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"She's dangerous. She'll make you do things you never thought you were capable of with just a flutter of her eyelashes. Do yourself a favor and stay away from her." He was blind and that was his downfall. Shade was warned. He knew the risks of pursuing Amara. He knew it was a bad idea but she was his drug. His addiction. The thing he couldn't live without. The one person he'd do anything for. His best friend told him to stay away from her but he didn't listen. He couldn't listen. He wanted to feel the taste of her, to be the one she trusted. The one person she would open up to. Her partner in crime. A term he didn't know would become literal. He should've listened.

Romance / Thriller
Mal Chaos
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The lunch line is long and my stomach is empty; a terrible combination, really. There is nothing to do but observe the students I go to school with or take out my phone - which is dead.

I smirk at one of the guys ogling shamelessly at my chest. Okay, so maybe it’s a bit low at the neck but that isn’t my fault.

My smirk widens when I feel someone wrap a muscular arm around my waist.

“Hey Ma,” he whispers huskily, bending down to kiss my jaw.

“Keith!” I cover up my disappointment with my signature smile.

“You wanna ditch this place?”

I frown at him, “I’m kinda hungry.”

“For school food? Gross, let’s get you some actual food.” Keith smiles adorably before trailing his hand down my arm. He stops at my fingers, interlocking them with his own.

I try not to smirk again as he starts tugging at my hand. I let him take me to the burger place a few blocks away. We talk for a bit and I try not to let my mind wander too much. Especially not to my plans for tonight.

“So, are you doing anything tonight?” Keith asks as we enter the burger joint.

“Yeah, going out with friends.” I respond vaguely, going straight to the counter which - thank all things holy - didn’t have a line.

I order a large cheeseburger, medium onion rings, large fries (extra salt) and a Sprite. Keith just gets nachos.

“How could you come into a burger joint and not order a burger?” I ask my boyfriend. Ughh, boyfriend, I hate that word. On him. Well, I hate the word husband even more but I’d rather not go there.

“You want to come to my house after this?”

We ended up feeding his dog. Bummer. Ugh, no wonder I tried to dump him. My boyfriend is a nun. I have tried to dump him multiple times (no, not because he’s a virgin, I’m not that big of a bitch) but I was always got interrupted. At one point, I just gave up.

We go back to school when the students start leaving so I can grab my things. Keith stays at his red car while I go to my locker.

Awaiting me at my locker is a pleasant surprise. Clad in a black leather jacket and a pair of ripped jeans is Shade, my... Something. I pretend not to notice him as I open my locker. I grab my bag and stuff my binder into it even though it isn't necessary and I could just leave everything at school since I don't have any homework.

As I take my phone out of my bag, Shade slams the locker shut. The hall is nearly empty and the few people that are still here couldn’t care less about the loud clang of metal against metal, so nobody glances up.

I turn to him with my eyebrows raised, my back against the locker, “Can I help you?”

“Actually, you can, Amara.” He moves in front of me, caging me in.

Oh my friggin Angel, the way my name rolls off his tongue. And that damn cologne. I can feel myself weakening but I keep up my careless facade, not daring to look at his lips.

“With...?” I trail off, stealing a glance at the door to make sure Keith isn’t around.

Shade tilts my chin up so my focus is on him and nothing else. “You weren’t in class today, Ms. Top-student.”

“So?” Control yourself, my mother’s voice rings in my head. My own voice decides to add in slut for good measures. The corner of my lips twitch up. Of course I'm not a slut by definition since that would require me to have multiple casual sex partners but by society's definition of the word... Well, it's an insult.

“Your absence was noticed.” He glances at my lips.

“But?” I whisper breathlessly. I don’t even know why I whispered, it just felt right. But what felt even more right was when one of his hands moved to grip my waist.

“I covered for you.”

I smile. “What’s the catch?”

“Don’t bail again tonight.”

With that, he pulls away completely. He starts walking backwards toward the door, his eyes scanning me from head to toe. Chuckling, he turns around and walks onward.

I let out a breath, my mood already lifting. I wait a little less than a minute before walking out of the school slowly. When I get back to Keith’s car, I notice him talking to someone. When I get close enough, I see the leather jacket and just know it’s him.

I watch them for a bit, waiting for them to notice me. They are such opposites; while Keith is on the wrestling team and is made of bricks, Shade is a lean, muscular type. Keith towers over me by a foot (more or less) while Shade is maybe a few inches taller than me. Keith is blond and has blue eyes. Shade has dark hair and sexy hazel eyes. Keith is - to put bluntly - white, and Shade is tan (most likely from his Italian background). Shade D’Luca and Keith Thanes. Brains and brawn, respectively. Don’t get me wrong, Shade is definitely strong with his alluring six pack and lean figure but Keith is built on muscles, I’m pretty sure 75% of his weight is in his bulging muscles. Shade is more clever, seeing as nobody even suspected us being together for 6 months now.

