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Tess James worth is determined by her virginity. After an accident, that she can not recall, and no one will tell her what happened. She was sent to a farm ran by nuns. Now she was in a new town. Where she knows no one, or does she. . . Arriving at the Vincent University. Which she is only attending as it will add to her value according to her father when she is arranged to be wed. To a groom that may pay a very expensive price. However, secrets, and Skelton’s in closets might change everything. “I wanted you to know,” his mouth dipped to my ear. “I’m going to take your worth.” I went dead still. “My cock is going to break that seal that is worth so much money, that your father is baiting to so many men.” I gulped. Frozen. I couldn’t move. “And better yet my little Tess, you’ll beg me too.” He whispers sends thrills of fear through me. A very smut filled, drama, suspense, with hints of darkness romance novel. If you want a thrilling read, that will give you all the feels and turning those pages—this is the book for you…

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Chapter 1

*This Story is based in Australia and has British Spelling*

Copyright Simone Elise 2022

Chapter 1


Ever felt as if you were walking into a den of loins? That was how I felt as I looked up at the blue stone University with the faded but decorated words ’Vincent University.’ I told my father I’d come here, more to redeem my own mistakes—little did he know they weren’t even my mistakes I was repenting for. I couldn’t even recall the accident.

Do you have any idea how are it is to still be a virgin in today’s culture? Let alone a twenty-one-year-old? Even as I glanced around the gates as students flooded into the University. This was the first time I was allowed to attend a university with boys, well men now.

I had attended an all-girl private Christian primary school then went onto their sister high school. Due to a forbidden and unspeakable event that happened when I was eighteen. I then had to spend two years to repent and pray for forgiveness to the lord above in an all-woman’s farm ran by nuns.

But I never knew why I what I was praying for. . . they said it was because of the accident. The accident they wouldn’t tell me anything about, nor did I remember.

Now here I stood wearing the colours of our church. White and deep royal blue. A long white dress, with very little shaping and blue ribbon around my waist. Basically, the dress was a sack, to make sure I didn’t attract a wandering eye of a man. To be honest with myself. I didn’t mind. Because all I had now was my virginity. Which my father was currently selling. As sick as it would be considered to an outsider to our culture it was normal.

Arranged marriage was expected in our ‘pure and loyal church.’ A boy could carry on a father’s empire. While a girl, gives him nothing. But money when he sells her virginity.

For the last two years on the farm, I was reminded daily of my role to my father.

I looked back up.

This was time I attended a building that wasn’t controlled by my church. Due to that I was frozen on the path at the bottom of the open wide stone staircase.

I could see the women entering. They were dressed normal. Colours of freedom. I felt every odd glance. Finally, not being able to take one more glance I pulled back my shoulders and walked up each stair through the middle of the staircase. I could basically feel the students keeping a wide gap between me and them.

I glanced down at the campus map when I felt a shadow overcast me. Looking up, I felt like a tiny ant he could stomp on.

“Tess James.” He grumbled and the professor looked me up and down. “You have no idea how hard I fought for you not to attend.” He then looked at me bitterly. “So, you are informed directly from me, a Professor. You are not welcomed here. Don’t expect a friendly few year until your sold off.”

With a sour expression he walked away from me. He had spoken loud enough for everyone to hear within the court sitting area. I could even feel the court empty. Was it possible my arrival had not been kept quiet? Where they expecting me? Had the rumours already began?

I looked up and saw a pair of piercing sharp deep green eyes on me. His black raven black hair longer on top, and shaven on the sides.

His eyes glistened with pain for a moment, even grief. Until a glare twisted which chilled me to my core. He hated me. I had felt that look before, from outsiders. Perhaps not as intense or with as much disgust coated within the glare. But I knew it. What hate was. But not to the level he glared at me with.

He strolled towards me. Each step he took towards me made my heart pump boiling fear through my body. Until he stood in front me. I had to tilt my head back slightly to look up at him.

“Tessa James,” he looked me up and down. “Do you know me?”

I frowned and my frown deepened when rage bloomed on his face. Why would I know him? I had been in this town for not even a week, and hadn’t left our guarded house once. Not to mention I would not forget a man like him, if I had met him. His chiselled beautiful features, were not forgettable.

“No,” I finally replied. “I only just moved into the city. I have only just relocated here.”

He grinded his jaw from side to side. Why was he looking at me like that? It made me squirm slightly.

“Excuse me, I have to go.” I quickly said. Just as I side stepped him, he gripped my arm. His hand wrapping around my bicep. I couldn’t explain it but his touch, sent my body with familiarity as if I had felt his touch before.

“I wanted you to know,” his mouth dipped to my ear. “I’m going to take your worth.” I went dead still. “My cock is going to break that seal that is worth so much money, that your father is baiting to so many men.”

I gulped.

Frozen. I couldn’t move.

“And better yet my little Tess, you’ll beg me too.” He whispers sends thrills of fear through me. His grasp loosens and I broke it completely. Basically, speed walking in the opposite direction of that man.

When I made it around the corner up and up an empty large hallway. I leaned back against a stone wall my heart pounding.

Why did that man hate me?

His threatening words scared me.

But worse. . . send a small whirl of delight which I suffocated.

He wouldn’t touch me here. I was safe.

Little did I know how wrong I was.

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