Southern Spice

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Chapter 2

Just as I was relishing in the excitement with my new boss, I heard a screeching voice that was like nails on a chalkboard.

“Baby!” I quickly stood up and turned around to see a beautiful, tall brunette with subpar highlights throw herself into Beckham’s arms.

“Hey, beautiful,” he said, planting playful pecks of kisses all over her lips and neck.

I almost gagged. I couldn’t help being green with envy.

“I’m sorry. Dolly, this is Kara, my fiancée,” he said, never taking his eyes off her.

“Nice to meet you, Kara. Aren’t you just pretty as a peach?” I said, laying the fake southern hospitality on thick.

“Nice to meet you, Dolly,” she responded sweetly. “Oh wait, like Dolly Parton? That is too cute.” Clearly, she was being a sarcastic bitch and making fun of my name.

“Kara, Dolly is going to be my personal counsel and Chief Legal Officer of Donaldson Reitman.”

“You’re a lawyer.” I couldn’t tell if she was asking or if she was shocked.

“Bless your heart, have you not met a woman lawyer before?” I snapped back. Beckham, sensing the tension, broke up the exchange of unpleasantries.

“Kara, we were just finishing up here. Can you meet me in the car? I will have them bring it around to the front of the building.”

“Of course,” she said as she shot daggers in my direction. Then she went to shove her disgusting tongue down Beckham’s throat to assert that he was hers, which was fine with me. Any man that would be so shallow as to marry that half-wit for what I was assuming, her looks was not worthy of an ass and brain like mine.

“So, that was Kara,” he said, sounding somewhat embarrassed.

“She seems charming.” I rolled my eyes.

After ten more minutes of finalizing some logistics for my new position, we parted ways. I went home to my three friends—rabbit, Ben and Jerry—while he went home to that airhead.

The weekend went quick. Another two full days on my couch loathing the current state of my love life and thinking about Beckham’s proposal that I rushed to accept. How could I not accept a proposal that doubled my salary, got me a new fancy office right next door to the most gorgeous and engaged man on the planet? I shoved my pillow over my face and screamed. Why me, Lord?

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