song that I long

My breath as I rest

You are my purification and sensations

All of loves temptations.

Must I become the sunrise?

To look into your eyes

Temp me not for I am desire

We hath not yet met

Neither through ear nor eye

Yet, a sigh.

We shall set loves true fire glare

A spark from the heart

Come take my souls pyramid into your hand

For with in romance is rare

For this was loves true plan

Come my love take my hand.

Bound on the Ground

Binding me to your exile

With no denial you invade

What I have to pave.

Bound from your masculinity

Into me

You bind my nipples to your desire

Setting my touché on fire

Flogging me into your concept

All wet

Exploding on this ground tied

We confide

Riding the wind

Bound within your sound.

Ecstasies Myth

Wet, dripping, and soaked to the bone

Oh baby, do not leave me alone!

Tender rhymes, and hearts just swimming

Tantalizing, flying sexually sighing, crying

OH how we do implore, the best sex for sure.

Moaning dribbles of ecstasy does roar

While, we make love on the floor

Enticing touches of slippery hands

This is our sexual knowledge, and plan.

Coming, almost, to a outrageous climax

Mouth both soaking entirely wet

Hands exploring, and heat imploring


We escape into a vacation so true

You touch me, and I touch you.

Oh how our bodies trembles, and aches!

To be touched in the right place

Laying my hand on your manly desire

It sets both of our burning, and hot ember fire.

Wet, dripping, soak, and wet

Our flying internal external sex is the best

Fingers moving and bodies grooving

We explode to this tantalization

Sexual revelation that unfolds

Enticing, exciting.

Delicacy of Orion

Delectable, and challenging my wanting moans

Oh how our waned sex does hone!

Shivers of quivers manipulate our rhythm

Into each other is where we are swimming

For, we are delivering sensual touches

From our wanted and needed rushes

Moaning and groaning.

Erotic explosions fill our skin

Inside and out we do swim

Tantalizing and flying

Swaying so intense

Filled with a fire that cannot be put out

We pour romance and sensual delight

Oh baby with fingers just right!

Naked, purring, and dancing so delectable

Not missing one sexual syllable

Filling each other with mother natures cum

Oh baby, is not having sex fun?

Ecstasies Kiss

Tantalizing and mesmerizing

We flow along

Singing ecstasies song

Oh how I love your fingers so deep!

Into my pussy O’ how they dive

This is the excitement that I do thrive.

My lips eat your manly desire

While, it sets my lips on fire

Deep throat, and humming a tune

Oh master, we will cumming soon!

We leave neither room nor space

Cause, your cock is in the right place

Pulverizing my pussy so hard, and fast

Oh baby I am going to cum at last!

I can feel your hot sperm flow

All the way, down to my toes

All tied up, and know where to go

In out, and oh so slow

Our faces both so glow.

Spanking me on my bum so light

Putting me into ecstasies flight

Oh how we cum just right

This is only the beginning of this night

Hang on baby, and hang on tight.

I am Cumming twice

Now, was not that a delight?

My nipples in your mouth, and thirsting

Cause, it is fantasies we are rehearing.


Exotic and erotic we amaze

On ecstasies stage we fade not

For, it is making love we sought

This is where our energy got caught

Oh how we like it a plentiful lot!

Swaying, playing, gliding


Rampaging and amazing.

Slipping, sliding, confiding

Moaning and oh course groaning

Fading into both me, and both you

Erotic and exotic.

Exploding a maze that shall never fade

Paving a finger touch smile

All the while.

Swaying, gliding, mesmerizing

Into a dream of sexual delight

On this orange satin tanned night

Cumming and stunning!

Hunting Never Land

Hunting body parts in the wind

Tied to this tree, while my master does swim

Ecstasy is only a moment away

When my master likes to play.

Roaring, moaning, and of course groaning

Panting to his every desire

Oh how my master sets my fire!

Tied to this old oak tree

So, my master my feed.

Pleasing his every want, and quill

Tied to this tree, I am my master’s thrill

Oh how the chills roars through me!

When my master puts me into ecstasy.

Teasing me from afar in the water

I just get so much hotter

As his manly cock does flow

Oh how my body does feel whole!

Tied to this old oak tree for him

While, my master nakedly swims

He comes over to me, and does spank

My master is the man I should thank.

Mrdex’s Climax

Binding me with my panty hoses

Wrapping me from head to toe

O’ how the magic does glow

While, Mrdex takes me whole

I do not whimper nor scold

Hanging on the bed rails so, so bold.

Blindfolding me into his erection

Taking away all my tension

Rating on romances boarder line rung

Oh baby we have so much fun!

My master runs his bold hot fingers

In my pussy so very, very nice

I look at my master, and I don’t fight

I just hold on way, way, way, way tight.

Hysteria of ecstasy fills my bones

While, my master does tone

I hone a climax just for him

From deep, deep, deep within.

In a fantasy, I scream oh Mrdex!

I must confess this feels so unreal

Master Jim looks at me, and says heal

Then, he spanks my little bum

Oh how bondage is so much fun!

Spell bonded in my master’s grasp

We both cum rather hard, and fast

He slips his hard cock from my pussy

Then, he beats my little touché

We both climaxed this very day

From the best ever bondage play.

Orgy Conquest

Fantasies all come true

When making love to you.

I wrap my legs so nice, and tight

So, your cock feels just right

Around your neck, and how we moan

This is the love that we do tone

When your cock is in my warm home

My pussy is not alone.

I purr to the affection you do crave

While, we are lying here getting laid

My nipples feel so hard, and hot

They just love your fingers a lot.

We moan then groan

To the love making we do hone

We both cum, from all the fun.

Sliver of Elixir

Panting to your every desire

Oh how you set our mood on fire!

Tying me, and blind folding my eyes

Letting go of all of my sighs.

Spanking my bum so masculine

I moan so feminine

Oh how our bodies does swim!

I can feel your thick hard cock

Making my body hot, and rock

Bouncing, thumping, groaning, and moaning

It is bondage we are showing.

Grasping my nipples with your teeth

Teasing my pussy, with your hands

This is our sexual plan

Moaning and groaning.

Ecstasies Conquest

I can feel you inserting your cock

In to my pussy it does rock

Baby how we do moan, and sigh

While, we are making love in this high.

Tantalizing my fingers on your hard rock

How my finger tips, do talk

I wrap my lips around the tip

With my tender opened lips.

You manipulate my nipples, with your teeth

Making tingles flow my skin

While, your cock is deep within

Moving up, down, and all around

We make all the sexual sounds.

You plant your cock into my ass

We move rather fast

Soon our climax will come to past.

You spank my bum, as we engage

Into this sexual stage

Cumming both together in ecstasy

We hath been fully released.

You untie my body, and let me go

What a sexual show

My bum is all red from your thirst

For, it was bondage we hath rehearsed.

Fire and Ice

Inflamed at your desire

Fire on fire

We collapse not

For we hath fought

Sweet gentle touches

So much we hath lushes at

Just to touch it.

Fire on ice

Just right, just right

Flight baby, flight

Just right, just right.

Inflamed in our desire

Fire baby fire

Fire and ice

Just right, just right.

