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She dreams of love, but is this love enough to live the fairy love that she dreamed of, or will she regret it. From eye contact to crazy love...

Samar Sy
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Chapter 1

We often hear about love at first sight... Some of us believe in it and some do not believe that one can fall in love with someone just from a look... But sometimes, friends, one look may be enough to create true love. Unimaginable love... Crazy love... My story speaks about "first sight". Whether you believe or not...
(Mary POV)
I grab my handbag and are about to leave the house to my work.
Mary : I am going to go now." I said that and I'm about to get out of the house.
My mother was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when she saw me about to leave the house. She called me.

Mom : Mary, wait"

Mary: I will be late... Good bye..." I opened the door of house and go to my work.
My name is Mary Peppers and I am 24 years old... I work for a large company in New York.
My story is that I adore someone who doesn't know I love him.
I arrived to work on time.
When I was waiting for the elevator, I smelled his cologne that invaded my senses. I turned around and saw him confidently enter the lobby.
I looked at his handsome face. the same handsome face that I fell in love with at first sight. My heart started beating fast in my chest.
Oh my God! I love him.
He stood next to me, but he didn't even acknowledge my presence.
We entered the elevator with some other employees. His cologne filled the elevator. I closed my eyes and inhaled his scent and I let the scent fill up my heart with pleasure.
The scent of his cologne is perfect, attractive, and has a distinctive scent that suits his confident personality. A group of distinctive scents begins to overwhelm my senses. I can guess it's a combination of including cinnamon, tuberose, black amber and guaiac wood.
This wonderful combination of scents, made my heart pound fast under my ribs and made me think of naughty thoughts storming my mind so hard...
Oh my God!! I'm blushing just thinking about it...
Once, we arrived at the companies floor, I lingered in the elevator and allowed everyone to exit the elevator. I took a deep breath and collected myself.
Then, I walked out of the elevator and went directly to my office.
I sat down at my desk and started reminiscing about him. I remember every detail about his facial features and the wonderful smell of his cologne.
OH God!!! He is making me crazy!
Then, my colleague Suha walked into my office.
She smiled at me and said.

Suha : Good morning...

I smiled back to her.

Mary: Good morning...

Suha : Looks like it is going to be a long day.

Mary : Why...?!

Suha : There is going to be a lot of meetings and interviews with big businessmen, investors and so on.

Suha began to collect papers and files.
She looked at me

Suha : Where are the files I asked for?

I opened the locker and took out the files and documents that she had requested from me and handed them to her.

Suha : Well, l have to go. See you later.

Mary : Okay... See you...

She came out of the office and her eyes on the documents I had given her and She was in a hurry.
Then, she crashes into the door and falls to the floor, and the papers are scattered around the office...
I quickly get up from my seat, heading towards her.

Mary : Suha !!!

She cried from a pain in her leg. All the staff gathered around her...

(Jack POV)

My name is Jack Adams, I am 28 years old and the CEO of Adams Corp in New York.
I don't know why I feel like the day is going to be full of problems after my cousin Sam proposed to merge the company with another company.
I entered the building, worrying about how to convince the board of directors not to approve the merger.
I entered the elevator with some of our company employees. I had a strange feeling that someone was staring at me from behind. But, I ignored the feeling and didn't pay attention to it. I walked out of the elevator and went straight to my office.
After, a few minutes, someone knocked on the door.
My cousin Lamia entered my office.
Lamia is close to my heart and I consider her my sister not just a cousin.

Lamia : Good mooring , handsome.

Jack : Good mooring.

Lamia : How are you today?

Jack : A little nervous...

She said in a confident tone.

Lamia : Don't worry, this merger will never happen. I asked my secretary to prepare all the files that you would need to prevent Sam from persuading the board of directors to approve the project to merge with the other company.

I nodded....
Suddenly, my secretary entered my office with a panic.

Ruby : Miss. Lamia, your secretary ...

Lamia : What ?!

Ruby : She fell on the floor and injured her leg...

Lamia : Oh, my God !!!

(Mary POV)

I am shocked by what happened to Suha.

Mary : Are you okay, Suha...?

Suha : No No No, I'm not okay.

Mary : Calm down, you will be okay.

Then, Lamia entered the office terrified, She looked at Suha and was in shock.

Lamia : What happened to you?!

Suha : I tripped, fell on the floor and hurt my leg.

Lamia : Oh God !

Lamia looked around and asked security guards to transport Suha to the hospital.
Then, she looked directly at me.

Lamia : Collect and organize all the documents and come with me to the meeting.

I am going to the meeting with Lamia and Jack will be there. OH GOD!
For the first time I will be right next to him after working here two years. I will listen to how he speaks. I can listen to his laugh. Watch how he gets angry.

I go with Lamia to the meeting room.
Is the meeting room is very luxurious.
My job at the company is only to assist Suha. I assist Suha by reporting and classifying spreadsheets. So, I have never been involved in the CEO world.
Jack was waiting in a long corridor for Lamia.
Then, Jack looked at me and did not take his eyes off me.

Jack : How is Suha?

Lamia : She will be fine, I asked security to take her to the hospital to be checked over.

Jack : That's Good...

Jack still looking at me and narrowed his eyes. I see a flash in his eyes.
OH MY GOD! I felt a frightening jolt, right down to my toes as his brown eyes looked me up and down.

