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Wild At Heart

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(18+) BOOK 2 IN THE WILDE SERIES. As the oldest of four sisters, Iris Wilde has always been the uptight one. Now in her early thirties, life as a trauma surgeon leaves little room for fun and no time for love. So after the universe throws one too many curveballs at her, Iris makes an impulsive decision—one that sends two sexy-as-sin brothers spiralling into her life without warning. Without meaning to, Iris finds herself in the middle of a wicked sibling rivalry, forcing her to face a kinky side to herself she’s never been brave enough to explore…Until now. Archer & Lincoln Nash have competed their entire lives—as brothers, in business, and now in love. When a call for hire has the two contractors showing up at the Wildflower Ranch, the sassy blonde who lives there becomes their newest competition. It starts out as nothing more than a lusty battle of testosterone and egos, but quickly turns into something much more. With her heart as the winner’s prize, sibling rivalry gets taken to a whole new level. Both men want her. Both will do anything to have her. Is she game?

Romance / Erotica
Nova Nyx
4.5 2 reviews
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Things to Know Before Reading

Things to know before you read :)

This is BOOK 2 IN THE WILDE SERIES. If you haven't read book 1, I highly recommend doing so, just so the timelines and other sisters' stories make sense!

~ This story contains mature themes (explicit sex and language, etc.)

~Fast burn with lots of smut, but still with character arcs and a plot.

~This is the female MC's journey to exploring a new side of herself, so expect her to be much different than she was portrayed in parts of book 1.

~THINGS TO NOTE: YES, this story is about two brothers sharing the same girl. NO there are no sexual scenes involving the brothers, aside from some voyeuristic tendencies within all three parties (all of which are completely consensual).

~If this is too taboo for you, there's no shame in that! I'm just thrilled you stopped by to check it out either way! But if it's not, please read on and enjoy!

~As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! I love reading them! ☺️

*This is an unedited, first draft of this story, edits will occur at a later date! :)*


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