Coals that not vanished with water

Baby we fly higher

Fire and ice

Just right.

Flamed in romances fame

So tame, so tame

Fire and ice

Just right, just right

Inflamed at your desire

Fire on fire.

Sexualities Boulevard

Climaxing full force

From the sensual stage we crave

We starve

Encountering the foreplay, we carve

Climaxing and we do not hesitate

Sensualities place.

Enveloping each other, as a fine gourmet meal

Twirling in


Never ending chains bearth our skin

Wrapped around this weeping willows path

Hard whispers of magic pourth our touch

With a sexual shield, that we yield

Yield away

We fade.

Cliff of Elegance

Erasing all the past

We collide like glass

Ripping each sensation to arouse our need

Oh how we sexually plead

Pleading a force, of sexual recourse.

The torch of fire builds our bones

We hone a fire never left out

We shout.

Embers roar our skin, while we win

Win this fantasy in our mind

We together in ecstasy chime.

Naked bodies do set a blaze

In our sexual craze.

Sex’s Boulevard

My pussy shivers, for your quiver

Every move we do deliver

Our bodies shiver to the sex

Orgasms of a wonderful mess

We blessing the explosion of our whole

To bondage stories as they unfold.

My pussy roars for your cure

Tantalizing and mesmerizing

Escaping into that fast rhythm of sex

What a wonderful mess.

My pussy wants your hard thick cock

To rock, rock, rock

While, I on tip of that pain

Sex hard sex insane.

Orgasms on the move

To the bondage groove.

All tied up, and no where to go

While, your cock goes into my hole

Deep thrusts of power

Sex does shower.

We cum so far into sex, and its roar

Exploding into a fantasy of white cream

We scream!

Volcano of Sex

How criminal the way you make me feel

It is sex that you do steal

Oh baby! How you heal

Heal that starvation of sexual revelation.

Each member of my skin does quiver

With each shiver you deliver

Moaning and groaning.

You make my body pant for more

I become your whore

Oh lover! How we do soar

While, cum does pure.

Each thrust given to my snatch

Makes me cum so fast

Both hoping this does not pass

It is hard erupting pumps that does cast

Casting a orgy made of to

Both me and both you.

Our minds are in a naked desire

To set each other on fire.

You get down, and lick my burning furnish

It throwing off a heat, and flame

I suck your cock until it is tame.

Starting an eruption of a volcano’s rage

We become sex’s page

Naked on this warm summer night

Beach sand flying here, and there

We hath neither meaning nor care

We are having power sex so rare.

You clasp my nipples in a rage

I become cum’s sexual page

We the book ready to unfold

Cum’s sexual loving toll.

Molding together on this warm summer night

All animals of the wood watching a true desire

We explode in a sexual fire.

Temptress of Dreams

Flickering tongue paddling my bum

Wiggling with mine, in a sexual rhyme

Flickering fingers into my pussy

Oh how I move my little touché!

Oh monsieur! Bonjour

Baby, lover, how you make me so wet

I will make your cock come yet

With my flickering tongue, shall it explode

Right into my wet dampened hole.

Our tempting making love does unfold

Mouth on my nipples exploring their roar

You look at me, and say baby you’re my whore.

You tie me to the bed of dampened sex

Both us soon will get our somewhat evil fix

Blind folded with out anywhere to go

You shove your thick hard cock into my hole

Your masculine hot rod pole.

Flickering fingers of twenty do play

While our sex orgasm does sway

Flickering orgasmic moments on vacation

To our sexual purring revelations.


Adoring and Pouring

Pulling each other to our knees

We meet eye to eye in our sighs

We feed on what is our need we plead!

Pulling we enter an unearthly desire

We set a fantastic fire

A unseen flame only we can tame.

We invade what we pave

While we hold onto what we crave

It is love that we do rear, we have no fear.

In, out, and power pumping

We can hear our hearts a thumping

Thirsting on this hard core boulevard fantasy

Just good just like it should roaring, pouring!

Dancing into our feed, we crave

Saved baby saved as we make an eclipse

Of each others lips, power hunting with fire

Higher baby higher, higher

Adoring, pouring.

Lick me head to toe, with delight

We shall power fuck all night

I shall manipulate your cock of desire

We shall set loves true fire.

Ravage my titties, with your mouth

Oh baby how I shall shout

We shall cum, with no doubt

Oh baby please don’t pout

I will make your thick hard cock talk

Oh baby how we shall rock.

I on top, and you on the bottom of me

Oh baby my body does plead

Up, down, and all around

In my pussy is where your cock can be found

Mmmmm___how it does pound

We explode from the pumping sound.

Manipulating our every desire

We become power fuckings power

It is cum we do shower.

Sensual Prologue

Exploding of charisma from our touch of sex

For, it is the best

Rubbing. Moaning, groaning.

Honing a song that we long

Moving, grooving

So, so, so soothing.

Panting, chanting

Exploding of charisma from our touch of sex

For, it is the best

We make a mess.

Loves Basket

Entwining, gliding, sliding

Thirsting rehearsing, diving

Yummy desires setting fires

In the skin flames do swim

Nasty wild and so carefree

Making love to you and me.

Dipping, slipping

Crazy wild and so hot

Setting making loves plot

Rubbing skin, deep within

Inviting exciting.

Times Trilogy

Swallow me up in victory

As I have thee

Making love so tenderly

As I have thee

Borrowing your hands into mine

Brings on romances chime.

My body so hot upon yours

Forever more

Pouring ecstasy from you to me

Such definition to our religion

We escape, as one into the abyss of emotions

Making love to every devotion.

We pour some more!

Tenderly erupting to our roars

We sore to each move we envelope

We sexually devote.

This Job of Love

There is no such thing as love on Earth

It fell apart at the first sign of birth

So many crave the atmosphere

In heavy laden pouring tears.

There is fear to behold

Where love stories unfold

There is wrath in the glory

Of all love stories.

There is no such thing as love here

So don’t cry and hold much fear

Be happy who you are and what you become

Cause inside there is an angel that does love.

Playhouse OF Ecstasy

You make me quiver

It comes from each of your shivers

You deliver.

When you make my body ache so bad

I live to make you so glad

Your baby girl twirls

Wiggles and giggles

To your every punishment given

This is where I love swimming.

Your hardness enters me so wild

So slow and so carefree

It enters me.

I shall give no betrayal nor fail

To your pleasures, wants, and needs

While you feed on my love dome

This is where your baby girl loves you to roam

All holes excited and mouth fulfilled

Enticing and so exciting.

Sky Scrapper’s Foreplay

Enticing desire cradles to your wants

Your needs to feed

Enticing so inviting.

How you image to amaze strong intentions that roar

Going into my inner core

So far are thee from me

You set a stage so becoming, and erect

Into a sexual death.

We invade fantasies cores cliff

We sip, dip, and slip

Slipping into intentions and needs

To feed.

Cyrus Hill

Take me into your demands

Take me with your hands

Erotic and exotic

Chamber my concepts and emotions

To your every demand and devotion.

A potion of ecstasy you trace

One that cannot be replaced

Quiver me into your shiver

The manly fire you deliver

Bind me into your emotions


Garden of Sunet High

Ravish me my master of romance

Tame me into your ever last

Bring me to climax with your joy

For this what my body and mind employs.

