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The Male Luna

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"Dude! Let go!" I yell, my voice muffled by the wall of flesh smashing my face. My one arm was still being held secure in the guy's grip and my other hand is now pinned to my side. Desperate to escape I resort to just wiggling my whole body, thrashing around to try and get loose. Instantly, I'm released and my anger comes back in full force. "You think you can file for harassment over a spilled drink!? Wait until I get a chance to talk to the police because holding me without my consent, against my will is actual harassment!" I yell at the man trying to straighten my shirt. Brayden Jones was a handsome nineteen-year-old human, whose partying and college-bound life suddenly comes crashing down around him after an unexpected family tragedy. Now the guardian of his five younger siblings, Brayden desperately latches onto the opportunity to take a work-to-study job at a rural hospital several states away in order to feed his family. A rural hospital owned by the most influential man in town. A man who seems to pop up around town everywhere Brayden goes. A town that respects the man with a frightening loyalty.

Romance / Fantasy
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This book is one of fiction. All people, places, and concepts are a work of fiction and any resemblance to real life is purely a coincidence.

This book is an original idea created by me, any common themes or characters to any other story are purely coincidental. Therefore, any copying of this book is a copyright infringement and will be pursued according to Inkitt guidelines.

This book contains boy-girl, boy-boy, and girl-girl themes and/or explicit relationships throughout this book. If ANY of these relationships are not to your personal liking do not read this book.

ANY hate speech of ANY kind will immediately be reported. If you do not like the themes, characters, and ideologies of this book then simply cease reading the book.

This book is rated Mature for the explicit adult themes, including but not limited to, alcohol, sex, cursing, gore, and emotional and physical tragedy. If ANY of these are a trigger for you please do not read this book.

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