Yes, I have been cheating on my boyfriend for 6 months. No, I do not feel guilty and no, I don’t regret it. At all. Maybe at one point I did but that time is long gone.

Shade glances up and his eyes meet mine. I bit my lip to contain my grin. Casually, I walk over to them.

“I’m back, sorry I took so long.”

Keith looks up with a smile before pulling me into a hug, “It’s totally okay but I was just going to call. My folks called, they need me ASAP, so... I can drop you off real quick if you need.”

While Keith rambles an explanation, I make eye contact with Shade. He leers at Keith, eyeing me with a lust-filled gaze. I wink at him and notice his lips fighting off a smile. I bite my bottom lip.


I fight the urge to roll my eyes at the stupid nickname and reply, “It’s totally fine, I wanted to go on a run anyways.”

Shade noticeably perks up at the mention of “run”. His eyes light up and his lips form a grin as he silently watches the interaction between Keith and I. If it were anyone else, it would’ve been creepy but Shade is Shade. Keith is low-key friends with him and thinks I am, too. Little does he know that we're a bit more than just friends.

“Oh, okay. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” He leans in to kiss my lip. I don’t let it last too long.

“Now, go! Your parents need you.” Oh my gosh, leave already!

I wait until Keith’s car is completely out of view while wiping my mouth. When I know for sure that he is gone, I turn to Shade.

“Hey, you.” I smirk at him teasingly. I walk backwards slowly. In two long strides, he stands in front of me.


Say it again.

“What did I tell you about doing that?” His voice is low and he reaches for one of my hands.

I innocently blink at him, fluttering my eyelashes. “Doing what?”

“You’re teasing,” he states. “Are you ever going to dump him?”

“No, I’m going to get married to him and we’re gonna have multiple kids that’ll grow up to be wrestlers.” My sarcasm game is so strong that I almost believed myself for a second. I’m sure Shade would’ve too if not for the dry, deadpanned tone I said it with.

He growls under his breath, his eyes territorial. I roll my eyes before grabbing the font of his jacket and pulling him against me, slamming his lips onto my own.

His hand goes straight to my waist, rubbing small circles with his thumb on my hips. I let my hand slide down to the hem of his shirt. My hand slips under his shirt, tracing his abs.

His hands slither down to the belt hoops on my jeans, pulling me closer against him. They wander lower, into my back pocket which I keep empty specifically for this reason.

He smiles cheekily against my lips as my hands go up and around his neck, probably leaving a few scratch marks. I tug at his hair and then pull away.

We’re both breathing heavily. A beat passes, Shade murmurs, “Let’s get out of here.”

I nod slowly with a smirk before taking off and yelling behind me, “Catch me if you can!”

I wake up to soft kisses being feathered onto my face and neck. My momentary confusion morphs onto content as I blindly grab for Shade’s hair. My body is still nude under the blanket, as is Shade’s, but neither of us paid much attention to that.

“What time is it?” I ask.

“Ten thirty.”

“Morning already?”

Just hours ago, Shade chased after me while I ran away from him. I didn’t know a destination at the time but my feet took me to Shade’s house and our “night in” started a bit earlier than originally planned but neither of us were complaining. The bonus? Neither of his parents nor his sister were home. He chased me all around his house. At one point, I dropped my bag on the floor of the living room and yelled out a “time out!“. He paused and raised an eyebrow curiously. I quickly grabbed my phone and plugged in the charger. Shade smirked as he came up to me and - long story short - we ended up in his bedroom. Well, the couch, and the floor, then against the wall and the door and...

Now, I’m too exhausted to even move and with the way Shade is aimlessly drawing random shapes against my waist, I can feel myself falling back asleep at his soothing touch.

Shade hums in confirmation.

I make a move to get up but am immediately pulled back into his embrace.

"Where do you think you're going?" His husky morning voice feels like feathers brushing against my ear and I suddenly have the urge to press my ear against my shoulder.

Instead, I shiver.

"To grab my phone and make sure my parents aren't worried," I murmur, admiring his strong abs which may or may not have some of my dried saliva on them.

He pulls me closer to him and asks, "Do you have to do that right now?"

"I mean, it's not like I have anything better to do..." I tease with a smirk.

"How rude, I'm not 'better'?" In a flash, he hovers over me, trapping me between him and his bed with his hands on either side of my head.