Tied by your very hands and soul

Come take me fully whole

Enchanting is your touch and charm

I know I am in only a bit of harm.

You clamp my nipples with your force

I stand here tied, with no remorse

Challenging my body and its power

It is bondage of loves true power

Concepts we cherish so raw and hard

Your masculine showers my tower.

Pulsating Escape

I wiggle as you punish me for being free

Fantasying thrills do roar

Through your door

Hardcore forever more.

Sensual streams of delight do rampage

As you set me in your cage

You the fire and I the flame

As you tame.

Eruptions explode, while you take me whole

Blindfolded and chained to your desire

Loves true fire

I wiggle and giggle.

Moan and take your all

Upon your wall

You planet your seed of life into me

Setting ecstasy free.

Panting at your knees so invasive and in need

While you feed

Thrilling erections do appear

I do not fear for you are near

My master of desire that sets ecstasies fire.

Flamboyant I give you my all

While you tie me to the wall

Taking me to the edge of ecstasy

This is where we be.

You tease my skin so painfully well

Until my every moan is yours

Ecstasy of magic does pour

You ask me if I would like some more

I look at you and say master for sure.

You are my cure, while tied to your grip

We open our mouths and we do kiss

While you are implanting your manly power

Ecstasy like nothing before does shower.

Cactus of the Roar

In the climax we explore

For that door

Fantasizing mesmerizing

Pain strikes so hot

To fill and feel ecstasies plot.

We play a lot and explore

Romances door

Hard core roaring and purring

Souring the inevitable climax

Until nothing is left.

All wet, and wild, and free

Just you and me

Pain substantial to this roar of evermore

We explode through lightening that strikes

Pure ecstasies delight.

Lightening of Erotica

Extracting your elixir all over me

While I am bound and do plead

Captured by your will and desire

Tamed by your strength and fire.

Clamping my nipples so erect

I do not fuss nor reject

Screaming ecstasies rampage

While set into your strong cage.

The stage has been set and over due

You look at me and I look at you to

Moans come from deep inside

Ones I cannot chance to hide

We explode both and then confide.

Both our bodies do glide

So erect and out of control

We then take each other whole.

Carnivores Delight

Drizzle me baby with your hot sweet desire

That liquid love of temptation and fire of sensations

Driving your ecstasy to me

That blooming foreplay

Day by day.

We slither into eruption, not to mention

Into an exotic climax that lasts

Far into the next day

We play.

Task Force of Love

Your punishment is extreme

I take it whole with my soul

Your power showers

To tame me to stand still

Until, you feed me so pleasurably

I give to thee.

My all I fall to you in grace

With your faith and power

Setting me on your tower

No pain, I feel

While you grasp in your mask

Taming my body to your need

While you feed.

Sensual at first you come to our passion

Into my own fashion

Taking me tight within your grip

With your manly leather whip

I slip and fall to you in knots

Where in your bondage cell I am caught.

I do not fight your wager and pain

My master of will and my gain

OH how you fanatically do tame!

My body, mind, and my brain

Insanity erupts, with your staff

The one that always seems to last

One that sets me in this trance.

Easing into your machines and attire

Setting me on ties and a high wire

Both into a sexual trance of desire

Into my masters one and only fire.

We never tire from the sexy use

From my masters wonderful abuse

Taming my body parts, into the flame

Where my master does tame

I sigh to his high.

A Helpful Desire

Our helpless endeavor fills a courosity

We enter an eclipse for our minds to see

So becoming and intelliculy inclined

We set sensual touches to romances rhyme.

A path we set, abroad this shore

Enlightment of pleasure does pour

We purr a delight, as we touch loves lips

We kiss amours fragrent of sensalities place

We taste.

A state, a vision, a captivation!

To our touches sensual revelations

Sensations conquer our every desire

While we set in loves touchful fire.

Hot red embers fly, in the water we set

Where we entered and we met

A tribulation came to life and true
When our touches met me, and you.

Raging fires burnt the river shore!

As our touches emerged and did pour

We sored a captivation of touches lustful sensations

A quake of lightening filled our mind!

While we made love, within a touchful rhyme.

In a glide, we ride

W fli am goiy as we sigh

Slightly embraced, and we taste

Lips collide, we ride.

A pyramid of explotions ignite

Our bodies feel just right

Enlightened by the explostion of our chime

A striving dance, and we collapse a rhyme.

September Night

You razmataz me into flight of ecstasy

As you hold my mind I see

Kisses so delisous

We seek what we feel

We steal!

Bodies shaken on the ground

We pound a delight into the night

Sensations right, as we explode a high

We fly!

Swimming a pool a light appears

We rear near our temptations

Escstasies sensations we delight

On this cool September night.

Tight we hold our bodies close in mind

We chime a hymn

We swim!

Kisses fly from our eyes

Shaken a tune in ecstasies room

We school each others flight

On this cool September night.

Razmatazing each others desire

Setting ecstasies fire

Higher, higher, higher.

Tower of Fire

Edidble poetry you are

My one shinging star, baby

Lets get down and shady

Dance to this poetry beat

Take away the heat.

The past enters nil, will our love fail?

In this cage of edible poetry, we sail

Sailing through poetry bolivas stream

We scream through me, and you.

Inside this horizontail plane

Playing, swaying!

Into this poetry cage

Making love we rage.

A stage comes to life, and to our pleasure

We measure this path, we fast

Into each others charm loves harm.

Dancing into this cage of edible poetic rage

Finger tips flow sensations, loves temptations

A page comes to life into this ecstasies desire

We make making loves fire.

The Thong Song

Come on baby bring your high, high, high

Into my theigh, come on baby lets fly, fly, fly

Come into my fly by high, high, higher

Fire, baby fire.

Lets get get started , come on baby

Onto my theigh

Come on baby lets get high, high, higher

Fire, baby fire.

Into this G thing, come on baby

Lets get down into this town

Into My theigh baby don’t sigh

Fire baby fire, high, high, higher.

Eletrucute my desire

Into you fire, high, high, higher

Lets sail this ocean shore

Pour baby pour some more.

Fire, baby fire

Come into my fly by high, high, higher

Into my theigh, come on baby lets fly, fly, fly

Come on baby bring your high, high, high.

Come into my thong song

Baby lets get rude with this crude

Play, tickle, and sin

Baby lets swim!

Come into my thong, thong

Where you right belong

Baby lets get shady, and on down

Where the thong song can be found.

Slapping the Rap

Rapping the tap on my bum

Dawayne goes insane to to the sound, as we pound

On the pencil of sensitivy to this crazy beat

We repeat k goes foreplays haha

Fluff, fluff, fluff we get rough.

Roughing it up rap, rap, rap

Tap, tap, tap

Somemore for sure

On the dance floor.

Swaying! Playing a crazy tune

Rapping, tapping, slapping

Insane to the sound, as we pound.

Slapping the rap titty tat tat

On the pencil of sensitivy to the beat

Clear paint flies, as we explode the wave

We pave into Bolivias wavy stream

We scream!

