Ares' Second Love: Outlaws Guardian Protectors MC - Sequel: Ares's Little Lamb

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It has been ten years since Ares lost his late wife due to giving birth to their little girl. He loves his daughter and has fought every day to raise her right even though he no longer is the road captain but is still part of the Outlaws Guardians Protectors MC patched member Elite as the head Machanic. One day he had to go to his daughter’s school to deal with an issue caused by a small fight between his daughter and a few other students in her class. He meets the young teacher who just moved to Warson Woods out of town to start a new life for herself. At first, he tried to ignore the feeling and push Ms. Freya away from himself. But, when something starts to happen to Freya, Ares realizes that he has strong feelings for the young teacher and makes it his mission to help her and work towards having her trust and making her his ol lady.

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“Dad!” yelled a young child from the other room inside a small one-floor house. The father in question was busy working in the garage on his Harley, not realizing that his now ten-year-old daughter was calling for him.

“Daddy, there you are?” the father stopped what he was doing to look towards his little girl, identical to his late wife, his little lamb. The father quickly sat up and stood off the ground to wash his hands in the sink in the garage before he went toward his little girl. “Justice, baby, what is going on that you needed to run around the house calling for me?” He said softly, turning around to look at his daughter.

“Dad, we need to go shopping before school starts tomorrow, and we also have a new teacher.” Justice explained to her father. Her father has been her hero since her mother died. Justice knows that her father is an outlaw biker, but he doesn’t do any more odd jobs for the MC only thing her father is in charge of is the mechanic shop at the compound. She worries for her father as she knows that he has moved on from his little lamb, and every day looks at her, she knows that he sees her mother in her.

The only thing Justice wishes for is for her father to be happy again and to live once again with another who can help heal his heart even more than she could ever. Her father has done everything he can to raise her with her large MC family that adores her so much, and she has a best friend, who is also her crush that no one knows, not even her crush knows that she likes him. Once they are old enough, maybe her dad won’t try to murder him if she grows the nerve to tell him that she has a crush on the President’s oldest son.

“Justice, baby girl, let’s go and get your school supplies and then we can go out for some dinner at the diner?” Justice’s father said, pushing her to go get her shoes on. Both father and daughter got ready to head out for the day as it was close to mid-afternoon before the town got busy with the back-to-school shopping all of the parents were doing. They moved out of the MC Compound but still live nearby on the same land of the compound, knowing that it is much safer in the area than it was in the small town.


“Justice!” someone yelled and ran up to the two with a big grin. The father shook his head, knowing that his nephew would cause some trouble, but he also knew that Alister would always keep his daughter safe from harm.

“Hey, Ares, hello Justice. How are you guys?” The President’s wife came over with her cart filled with new things for Alister as he was going into high school this year.

“Angel, glad to see you are out and about. Did Zeus send you out with a few prospects?” Ares said, raising an eyebrow in question. He observed Angel, making sure she was alright as she was a few months into her pregnancy and knowing Zeus, he would blow a gasket if he knew she was here without her protection detail. “Don’t worry, and they are around here somewhere.” Angel said calmly with a smile on her face.

Ares gave her a nod and grabbed the back of his daughter’s hoodie, leaving the mother-son duo to their shopping when he spotted the two prospects talking with a few girls. He quickly ensured his daughter stayed put by their cart and did not move from her spot. After settling with his daughter, he made his way over to the two morons and hit them both upside head, grabbing their cuts’ collar, giving them glares that would haunt them for life. “Now, I believe you two have a job to do, and that is to make sure the prez’s wife and son are to be protected, am I clear?” Ares seethed out in their ears. He watched them nod their heads, shaking in fear when they heard the head mechanics’ deep voice scold them for not doing their job.

Ares quickly pushed them in the direction of Angel and Alister as if they didn’t do their job. He would make sure that Zeus knew, and they would get their ass chewed out by the prez. Ares returned to his daughter with a heavy sigh, who was most likely texting Alister on her phone. “Sweetheart, let’s go pay for this, and then we can head to the diner for dinner?” He said softly to his daughter, kissing the top of her head as they walked to the self check out, paying for all of Justice’s back-to-school supplies and new clothes for school. Once the father-daughter duo finished, they left the store to head towards the black hummer with tinted windows.

Ares loaded everything into the trunk of his hummer, closed the truck and got into the driver’s seat, making sure that his daughter was safe in the passenger seat. “Dad, can Alister come over for the night?” Ares started the hummer and pulled out of the parking lot, heading into traffic towards home.

“Justice, Alister can stay the night; remember to keep your bedroom door open.” Ares told his daughter, pulling up into their driveway and parking the hummer. They both got out of the hummer, grabbing the bags they bought from the local Walmart in town. Ares rushed his daughter inside, ensuring he had put everything away before Alister came over for the night. “Dad! Ali is here. We are going to head into the movie room!” Justice yelled from the front door dragging Alister Hampton towards the movie room with her.

Ares shook his head, smiling at his daughter’s antics as he headed back into the garage to continue working on his Harley that he planned on giving away at the club’s auction party at the end of September at the town square. The whole town was involved with the MC gatherings every year for the charity auctions to help the hospital for the prenatal unit. After losing her to childbirth, Ares started the fundraiser in his late wife’s name to help other parents have the right resources within the prenatal team, so no other mother dies from childbirth. Ares looked over at the clock hanging on the garage wall and noticed that time was nearing close to midnight. He carefully put everything away to his Harley back on his shelf with the rest of his tools. He headed out of the garage, locking the door behind him. As he entered the movie room, Ares could not believe how much his daughter had grown over the last ten years, just as beautiful as her late mother. Ares carefully grabbed the blanket and placed it over the children on the couch, cuddling together.

Ares knew that Alister had been in love with his little girl ever since he had come to him, asking him when she was older that he could be the one to date her and be with her. Zeus and Ares had ensured that when the time was right for Alister to take over the MC, he would have already been on a few tours in the USA Marines in a few years. That is why Zeus has him go to a private military boarding school to attend and join the ranks of the marine core before he can take over the MC as the next President.

Ares left the room, knowing that his daughter was in good hands. Once he left, he went to his room, stripped out of his dirty clothes, hopped into the shower to get clean from today’s work and being out with his daughter. Once finished with his nightly routine, Ares went to bed knowing that his little girl would be starting her new school year in grade five with a new teacher in a few weeks. Ares let the darkness consume him, and he was out like a light, dreaming once again about his late wife, his little lamb who had his heart so long ago.

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