Jack : Who is this women ?

Lamia : This is Mary. Suha's assistant.

Jack : Mary...

Jack's voice was deep.
Then, he nodded and smiled at me as he followed Lamia into the meeting room. I blushed... I didn't understand what I was supposed to do in the meeting. My heart was beating so hard under my ribs and I felt my face turn red.
I entered the conference room, which was very large.
I approached Miss Lamia and whispered to her.

Mary : Miss Lamia... What do I do now?

Lamia : Now, you just sit down.

Mary : OK...

I sat down next to Jack's secretary. Jack and Lamia sat down and the rest of the board took a seat.
Jack was a few steps in front of me, I looked at him and I felt how close he was to me.

(Jack POV)

I met Lamia and I saw a beautiful woman with her. When, I looked at this beautiful woman, I felt like I have seen her before.
Although, I was seeing her for the first time. There was something wonderful in her eyes. I couldn't take my eyes off her.
Then, I asked who she was.

Lamia : It is Mary, Suha's assistant...

Jack : Mary...

I said her name as if it was a tune, which caused her to blush. Then, I smiled at her as we made our way to the boardroom.

OH GOD, I walked into the meeting room and I was a little tense.
I saw Sam sitting next to my father and uncle, looked as if he was struggling to convince them regarding the company merger. Sam looked at me defiantly. I sat down and looked at him, I don't care what he thinks. Everyone took their places.
My uncle Michael looked at everyone.

Michael : Hello everyone.
You all are aware that our company is one of the largest and most important companies in New York. We have always strive to be the first in entrepreneurship. Sam wanted to propose a merger with another company to the board. Sam has presented this is an offer for myself and my brother Chase.
Today we are here to present this proposal on the merger to the board of directors. It is up to the board to accept or reject the proposal...
Sam please present your proposal.

Sam got up and walked to the front of the table. Then, Sam turned to the display screen, he looked over at me and smiled sarcastically.

Sam : Hello everyone. Today will be a historic day for our company. We are here today to accept the merger that I am proposing. If you would look at the screen, you can see that this company's profit margins are increasing by millions of dollars annually. While, our profits margins has been only increasing by 40% over the course of the year.

Sam started showing fake files and deals that didn't even exist.
I started looking into my cell phones because I no longer wanted to listen to his stupid presentation that was full of lies.

(Mary POV)

Jack sat in silence, very indifferent to what Sam was saying.
After, Sam finished his presentation of his project and sat down. Lamia looked at me and asked me to hand out the documents to each of the member of the board of directors.
I started distributing the documents to the member of the board. Once, I got to Jack, I noticed he was staring at me. I stared back at him and all I could think about was how handsome Jack was.
What are you doing Mary?! Stop staring at him. I felt embarrassed and quickly returned to my seat.

(Jack POV)

Mary started handing out the files to us, and when she came to me, I could not help but look into her beautiful eyes. This woman is so beautiful. I felt a strange feeling, my heart was beating quickly in my chest.
Then, she was embarrassed and returned to her seat.
I stood up and looked at the member of the board of director with confidence and determination which I presented the truth.

Jack : The documents in front of you is proof that everything that my cousin Sam said nothing but absurdity and forgery. Therefore, I ask you to look through the documents in your hands. You will find the true budget of the company that Sam has proposed to merge our company.
The company Sam would like us to merge with actually is in deficit.

I looked at Sam.

Jack : I just don't understand why Sam you want to merge with a company in deficit?

Sam : What do you mean?

Jack : You are a liar. All the documents and files that you showed were fake and forged.

Then, Sam jumped out of his seat and started screaming.

Sam : You know what, Jack... Fuck you! FUCK YOU!!!

My uncle Michael and my father stood up.

Michael : Sam!!! Shut up, Sam... Come with me.

My uncle left the meeting room and Sam followed after his father.
My father came up and put his hand on my shoulder.

Chase : Well done, my son.

Jack : Thank you, Dad...

My father and the rest of the board of directors was leaving the meeting room.
Lamia looked at me and smiled.

Lamia : We have done well ...

Jack : Yeah...

Lamia : See you later, handsome.

(Mary POV)

The meeting ended with a quarrel between Jack and Sam.
I continued collecting all the documents.
Then, I noticed Jack was still sitting. Jack stood up and started to walk towards me.
My heart quickens. He got closer and closer to me until I could smell his cologne.
This was so amazing. I love that smell.
Then, Jack leaned over and whispered in my ear

Jack : You have beautiful eyes...

Jack's voice was so warm, he sent a shiver of pleasure to my heart.
He stepped back a little to look me in the eye. He smiled and it lit up his entire face. I stood in front of him, almost nose to nose and was breathing heavily.
OH MY GOD! Jack looked at my lips and whispered.

Jack : See you later, beautiful eyes...

I looked away to hide my embarrassment, my cheeks turned red.
I am staying away from him, but I really don't want to...

Mary : See you, Mr. Adams...

Jack smiled and winked at me and walked out of the meeting room.
Am I dreaming...!
CH.1 END....

Hello friends...🌸😊
I wanted to share my story with you.
I hope you like it 😉
Many thanks.🌸💕
A very special thanks to my friend Rainey...🌹

Samar Sy 🌸

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