Rapping, tapping, of a fire volcanos might

We tantalize the wave, we pave

Ratty tat tat to our new found sexy rap

Fluff, fluff, fluff to the stuff.

Kisses of Ever More

When our lips kisses, my heart smiles for you

If you ever left me, my heart would become blue

Something enters me I have never felt or touched

It is that one word called immaculate love.

Each second we are not together makes me sad

Yet, when I see you I feel so glad

Your hard hugs means the world

You are my lover, and I am your girl.

Many thoughts run through my head, and soul

When you are not close, it takes its toll

I want to believe all the words you have spoken

Praying to God you were not joking.

You mean much more then foreplay or sex

You are better to me then all the past rest

I confess my heart is yours forever more

If you leave me, the tears will fall like a river shore.

Unknown Love

You lifted me to places unknown

It made me feel like I would never be a lone

Roaming our lips onto each others skin

You made my heart stop, and spin.

I wish that never had to end

Now my heart needs to mend

A lone again waiting for your smile

My mind is going through heavy trials.

Dear Jacob, you meant the world to me

Only if you could open your heart to see

That we were meant to be as one in love

We are the true love from above.

No flowers bloom, when you are not near

Only heart ache and cold tears

Bring back the love we shared once more

So these cold tears do not pour forever more forever more.

Jacob’s Delight

In the still of the night, you are there

To comfort what is so very rare

I stare, but a little as the moon twiddles

We play, as we sway.

We dance a delight on this cold winter night

A orange light appears through the stars

We dance so far into each other’s arms

Into loves magical fire alarm.

Making love, with mother natures song

We long into a rage, of romances page

A cage we are, as we enter a fire

Higher baby higher.

We do not tire, as we cling as one charm

Into this foreplay, we captivate a myth

We look into each other’s eyes, and we do kiss

Our eyes flow poems, and a mightful wish.

On this cool December delight

Our bodies feel magicaly right

No fright is near, as we enter a song

Of romantics bountiful fire alarm.

Romances Universe

Love is a ship, always sailing

Always devoted in its care

Love is so rare, and a feeling of pride

Love never leaves, and love never hides.

A ride for two, and a longing of romance

Love always comes, and never does pass

Two lips that meet, and two hearts that beat

Love never cries, and always repeats.

So mellow and glorfied in its explostion

Two hearts that hath been choosen

Four eyes that collide to become two

Love is a blosson of me, and of you.

A poem set into dance, and its whim

Love always soars, and always does swim

Two bodies that enter a myth so very true

Love is a planet of me, and of you.

Mountain of Amour

We are held apart like two birds meeting

Through mountains we dig to each other

You being my night, and shining lover

Waiting for our eyes to chase

What we desire to taste.

We fade into a deep sleep for, but a little

We twiddle away through this mountain wall

We fall

Chancellor come forth so we may play

Watch the enivitable sunset as it sways.

Then, our shovels pour forth

Our eyes meet, with no remorse

Our heavy course of digging our way

Has set to rest, as our eyes sway.

We frolick to play, but a little as we kiss

Our eyes hath seen amours true wish

Bountiful colors explode the sky

As we lay our selves down into loves sigh

We fly.

Sparrows Cage

Showers are falling, on the mist of the trees

We walk hand in hand, upon natures ground

Listening to the trees sing a tree sound

In the still of the night, in flight.

Raving as our foot steps linger on

Listing to the bird song

Our hearts long a play, we stage

Loves amours cage.

In this path of wrath, we walk away

From everything elses play

In each step, we rest our hearts

To this spring snowy new start.

A startle appears, of no fear

Engaged in natures flight

This night, we make love

Under the sun gone

Into the bird song.

Woods of Romance

Time tells a tale of love so true

How you love me, and I love you

Gliding along this wooded forest ground

Romance can, and shall always be found.

Peddles of wild violets fill your eyes

Whilst we sit cuddled on this tree

It is only romance we can see

Love will come, and set us free.

Over there hums two doves

Singing a song of how they love

We gather our thoughts, as one in glory

To gather all of amours true stories.

Within your smile, I see an enchanting thing

We set here, and our hearts do sing

We shall always be together forever more

While true romance does dance, and soar.

Bad Boy Toy

I meet the bad boys that use me as a toy

Them bad boys that never give up

I meet the ones with no love.

We dance to the invisible sensual song

All along, all along, all along

We kiss, primenice, and fade

In the table dance we parade.


Sweet emoitions, bad boys

Bad toys raving, playing, craving

Taking us to plant zone we long

In bad boys sex song.

I meet them bad boys

Use them like little bad boy toys

Our eyes meet, down sexy street.

We fade into the sex song

My baby boy, and me

So sweet like candy.


Sweet emoitions, bad boys

Bad toys raving, playing, craving

Taking us to plant zone we long

In bad boys sex song.

Eclipse of a Kiss

Our bodies collide, on this river shore

We pour some more, as the mood does rise

We fly baby fly high the happy sigh.

In this moon, we see, is where we be

Colliding like animals in the woods

Like we should, and we fly

Fly baby fly so high.

Into this water, we make our stay

We play baby play, sway baby sway

Into never-lands sexual revolution we collide

We ride baby we ride.

Escaping into our zone, all alone

Flying our sigh in a parable of emotions

Baby devotions, within we collide

Ride baby ride, confide.

Swimming into our arms

Loves alarm sings as our eyes meet

Down river water street, my baby sweet.

We fly high, collide baby ride

Sigh down sensual wooded land

Roaming a zone as we touch

Fuss baby fuss we ride high

Sigh baby sigh, fly baby fly.

We collide on the moon

Swoon loves tune

In this river shore room.

To making loves revolutionary tune

We rhyme the sign my baby sweet

Down river shores forever more street

Then we repeat so sweet

Tease baby please.

Rampent feeling soar the inner mind

When shall a un-faulty clever come near?

When shall romance appear?

When shall the un-alughter soar?

Lovei s fire, and it shall always roar

When shall the tears come to nil?

When shall love stop, and not fail?

Lost in an Adoriable Wish

If I ask you to be there, are you?

Do you see love so true?

Does the dew leave our romance?

Do storms come to pass?

When the flower blooms, in my eyes

Do you see the sigh that it cries?

Do you leave your past in the ever last?

Will our love ever leave in to the past?

Do the stars shine, when we kiss?

Am I your adoriable wish?

Are my eyes only for you?

Only if you love me true.

The Weeping Willow Song

The weeping willows sighed

The flowers cried, and died

Yet a little, with out loves eyes

Love suppose to fly, love does not sigh.

Birds fly no more, with out love

Gardens weep and die

The sky asks why

Love dies, why does love die?

Why? Asks the strong old oak tree

To the weeping willow it now cannot see

For it died, when love cried.

All love books words evaporated

The moon, and its sun could not relate

When love was too late, from criminal states

Loves heart cannot now beat

When not walking down Love Street.

=Edible Love

Walking an eclipse on our lips

Down serenity high, where kisses fly

Loves amours passionate shore

Edible love gourds on our kisses so delicious.

Mesmerizing sighs, love flies

Butterflies in the wind

Where kisses swim our quims

Sighs so deliciously fain

Loves kisses of pain.