"You know," His voice turns seductive and I feel a rush of heat flow throughout my body, "I might just have to punish you for that..."

"Hey mom, I'm at Shade's house, just letting you know."

"Honey, Keith called, you should probably drop by his house before coming home. And maybe break up with him in the process..."

My mom is my idol. Ultimate goals. She's gorgeous and looks so innocent but she can outshine the devil himself when she wants to. It got even better when I found out she used to work for a secret organization along with my dad. A trained killer of sorts, she taught me to defend myself and got me interested in knife throwing.

My dad is the same, I love them both so much. They have never hid anything from me so I don't hide anything from them. They told me about the organization and how that's how they became rich. They made many enemies and they taught me to defend myself. They usually can never agree about anything though. While my mom is team Shade, dad is team Keith all the way.

My parents know about my cheating because I tell them literally everything. They don't necessarily approve but they also don't judge, which is what I love most about them.

"I'll try... Again."

"Well, don't leave your man hanging. I love you." How my mom could've been a spy - or whatever she was - surprised me but, at the same time, didn't.

"I love you too," I tell her before hanging up.

I go back to the grumbling lump on the bed stealthily, making sure he has no idea I'm back in the room. When I get close enough, I rip off the cover.

Shade groans, "Nooo..."

I laugh at that, "Get up, take a shower. We need to drop by Keith's place but I do kinda wanna go to the park for another run." And make sure my legs work properly again, "And then I have to go to my house to finish a project."

"Amara..." He whines into his pillow. He's lying on his stomach with his arms bracing his head. I would've stopped to admire him and his flexing but then we'd never leave.

"Yes, that's my name. Now get up." I go to pull him up by the arm but it backfires when he yanks my back onto the bed with him, his arm trapping me against him.

If it were anyone else, I would've kicked them where the sun doesn't shine by now, or at least dislocated some of their bones, but Shade just needs some convincing.

"Shade..." I whisper, my body still pressed against him.


"Look at me," I bite my lip.

He faces me before slowly opening his eyes, squinting to adjust to the light. "Yeah?" he murmurs.

"Go shower," I whisper. My finger starts trailing up and down his arm, much to his pleasure and mine.

"Why do that when I can just stay here with you?" He smirks sleepily, as if he won.

"Then I'll just leave," I smile mischievously as he stiffens. He knows not to try to call bullshit because the last time he did, I actually did leave and he was sulking the rest of the day and kept trying to call me. It was kind of cute.

"Okay, okay." He gets up and walks over to the door before pausing. He walks back and picks me up bridal style.

"Shade...?" I mutter with my eyebrows raised as he carries my out the door.

He doesn't bother answering as he takes us to the bathroom.

I breathe heavily and bend, hands on my knees. I finished my last lap around the park for the day. Shade left about half an hour ago to pick up his sister from the airport. She was in Spain for the semester in a foreign exchange program apparently, and she still doesn't have a driver's license. She's 19...

Shade and I dropped by Keith's house before coming to the park. He's so gullible. The story we fed him this time is I was at a bar doing shots with a bunch of guys that wanted to "take advantage" of me. Shade saw me and took me to his house because it was closer and he didn't bring his car since he didn't want to DUI.

Keith believed most of it even though he was a bit suspicious. Once again, no brains and all brawn.

Shade followed through with the original plan of coming to the park but had to ditch when his parents canceled on him last second. He went to the airport while I stayed in the park to complete my run which consists of at least one mile.

After completing 1.5 miles, I jog home. I reach for my bag before realizing I left it at Shade's house.

"Shit..." I mutter under my breath while trying the knob, knowing it's going to be locked because my parents never forget something like that.

The door is unlocked.

Instantly, my heartbeat increases. I grab one of my hidden throwing knives from the pocket under the table that's located right next to the door.

The house is quiet, more quiet than usual. Normally, my parents are bickering over nothing, like they usually do. They would be in the living room, waiting for me to help settle their battle by picking a side.

Where the hell are you guys? I bite my lip as the worst goes through my head.

I go upstairs to their bedroom as fast and quietly as I could, sending a quick text to Shade while doing so.

Amara: SOS

I open the door - which is unlocked - just in time for my life to shatter before my eyes.

A person's back. No. Bodies. No. Blood. No. My mom's beautiful head of curls. No. My dad's favorite jacket. No.

With a scream, I unleash my knife. It hits the target directly. The target drops to the ground with a match in its hand.

I numbly move my legs to the center of the room. I sit next to their bodies, taking their hands in mine. And I stare. Blankly. At my parents. Dead. As the remains of my life goes up in flames.

Don't leave me alone.


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