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Waited So Long For This

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Mary got everything she wanted but it all happens at once and it could ruin her life. Prom night changed everything and now she and Ryan must grow up and find a way to balance everything together.

Romance / Drama
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Good Morning

When I woke up I was in a huge bed. At first I was just looking around when I realized I wasn’t wearing anything. I slowly turned over and felt the arm wrapped around me for the first time. I almost screamed when visions of what happened last night came back to me. I got up and put my underwear on and grabbed his shirt. I noticed the doors to the balcony and walked out. I was staring at the stars trying to figure out what to do now. The wind was very calming and wrapped me in a comforting hug as a tear slid down my cheek.

I woke up and images of last night filled my head. I rolled over but only saw an empty bed. I looked over to open balcony doors and saw her soft blonde hair blowing in the wind. I slipped out of bed and grabbed my boxers off the floor putting them on as I headed towards the doors. I walked outside and stood just behind her. I didn’t want to startle her so I just stood there waiting for her to notice me.

I heard him come out on the balcony. He came up behind me but still enough away from me. I turned slightly and showed him I knew he was there. He came the rest of the way and wrapped his strong arms around me. The tears fell then. I couldn’t help it, he just held me while I cried. Then I just kept repeating “What have I done?” Then I was looking into sparkling green eyes but they were full of what appeared to be hurt. Which made me cry even more. He wiped the tears away with his thumbs as he cradled my face. Then he looked straight into my eyes and kissed me. It was tender and yet firm.

I had never felt more amazing than after the night spent with her. It was all a blur as to how we got here but all that mattered was her now in my arms. I held her close as she cried until I heard her say the one thing that broke me. I turned her and held her face as more tears spilled over. As I wiped them away I pulled her face close and kissed her. I thought she would pull away but she didn’t she leaned in and kissed me back. As I pulled back and she opened her eyes I stroked her cheek. I said the only thing I could think of. “Don’t say it like that.” “I have no other way to say it.”

I couldn’t believe him. I had tried so hard to save myself and then he walked back into my life. Why did he have this affect on me? Why was I not mad that it happened? I was just shocked. We said we would but I never really expected us to. It was just a joke that was never suppose to become a reality. Here we were...There was no turning back to fix this. I decided to finish it before he could. So I told him, “Now that it’s over...you can leave.”

She turned around and walked over to the railing. I heard her sobs again. She thought I was going to leave her. She was not just a one night stand. She was different and always was. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her again but this time I kissed her cheek and as I pulled away I felt her head turn a little so she could see me. I smiled and whispered “I’m not going to leave you. I am not going anywhere unless you come with me. We will figure this out together. I am staying with you through whatever happens after this. Right now it’s three in the morning so lets go back to bed and talk in the morning.” I saw the hesitation on her face. I grabbed her hand and led her back to the bed. “You promise you will be here in the morning?” She asked me as she climbed back into bed. She pulled my shirt off and dropped it beside the bed. I grabbed her and pulled her over to me so she was laying on top of me. She sighed and I felt her relax as I intertwined our fingers and ran my free hand through her hair. She did the same to my hair until I saw her eyes droop. As I was looking at her she looked so peaceful. The words just slipped from my mouth. “I love you.”

It was so soft I almost didn’t catch it. I raised up and by the look on his face he had thought that I was asleep. He looked scared and panicked. I slowly shifted my body so that I could look him straight in the eye. I leaned in and kissed him softly and passionately. I felt his arms move to my back to hold me closer. Then he rolled us so that he was just hovering over me. When we pulled apart I moved my heads from his hair to his neck and cheek. As I smiled he asked “What was that for?” “I love you too.”

I knew she did but now we had both said it out loud. It felt more special and I felt my entire body fill up with a happiness I had never felt before. I felt like I was going to explode. As I smiled I leaned down and kissed her gently. This time when I rolled over I wrapped my arms around her and she fell asleep. She was smiling. I was so glad she decided to come to prom, though if I was being honest, if she hadn’t come I was planning on going to get her. She really was special and I would make sure she never unwanted or unimportant again. I really did love her. I went to join her in dreamland after that thought.