We rein in a quiver so high

Edible love twain’s loves pain

We gain so insane we have fun

Under edible loves sun.

Walking down loves town

Our sounds so deliciously craving

It is edible love we are pounding

Edible loves crave is what we pave.

Amours Cage

From a far you are, I grasp a want that lasts

Our eyes shall meet down Romantics Street

A treat it shall be under golden sunset’s dawn

While we sing amours loves true loves song.

Although now our hearts feel a chime of heavy weight

It now sits on our amours love plate

Although you are gone, I still see your eyes in mine

When I look in the mirror, our love still chimes.

A plentiful rhythm, and hymn does appear

That you will soon come somewhere near

Four eyes shall meet down romances Edible Street

So sweet, so sweet, so so sweet

An edible love so galore

Shall roar, shall roar, shall roar!

Spring Flower Mist

In the spring morning flower, I see your face

In apricot stories loves glories

Mesmerized in flower eyes

Invading our soul with scent, and poems

Nature’s home takes style

All the while, all the while.

We smile as we leave apple blossoms play

In no denial, we sway what we spray

Flowers in the mist, we kiss.

We kiss, flowers in the mist

So sweet, down amours scentful spray

We play, we sway, we play

A flower song, all along.

In the springs morning mist

Swaying, playing!

Our arms meet, while we sway

To loves sprayful play.

In the spring of the morn

Apricot kisses, so delicious

So delicious, apricot kisses.

Pyramid High

Something brought us together, my dear

Something to take away all of the fear

We will glide this river tonight

Under the old ancient moon so bright.

How the stars tease the sky

While, they dance by

One falls by my side, and glows

It is you my love so whole.

How you look into my eyes

Taking me by the hand

We sweep off into never land.

Yellow Sunset of Spain

To wonder along that golden beach sand

Hand in hand

To stop to the far off echo in the sky

Where Spain of yellow does fly.

Would romance be so becoming

With thou my king

I would give thee an angel smile

A song to sing

Wings so we may fly

With that apricot Spanish sky.

We chant go into that

Mythical dilatational mind

To bring such grand splendor

For you are my apricot amour.

Lilac City

Faint buttercups of the season

Giving us all the reason

To smile, to dance, to glance

That yellow buttercup in your eye

Setting on this apricot beach sand

Hand in hand.

How the lilacs swell in your shadow

How the lilies say hello

Romance so gentle and mellow.

Whistle Man

Play me a song, sweet butterfly of mine

Sing me into a lullaby, so close to my heart

Shall our love never fall apart.

We walk this deep blue river shore

We shall forever more

Play me a whistle, dear butterfly man

While we walk hand in each other’s hand.

Allow us to set under

This old weeping willow tree

Just you and just me

So in love and so free.

Apricot Kisses

Every beam of light of the day

Is filled in my mind

Of apricot skies, and you, and I

On this morning clover pasture were I be

In my mind so very far you are all I see.

Closing eyes to our first kiss

Wishes, dreams, and smiling lips

We sigh in this pasture, to hold each other close

Two hearts pounding as they toast

In this morn dream of my heart

We shall never fall apart.

Each newborn flower that spreads forth

On this morn of sunrise apricot light

Fills my mind, with your gentle high

A warm breeze fills my soul into this toll.

A tap to my shoulder, and I turn my head

You are there everywhere, and sit by my side

We ride into a Bolivia stream

As our lips meet in an apricot sunset dream.

Eclipse of Evermore

Pour forth my dearly love so wanted now

Some how, some how, some how I need

To receive a love so plain, and right

Please come forth this very night.

An echo in my head, I hear

A tear that my eyes hath not seen

Nor touched from my hand

Was it Gods forgotten plan?

My need my love, and love so true

Is that never again shall you be blue

To my mind our amour is so right

Come my love, please come tonight.

So right is this thought in mind

It is time, it is time

To sing a rhyme from my eyes

So you again shall never sigh.

In the Spirit of the Mist

In the spirit of the ever life, I see

You and I that only fly

Beyond revelations, we shall desire

In the mist, in the mist, in loves open fire.

No unknown fantasy is here nor there

Only our own when we shall share, and stare

Upon a love fairest amour so enchantingly fixed

In the dew of the morn in loves truthful wish.

We shall play within the lilies white path

Upon a forever aqua blue lake where lions lay

Where only our eternal love shall play

Forever more, forever more

Upon loves, Heavens true lightful shore.

Stop the Fire

Amour so devouring, so sweet to meet

From the heart sprays love so elegantly amazed

A page of delight so right, so right

Four wings in flight on a clear day

Love plays eternal s song per-say

In Heaven, love does not go wrong

A white swan song.

Paradise a rises a midst through one kiss

Amazing the hugs of play does spray

Here or there, love is everywhere

There or here, should be love divine

Love is a poem, and a rhyme.

Oh power! That rages high above

Bring back that precious word called love

For this earth is in reverse of its name

Take away the pity, and shame!

Loves precious desire, stop the fire!

Loves Story Book

My frantic heart beats, and pounds when you’re not near

A tear falls, and then I think of your amour

No more tears pour because in mind you are here

To take away all loves fear.

I feel your cheer so sincere so rare

So fair is your breath so far from I

Yet my frantic heart sighs a relief so sweet

For we shall one day walk down loves true steet.

Mesmerizing is the miles we must clear

To take aways love wrath, and fear

No more tears shall play on our skin for we win

In loves apricot path where we shall swim.

Loves Alley Way

Sighing for your bright words of romance

Waiting for your energetic glance

Bowing down to your every emoition

Loves devotions lingers near

Come my love to take away the fear.

A substance of energy pours our amour

Oh how our hearts do shed, and pour!

A romance so divine we shall hold

Like chocolate, and like gold.

We are the matter that brings true light

The two that sheds a true love flight

It just feels right, and shall come to be

For you, and for me.

Take me for I am yours

Forever more, forever more

Romance adores our every desire

Come my love lets set loves true fire.

Hidden Sunset

In the eclipse of the night, I feel the real

Until my heart smithers away into the day

I feel thy kiss, with a wish.

Until the fill of my heart is divine

Sets a rhyme in hidden time I still wait my place

No far nor near can take our far away play

When we meet on a soon to be Hidden sunset day.

Our minds still play the suns true rhyme

Knowing it will soon be time

Our minds wait in a chansleors dream

Times gift it shall bring

Our hearts, as two shall ring.

A chime, a hidden rhyme

Shall come forth to show

How true love really grows.

Dance of Ecstacy

A creation thou art so sweet, and a treat

Caring me down romances isle

All the while, all the while, all the while

You do it in a bountiful style.

A trial of loves true pleasant scent does appear

When our lips are near to full heights

Our bodies feeling so magicaly right

Take me, dear, tonight tonight.

Into the light of ambrosias high

We fly, we fly, we fly, we fly

A dance comes from our eyes

We sigh, we sigh, we plesently sigh.

A flower appears so near so near

We can only see true escstasy

As that flower smiles, while we take

What hate cannot replace

Come forth into my arms of lovings path

So we can make love at last, at last.

