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Aoi is a perfect girl with good academic ability and athletic ability. She also called angel by the boys for her beauty. On the other side Sora is just an ordinary boy,not good at anything. The only thing he has is his ego. These two were never supposed to cross paths but somehow sora's attitude pissed off Aoi. "I will make him confess to me " and that's how the love game begins. But what Aoi didn't know is that Sora is no participating in the game.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


"I love you,please go out with me.."
October 19,2028...
I was called to the roof top by the angel..during the lunch time,she annaounced in front of everyone to met her in the roof top after the school..so i had no choice but to go..if she put a letter on my locker or something like that,i would have never gone...

After one hour of boaring english lecture the bell finally rang..one by one everyone leave the classroom..
And so do i..
When i reach to the roof top,the angel was waiting for me..i look at the surroundings..the intencity of the sun light was pritty low..so it looked crimson red..
Well now that i already came here,i should prepare myself..
I took a deep breath and say in my mind
'stay clam,its not a big deal,put yourself together sora....
Alright its gonna be okey,dont worry..

I finally looked at the angel,and then.

"i love you,please go out with me.."
The angel is good looking,good at studies,good at sports..i bet more then 40% boys in this school has crush on her..
And for the others,if the angel talks to them with a bright smile,they will definately do anything she tell them to do..
For someone like me,she is way too bright that if i look at her,my eyes will hurt..

But now it has come to this,i have to say something..
I look at her cute face..i knew this would happen,so i already had my answer..

"sorry,but i cant go out with you"
With that,there was a scilence..it did not feel like the angel was that much upset or anything..well its pritty normal actually..theres no reasone for her to be upset,right..

Then the angel spoke again,her eyes did not look teaey..but looked fustraded..like she lost a bet or something..

"huh..whats with that attitude..you are the one who confessed to me first,remember..and now you are saying you dont wanna go out with me.."
Its true..i was the one who asked her out first..but now its a compleate diffarent situation..
"i'm sorry about that..and you regected me anyway"
"can you tell me the reason why you cant go out with me..? Did your love for me vanished..was your love that cheap.."

Its ovious for her to say that..but i think she misread the situation back then..
"well,to tell you the truth,you like that side of mine which i hate the most..so.."
What i said is true..no one would like a simple guy like me,specially somone like angel who is in the center of attention in the school..theres another reason why this kind of unhappenabe think happen..but thats another story..
When i look at the angel,she looked so angy and fustrated..if the atmosphere remains the same,i think i might not see tommorows rising sun..
So i put my hands on the angels head..and pat her head..and say..
"dont get so angry,princess..you look better when you smile..馃馃"
I guess my comments make the atmosphere a little comfortable..the angel did not look that much angry any more..so i decided to leave..

I did not notice,but there was a smile on angels face..and also there was tears on her eyes..
I leave the roof and head to my home..and there was..
"i see,so she is here"
Theres a girl sitting near the river bank..she is probably enjoying the setting sun..i went there and sit next to the girl..

"so you are here,huh.."

"well i am,should i not be here ??"

"nah, i'm glad that you are here.."

"so how did it go..? Did you say yes..??
It was your chance.."

"yeah,probably..but i did not want to,so i declined"
For some reason there was a pause..
"i see,too bad for you..you wont get a girlfriend like her in a million years.."
With that said she laugh a little..seeing her smile,i felt like it was worth to decline..
(Chapter 1: the mob and the angel..)

It all started 3 months ago..
July 13th..11.30pm..
I was cheaking my emails..and thats where i see...
(Maria: yoo,long time no see..you allive..??)

(Sora: hmm,long time..)

(Maria: wow,instant reply,looks like you were waiting for my email..)

(sora: i was just cheaking my email,thats all..)

(Maria: huh.. Really..??. 馃槒馃槒)

(sora: think whatever you want.. By the way is your work going well..??)

(Maria: huh, wanna come and check..??)

(Sora: no, I'm good..)

(maria: hey you seems bit different.. Are you okay.. You are not in any trouble, are you..??)

(sora: no I'm totally fine.. It's just your imagination..)

(maria: well if you say so..)
After that there was a long pause.. And then a sound of notifications come again..

(maria: hey did you get a girlfriend or something.. 馃槒馃槒)

(sora: no I don't)

(maria: really..??)

(sora: in a story,the main character is allowed to have girlfriend but I'm not even a background character.. )

(maria: yeah I know.. You will just say love is just a feeling controlled by some nurotransmiters..)

(sora: exactly.. It's no different than smoking.. A temporary feeling.. )

(maria: well you might be right.. But at least try to fall in love with someone first, then give your opinion.. Because I think it's a good thing to love someone..)