When I woke up this time I was wrapped up in a pair strong arms. The soft beating of a heart and slow breathing was all that I could hear. I moved up and kissed his forehead. I slowly and carefully got up so I wouldn’t wake him up. I went into the bathroom. I examined myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess and my face was pink. My eyes had a sparkle to them that I had never noticed before and a beautiful smile graced my face. I couldn’t believe it was my own reflection. I decided to take a shower.

I woke up to the sound of running water. I felt around in the bed but it was empty. Did she leave me? After all that had happened she still didn’t trust me? What else can I do? Then the bathroom door opened and there stood my angel in a large white towel. She looked even better now than she did last night.

When I opened the door he was standing there looking panicked. I felt my face flush when I remembered what I was wearing...a towel and nothing else. I held it tighter and made my way over to him. I touched his cheek and realized her was cold and pale. He smiled at me as I leaned up and kissed his cheek. He smiled, I noticed his color came back into his face. “Shower is free if you want it. “ He nodded and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around around his neck and held him close. “ I thought you left me.” I felt his grip tighten. I kissed his face, “ I’m not going to leave you.” “Promise?” I pulled back and looked him straight in the eye. I smashed my lips to his and as he kissed me back I felt my feet lift off the ground. He spun me around and then we were laughing.

I had never been so happy. She fit in my arms perfectly. I smirked and then started backing into the bathroom. “What are you doing?” She asked me laughing. “Just going to get in the shower.” “Not with me, I already had one thanks.” “Another one won’t hurt you.” I winked at her and she playfully hit my arm. “Put me down.” I put her and kissed her. As she deepened the kiss I turned and run into the bathroom. I jumped in the shower and tried to go as fast as I could.

I heard the water turn on and headed to my bag. I am so glad I thought to grab my overnight bag. I was suppose to stay with Taylor and Sadie. Sadie was covering for me in case this happened. I needed to let them know that I was okay. I pulled out my fresh underwear and a green halter crop top with black denim shorts. I brushed my hair and pushed my dress and dirty underwear from last night into my bag and zipped it up. I was standing up when I heard the door open.

I just stood there watching her pack her bag. I loved her new outfit. The jean shorts stopped just below her ass, but covered her. The green halter showed off her toned stomach. She turned around and smiled at me. I watched as she grabbed a small black bag and walked towards me. She kissed my cheek and disappeared into the bathroom. I went over to my bag and pulled out fresh clothes. I slipped on my boxers and jeans. I looked at my shirt and laughed.

As I walked out of the bathroom from freshening up and putting on some makeup, I heard the best sound I had ever heard. He was laughing. I smiled “What’s so funny?” He turned around holding out a green shirt that matched my halter perfectly. I started laughing and didn’t see him move. Soon he had picked me up and thrown me over his shoulder. I was laughing as I hit his still bare back. “Put me down!” “As you wish.” Then I was tackled on the bed. All I felt were kisses and fingers tickling me. I couldn’t breathe, I was laughing so hard. Finally he stopped and was hovering over me again. I reached up smiling and pulled him down and rolled over so I was straddling him. He sat up on his elbows to kiss me. After making out for about five minutes I rolled off of him and laid down on the bed.

It was the most amazing 24 hours I had ever had. I slowly got up and put my shirt on. After, I turned around and gathered her up in my arms only to start spinning with her again. After a few more spins and kisses I put her down and grabbed our bags. I threw them over my shoulder and grabbed her hand as she put her leather jacket on. She was looking around the room. We left the room and made our way down to the lobby to leave. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her tight. I placed a quick kiss on her forehead and then moved down to capture her lips. We broke apart as the elevator doors opened and we walked out.

We headed out into the parking lot. I let him lead me since my ride was probably asleep at the moment. He pulled out his keys and opened the door for me. He put our bags in the back and climbed in.

“What are we going to do now?” I grabbed her hand and thought for a moment. “I don’t know but we can stay together if you want.” I kissed her hand. “Really?” “Yes, I want to.” And with that we headed home with smiles on our faces and tears in her eyes.

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