High Ride

Flying in a tide of ecstacy

Playing, swaying, craving, diving

Flying baby into our arms

Sets ecstasies magical alarm.

Eyes meet down making loves street

Touches repeat, touches repeat

Down making loves sweet street.

Swaying, playing crazy, and hazy

We bounce into me, and you

Ewlala comes to mind

Feeling fine, feeling dazed

Into making loves craze.

We fade, but a time

Into loves rhyme

Touching, loving into

Me, and baby me, and you

Flying, sighing.

Crystal Eyes

Inside as we glare, so fare

Into our eyes of crystal clear

A love we see of Saturns ring

Our crystal eyes makes our hearts sing.

A song so glourious of mars fire red

Urunus clear comes so near

As our arms meet, down loves playful street

So sweet as we become the universal high

While Venus comes forth from our sighs.

A song so craving to the moons smile

All the while, all the while Pluto explodes

From our hearts together now as one

We make love, we make love.

Two white doves comes to fain

From our romance we do tame

Four crystal eyes become as none

We hath become the flaming sun.

Open Field

We plummet our love, our love so true

From me to you, to you to me

For this is how it always shall be.

Making love in open fields that yield

Only my, and your special open field appeal

So real are the unicorns in the sky

While we make love, as we do fly.

We do not need to try to give

For now we are not dead, but we do live

Fly baby fly the ever glade of heat

From our making love, we shall never see defeat.

Once more we repeat, as the sun goes down

You know just where we can be found

Making love in open fields that yield

Only my, and your special open field appeal.

Ecstacies Cage

Oh love! That bestows the sun so bright

A light of amour thrills the galore

We roar into the sunsets breath

Amours true miracoule kiss of bliss.

Holding our warm naked bodies we flow

Into loves romanctic floor

Again we roar as our lips meet

Down amours enchanting sweet street.

We become skin of amber delight

On this summer warm sun filled night

In flight we make love on this shore we roar

Forever more, forever more.

Copper Love

I saw a bird today today, I saw a bird today

It looked at me, and did say it looked at me, and did say

Oh dear I have found your love, a love I have found for you

Come my love, come with me, I found a love so true.

It put me on its wings, and flew

It flew so high so high it did fly

It sung a song of love so true

A song so dear, and clear.

It landed by a castle of grace

A perfect place so sweet, and fine

A man came out, and sung a rhyme

A rhyme so dear, and so clear.

He took me by the heart, and soul

So close, he held me in his mind

He looked at me in rhyme, and said I love you

For evermore and forever true.

A cloud came down from the sky

We sat upon it, and we went away

To a magical land were to this day we do play

A love so true that bird gave us that day

Oh magical emberald sky of glory!

We hath met loves true stories

We eat the amber copper sunset’s hue

For we hath found a love so true.

Paths of Posies

Weeping willows blowing through our hair

While, we set here with no cares

Flowing breeze so soft, and kind

You are my little valentine rhyme

Kiss my baby flower so true

The way that I love you!

We shall bow here, until it is time

My sweet delicate loveable dear rhyme

We hath nothing here to fear

Weeping willow holds us close

It is love that it loves most.

Petals offered as comfort

So pretty, and sweet, so kind

For our love is so divine.

Weeping willow peddles bow, as we show

Romance where butterflies glow

Fire flies oracles stream

While, true love is at hand in gleam

Come my pretty o so divine

My precious rhyme, and Valentine.

Times Keepsake

How far shall we travel to be as one?

Shall the mountains quake to our breath?

Will trees quiver at our foot prints passing?

Shall the flowers of lilies start laughing?

How far shall we travel to be as one love?

To the Heaven above?

Shall the rivers, oceans, and sea shatter?

Shall the skies, and Universe reverse?

Will time evaporate our arrival?

Of a touch, with loves survival.

How far shall we go for romances show?

Until the wind never does blow?

Take me as I am for I am yours

Forever more.

Daydream’s Party

Taste me my butterfly

Let’s go to the apricot sky

Come feel my pure satin skin

Come deep within.

Let’s go out tonight

Do it with no fright

I shall wear sexy clothes, for you

You can to.

Taste me my butterfly

Let’s go to the apricot sky

Let’s take romance to a high

Come my butterfly.

Autumn Smile

A whistle ,my dear, I give to thee

A hum just from me

A whistle so grand only for you

My love is so true.

A curtsey I give to thee, my dear

From my soul, where it does rear

A whistle from my angel to you

To take away all the blues.

I give to thee an Autumn smile

To take away all the bad trials

A hum, and I shall hold your hand

To take us into never land.

Spirit of Nativity

Whisking along Enchanting Delight road

Listening to the birds, and nature unfold

Holding hands, and kissing so merrily

How our love shall never fall nor plead.

Spirit of Nativity takes us to a place all our own

Into loves true magical home

Oh how our hearts do roam, and stroll

Making to passionate romance whole.

Place me not into hates fallen hand

It is true love forecasted in our plan

Magically we dip into the waterfall of life

Everything just seems so right.

Baptized within each other’s eyes

We fly further then the old ancient dove

We fall deeper in true love.

Spices of Orion

Spices of many linger my skin

Taking nature fully in

Releasing a poem song that cannot go wrong

Sending a spice for the rest of my life.

Oh how the blossoms do peak

When my true love does speak

It only knows when true love is near

Then, those sweet spices start to rear

I know spring time comes more than once a year.

Spices of never before seen in my breath

While, I live to pass this most hated test

My scent has not been smelled too much in my life

I hath only seen true love only twice.

It always comes back, and I know it is near

I scent my way through, with in many tears

To my true love so love so true

The one seems to make me blue

Scenting my way into loves play.

Temple of Amour

Inside the empathy be-trowed

Lays a willow so mellow

So far away inside the bloom

In Heaven’s room, lays a play

A swan long song that shall never go away.

A chancellor’s dance that shall last forever more

Shall pour the lilies way

When in our love play again we shall meet

Down Heavens street of green it shall be

So sweet, so sweet, so amour

Forever more, forever more.

For ever shores awaits this faith

That man cannot replace this fate

So mighty a path our love shall be

When we meet down Heavens street

So sweet the smiles shall forever be

For me, and you, and you and me.

For you and me, for me, and you

For true love amours you, and I

It shall fly, shall fly by and by

Not asking why as we clear the gentle sky

Not asking why, not asking why

For we shall never again cry.

Down gentles way, in Heavens play

A sigh shall never again bloom

In Heavens room, in Heavens galore

Where only true amours love roars

On Heavens shore, on Heavens door.

Amber Moon

Enticing and so mythical enchanting

Here we are by the stars standing

Glancing at the clouds in play

This for ever where we shall play.

Arms embraced in need of affection

We give each other all of our attention

Mouths embraced as one they kiss

This is loves embrassing wish.

Making love as we frolick Neptune

We shall we the moon soon

Planted together so magically correct

In the stars is where we met.

We xplode as the galazy dances a toon

We are forever in our enchanting room

Bloom my love bloom to the tune

For we shall forever make love soon.

Embrassed in a state of nostelical delight

On this romantic amber moon filled night

We set flight on a song of the sky

Fly baby fly fly we shall so high.