(sora: oh, I see.. So that's why now a days people are doing better things 馃槕馃槕)

(maria: pardon me.. 馃馃 what do you mean..?? )

(sora: well I mean people having more then once lover are doing better things then..)

(maria: can't argue with that one.. But just try to fall in love with someone before I go..)

(sora: you are coming..?? )

(maria: my job here will be done within two months so I think I will meet you..)

(sora: that would be great..)

(maria: try to get a girlfriend before that..
How much would you depend upon me.. Even I also get tired you know..)

(sora: well if you say so, then I will try..)

(maria: well, that's good to know..)
.......... ..............
July 14th, in school
I was sitting in my desk thinking what Maria said yesterday.. Well I'm not the kind of person who would think about love and stuff but scene she told me to so I began to think thoroughly..
I think it's not bad to try to understand what love really is.. But to understand that I need to fall for someone..

I sora tachibona transfered to this school about two years ago..now I'm in 11th grade..
Scene then I kept myself isolated from my classmates.. I look gloomy.. I wear thick glass.. And for the hair, I haven't cut it for a while now..
Well to tell you the truth my mob level is beyond 100..
If you suddenly ask someone in my class if they know me or not they will take a time to recall if I ever existed..
I don't have a single friend..but I don't really care..It would have been better to have at least one friend.. But I don't see that happening..
And as for my academic results, I barely get passing grades and my academic record are bellow average..
Well people say one could have at least one or two good point but for me I can't find one..
Maybe some day something happens and I discover my good side somehow.. If that happens that would be great..
But all dream don't come true.. So let's get back to reality.. A nerd like me can never have a girlfriend and that's universal truth..

When I was thinking this suddenly the class become noisy.. It only means one thing.. The angel has arrived..
I look at the entrance and there was a blonde hair cute looking angel surrounded by the classmates..
"good morning aoi San"
A boy greeted her and she greeted him back..
"hey Aoi, have you watched the show last night, it was great "

"yeah I did, I also record it.. It was so touching I couldn't let my eyes off.. "

"Aoi, please let me copy your homework "a girl say with a somehow teary eyed..
"Mizu,how many times do I have to tell you to do your homework on your own "
"I can't help it, I don't understand how to solve the problems "

I don't know what they are talking about but scence aoi San enter the classroom the classroom become more lively..
Unlike me she has everything.. She always get top grades in our class, and not only in class she also get good grades in national mock exams.. She has a lots of friends, she is cheerful, she always help her friends, and also she has a fan club..
She is often called by angel by the boys.. There's a lot of boys who likes her but for some reason I never heard of anyone confessing her.. Maybe it's because she is the daughter of the Tachibona family.. Her dad's company is famous through out the country..

Well that's what I was thinking when the class bell rings.. And our homeroom teacher sumire sensei came..
The day ended quite roughly..
But now that I think of it, I decided that I will fall in love with the angel..
But what do I have to do to fall in love.. I wonder..

The next day...
Well to fall in love, I need to make my brain think about her as much as possible.. So I tried to recall the face of the angel.. I sit on my desk, hold my hands on my desk, lay my head between my hands, close my eyes to think..
After few minutes..

"it's impossible "

I can't even properly remember her face.. Come to think of it, I never even give a proper look at aoi San's face.. No wonder I can't do it..
First I need to properly visualize her image..
If I can put that image in my cerebram(rom of the brain)it would be easier to think about her..

Well again my brain would have to get stimulated by her so I think I should observe her actions..that will give a good reference..
Aaaaaa.. Love is so tough...

At that moment the classroom become noisy again.. It could only mean one thing..
As usual the angel is shining.. And everyone surround her..
I stand up from my seat, I'm gonna say good morning to aoi San..
I approach toward her with a smile.. I didn't know how creepy that smile was but for some reason..

"hay you, what do you think you are doing..?? "

The owner of the voice was shido kazehaya.. He has a reputation for being a delinquent.. No one ever cross his path.. But I wonder why is he asking me while I'm about to say something to aoi San..

"umm, what do you want..?? "

He looked pissed for some reason, he is super scary..

"I won't let a nurd like you to approach aoi.. "

"pardon me.. What was that again.. "

Is this for real, my love has already a rival, I mean it ended before it even started..

"didn't you hear me, don't ever talk to aoi.. "

Well I guess it was to happen..I should better give Up.. I don't want my bones to be broken..

At that time aoi San look at me with a smile.. And greeted me with a smile...
"you are tachibona kun right...?? Good morning "
I looked at shido, his expression clearly saying don't get involved with her..
But With that greetings I decided to accept the challenge.. Let's see how far I can go.. It's been a while things got this exciting..
"goo, good morning aoi San.. "

With that my first official greetings with aoi San happened..
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