Oracles Console

In the flames we collide, inside a myth

We kiss so frequent, and non-stop

For this is what we love a lot.

Playing on flowers, as they play

We play in control of our rampage

In the flower song, in nature’s cage

In nature’s cage, in the flower song

A scent and dance that will never go wrong.

Tantalizing is the scent we breathe

Oh how our bodies feed, what we need!

What we need, oh how our bodies feed!

Tantalizing is the scent we breathe.

Lightening forces enter our skin so right

We bounce into a character flight in day light

We become one making love in our sway

We play.

Sensuals High Rise

We touch with our minds

For in time we shall ponder out ideas

They shall come forth

As they do now from far away

Our minds do stray.

We shall play a feeling as our eyes collide

To embrace our collision with our soul

Our fingers shall roar, as they pour!

Massaging our way in real, as we feel

A dance of a motion of devotion

While we make love under the pale black sky

Embraced as the moon sings us a tune

In loves starry foreplay room

We shall groom a sexual myth, as we kiss.

Then cuddle our way into the stars

We roar a chant as we pant our way

Into a sensual play

A play and we the characters of this eve

We are and we receive.

Little White Lies

Through the worst time, you come to me

To lift me high, with your eyes

They hold power like the mountains, and roar!

Oh how our love does pour so pure!

Your lips that of a flower so smooth, and free

For you to be, for me to see

We are the Heaven, all that was told

So bold my love, so bold we hold.

A scent so magicical, so powerful, and strong

A love that shall never go wrong

Making love we shower a power so wide

Only the flowers in our lips do confide.

Then you leave for so long, and then come back

We make love in a trance of faith

A love that shall never be replaced.

No little white lies enters near

For our making love holds no fear

Powerful earthquakes do collide

As our bodies volcanicly confide.

Amours Engagement

We sought for the courage for love to be

We opened our arms for our soul to see

Embraced in making loves clever craft

We dear love we hold loves staff.

Pondering in the aqua blue sky

Oh how our bodies do fly!

We sigh, but a little within this grace

A love that can never be replaced.

Out comes the stars so roaring so fast

Telling us our love is filled with romance

As we lay in a path within the sunset’s hue

You look at me, and say I love you.

Morning comes, and we do it all over again

For this is the message our bodies send

Nothing is pretend in this sunrise of hope

Our minds, bodies, and heart does elope.

Wild animals come to this marriage of trance

Down these woods, and down this path

Making love has never been so good

Down these bright shiny woods.

January Thaw

Your smile is like an electric guitar

Opening wide, and taking me far

Your mind is like a song in the wind

Some where baby I want to swim.

Your heart is like a drum in a band

Swag baby swagging in delight

Oh baby you make feel so right!

Your walk is like a dance on a cloud

Singing songs so crazy loud

Your kiss is like a flowers scent

When my lips touches them, and they first met.

Baby you are taking me on a flight

Oh baby it feels so right!

On a cloud on this bright lit night

Making love on this beach shore

Oh baby how our bodies do roar.

Our hearts is like a drum in a band

Oh baby we feel so grand!

Swag baby swagging in delight

On this clear lit bright January night.

Bliss of Orion

In the sunset haze is where I lay

Eyes full closed, and laying on the beach sand

So grand is the scent the ocean gives

Love in a circle does live.

This circle I lay, I play

Play an invisible dance, and song

May love never go wrong nor die

I see it in the oceans fly by,

Eyes now wide open to the colors of charm

Sun rays that will never harm

They will always return to my eyes of might

In sunsetys heavy living flight.

A love so strong, I wait the sunrise

Until you can see Venus in my eyes

A knock on a shoulder, I turn in flight

On this sunrise now gone sunset night.

Colors of red, yellow, and dew

Fills out kiss while my lips touch you

Lay my love, lay with me!

In this abstract sunrise colored beack

So sweet, so sweet are thou loving embrace

Oh to just kiss your face!

We make love and then fall in arms

Where true love cannot be harmed

I open my eyes it was, but a dream of amour

I love you sunset, and sunrise forever more.

Romance of the Planets

Harmony strikes as we touch

So soft are the moments of tranquility

To be as one so sweet a treat

Hate can not enter nor defeat.

We repeat, as our lips mingle a dance

A trance so joyful in a parade, we fade

We shade a path at last so fast

Casting a magic so tragic we become!

We lay down, touch, caress, and play loves game

No shame, but we tame.

Panthers sore our finger tips!

Our kisses down our bodies they flow

To show a planet of touching embrace

Making loves true sensual faith.

We taste a scent, and smell an explosion of fire

As we make love, higher and higher

Come forth true love for us to see!

Through our finger tips it shall be.

Sunset Villa

I am daring, I am caring, and bearing

For your love so frantic, in panic

I am me, can’t you see, can’t you see?

You are ravaging more then fantic

Fantastic you are me

We are meant we are meant to be!

Can’t you see? Can’t you see?

Flowers bloom, when we kiss

When we touch each others lips.

I am me, I am skin, I will win!

For you are mine, it is time

Hear the bounty, hear the chimes?

Take me now, some how

Take me far, hear my roar

Magic please dear soar?

We are one, we shall touch

We shall drink the cup of love

We are magic, fatal tragic.

We shall fly, into the sky

We shall bloom like afternoon

We are sunset, and the sunrise

Hear my sigh, hear my cry!

Now as one, we hath become

We are the mist of the morning sun

No more worries, no more pain

No more games, no more shame.

Basil Delight

Slumbering in this blue morn day

I shade, but a little in natures fiddle

I widdle so bright in the sun light

Shed my angel wings, and fly

I am a fine herb am I, am I.

Sweet dill before me growing

Sowing a herb, a scent to me

To me basil, basil you see

We make love in the sun of love so true

Both Basil, ans you.

Oh Thyme precious Thyme

Thou growth small

Yet in one year shall be so tall

We favor out kisses so delicious

Me Basil, and you my love so true.

We spread our wings, and sing

A true delight in scent

In this pot where we met.

Monsters Stream

Oh Passion that fills my inner whole!

The toll of our bodies as they connect

Our lips hath met

Not many times, but a life full of embrace

Come, my lover, we cannot be replaced.

Let’s lay by the water the river so dear

It is clear our whole needs to make love

We shall fly like two doves in ecstasy

For our minds both a lone do believe.

We shall receive a magic so tragically correct

Lips so soft, and so wet

Gliding high on Monsters Stream

Come my love lets live the dream.

Esctasies Path of Orion

Your touch is like kindling to my desire

My body becomes your match of fire

Higher into your plan, and frame of mind

Our bodies connected become a sensual rhyme.

Soaring into this phase we hath paved

Oh how our bodies do rave!

We save, but a little for tomorrows play

Eating each others desire we pave today.

Enter me with body tone

Lick my soul into your throne

Take me home dear man of my desire

Set an exotic ember fire.

Higher baby high into this swoon

We shall frolic into the noon

It won’t be soon before we explode our stream

Oh baby how we shall scream!

Tolerance has nothing, as we dance this path

Oh baby how you do grasp!

On this beach shore, where we roar

Oh baby how we do sore!

Into the core of our bodies in delight

It feels so magical, and excitingly right

Tight baby tight as we tantalize our body’s gift

From our waking wanting red lips.

Lilac Parade

As sweet as a lilac parade

Our lips meet down the scent of it all we fall

We fall to the equation of romances path

We fast, but a little as we embrace

On this sand we interlude our faith.

We taste, but a little then explode in the game

Our sensual pain is nothing compared

To this lilac parade we do share

We fade into making loves true game

In ecstasies monologue sensual pain.

Stars fall upon our making loves betroth

Venus comes near to cheer

Saturn dances at our exploding erotic kisses

So, so, so delicious!

Sweet as the scent from a lilac dream

We scream!

Fables in the Sea

You take me as your forever taste

Into our romantic sensual place

We fly naked and carefree

Into the open sunset blue sea.

Paths of Orion captures our mesmerization

Of our true making love sensations

While we pillow our bodies in place

A song we become so strong

We long.

We shall never go wrong, as the moon hits the sky

Oh how our bodies dance, and does fly!

Making love in this magical blue sea

We look at each other, and our eyes does tease.

No power nor war can replace our ignition

We are making love in its true religion

Stars fall from the sky carefree, into the night

As we make love in passionate flight.

Summer Flight

Magic beams of exotic sensual delight

Fills this warm summer night

Lights of the moon n shine in your eyes

We sigh.

Touching each other in foreplay

Oh how our bodies do sway!

We play a dance so magic and free

Bring life to our mind to see.

Mesmerizing is our enchantment of our mind

Jupitar comes close to watch our chimes

Saturn takes hold of Venus’s charm

While the universe watches in alarm.

Arm in arm we enter the water naked, and free

For all of the ocean to open up, and see

Making love has become a magical treat

On this evening so sunset, and sweet.

We sigh

Lights of the moon shine in your eyes

Flling this warm summer night

Magic beams of exotic sensual light

As we make love in summer flight.

Tantalizing Escape

Raging yonger so sunset amber gold

Is wherem y heart, and soul does unfold

Walking along so naked and free

To that amber sunset sea.

Hoping erotic romance awaits me

So we may frolic a sotry to be told

So we may hold a sexual trance in delight

On this warm amber sunset night.

In flight goes my body down this path

To meet my true love at last

A touch on my shoulder, and I turn to see

A man made just for me.

We walk both naked to the shore

Oh how our eyes do pour!

Sweet emotions come forth in our hands

We become making loves true plan.

Amber Sun Tan

Planted in your far away sighs

Laying peacefully aroused, eyes closed

I can feel your soul, your mold

Sensual stories unfold and scold.

Roaring, pouring

Soaring this eyes closed dream

We scream!

A power, we shower.

Exproing, and touring on a mountain of green

We touch with eyes, and then sighs

Rolling in flowers, we shower.

We evaporate in apricot sunsets and dine

Dining on our lips as we kiss

Licking sensations from our soul

We take each other whole.

My eyes are closed, but now opened wide

You are by my side

We make love into this amber sun rise delight

We the poer that we shower.

We scream our dream in summer flight

Making a true ecstasy wish


Willow Song

Willows tickle our face, as we make loves song

Embrassing on our lips, as we kiss

We need not wish for we are passions speech

This is what our bodies do teach.

In these woods we need not long

Over to the ocean we stroll

Where making love shall unfold

Opening up all amores loves stories told.

We mingle with our eyes, as we sigh

Fables come alive in true romances way

We play

The willow song becomes the swan song.

Neptunes Delight

We slip into this passion that we fashion

Eating our way with our lips, as we kiss

Temptations in this myth is grand

This has been our full out most plan.

Slivering on this beach sand

We cling, as we sing!

Taking each others minds into a vexation

Into each others erotic temptations.

We are a power so strong even Venus can not relate

Saturn comes to our sensual plate

We moan as we hoan a pleasure so true

Just me and just you.

Oh how the pleasures do roar!

From our finger tips, as they soar

We pour kisses so delicious

Playing a sexual game, as we tame.

Our bodies become one, through this interlude

Nothing can get us apart

We hath become Neptunes light

We roar in sexual abstract flight.

Amber Sunset Delight

Waiting beside Neverland

For my man to come hold my hand

He shall appear for I feel him near

To wipe away these lonely tears.

So sincere is the sunshine floating down

As I listen to all of natures abstract sounds

They can be heard upon this river shore

Oh how I hear my lovers voice roar!

Soar dear romance soar to the edge

Of lifes ledge to bring him here

Oh how exotic ecstacy shall float!

On all of natures romantics love notes.

I turn around, and he is walking to me

With eyes of the sunset floating on the sea

He kisses my lips so erotic, and strong

This is the day I hath longed.

We wade in a sexual amber sunset delight

On this river shore path in flight

Swimming, touching, embracing making love so whole

As our bodies do unfold.

In the Wave of it All

Smothering in our arms so true

Oh baby how I love you!

Entrancied in this autumn delight

Oh how our bodies feel so right!

Clinging, stinging!

Moaning on this sunset night

Our bodies are in mtd flight

Stars fall to see our embrace

We shall never lose this faith.

Beams of the moon starTs to pour, on the river shore

As our bodies cling, and roar

Soaring into each others ecstacy

For all of nature to see.

We touch lips, and our hands explore

Making love on this moon swept shore

We are nature’s pure delight

Everything feels so right.

Moaning groaning as we make sexual flight

On this sunset Autum night

As one we become naked, and free

As our bodies does tease.

Apple Delight

Pleasure me my auburn sunset crave

Take me as I am

For our making love is saved

We rave this apple orchard in delight

Taking each other in mid autumn flight.

So right is the touches we give

Making our body come alive, and live

Marveling in this orchard delight

On this amber sunset flight.

Nature clapping as we pave this sight

Hands roaming each others minds

It is time my love, it is time!

To make love in pure rhythm, and rhyme.

All comes to a stand still as our lips embrace

As we take flight what we taste

Bodies glistening in a trance

On this apple orchard path.

Apricot Haze

A poem floats from your eyes so filled with words

A lyric can be heard, as the sun hits the river shore

Oh how the magic of mundane sexual play sways!

We explore, as we roar!

Whimsically enchanting sunsets soar

As our bodies invade, what we pave

An eclipse sets forth upon our naked mind

Our bodies become one sensual rhyme.

Words float from our finger tips

Sunsets explode from our lips

A rush sets in, as we make love on this shore

We are all sexual dreams, as our body’s envelope

The sun and moon elopes together

Under this October cool weather.

Up, down, and all around

We come to a climax, of ecstasies cage

We the poem of every lyrical page.

Christmas Desire

What is under this Christmas tree?

For both of my aqua blue eyes to see

What are these candles shining bright?

On this wonderful Christmas night.

Oh how the music is adoring my soul!

While we kiss each other so whole

Mingling our bodies in rhyme to the song

You are the magic I do long.

What is this feeling I get from your finger tips?

As your mouth touch my lips

Naked on this floor by this Christmas tree

Opening presents from you, and me.

You are my present I open so wide

As we let out a huge sigh

Untying these bows with rhyme, and soul

This Christmas has taken us both fully whole.

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