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Magical love

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Its a mix between shapeshifter and a magic. the day Zinna's grandma died was the day her life changed.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

My day started off at school,it was okay but it went bad when I came home.

I came home to find my mom crying. I got her some tissue. When she stopped crying I asked her what was wrong and she said that grandma has passed away last night. I said “nooo,” cause even though she was mean I still loved her. My mom looked at me and said “yes, she is gone.”

A week later we was sitting at the funeral home. I looked outside and saw a cluster of sparrows, they were a midnight blue with a hint of red. I had saw them before at my grandmas. As we went to leave the sparrows flew to me. I looked at them and said “even though you probably don’t understand me i’m still going to say this you can follow us to bury grandma if you want.” I got in the car and mama asked me what was I doing talking to those foul beast. I said those birds always hung around grandma’s she looked at me like I had lost it.

The next day I went outside to get the dog untangled and the sparrows flew at me. They landed on the ground and bowed to me. I looked around to see if it was a prank. When a bird said “My lady we are ever grateful to you for you are our master now.” With that I fell down and fainted.

When I woke up the birds were gone. I ran into the house and went to my room and locked the door. A few minutes later my mom came and knocked. “Honey open the door you have a visitor” she called from the door. I went and opened up the door and behind my mom stood a boy with the most amazing black hair with red highlights. “Hello, my fair lady may we talk for a bit?” he asked. I said yes to this very handsome stranger. My mom walked away with a smile on her face.

“Who are you?” I asked when my mom was out of earshot. “My fair lady think back to earlier in the yard.” Said the handsome stranger. “You’re the crow from earlier,” I said backing up out of fear. “Yes I am the crow from earlier and my name is Körbl Aalam Crow. My lady.” “Why do you keep saying my lady to me Crow.” “Because you are a lady and that is how you should greet beautiful women.” “Okay it’s time for you to leave and stay the heck away from me. Good day creep.”

I went and shoved him out of the house and locked the doors. After I could think straight I went and told my mom to never let him back in or to talk to him. I went to bed that night and dreamt about me and him being crowned king and queen of the crows. Then the dream switched to me holding to very adorable twins. One was a boy who looked like me but had his eyes. The other was a girl who looked like him but had my eyes. I woke up to mom yelling at me to get ready for school.

I got ready for school wearing all black. When iI got to school people looked at me weird and whispered about me. I went to class sat down in my usual spot by the window. After class started there was a knock at the door and all the girls stopped talking. I knew that if they stopped talking it was a new kid so I looked up to find the boy from yesterday entering the class. “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome our new student Körbl Aalam Crow.” said mrs. Boring. I stared daggers at him as he sat down beside me with a smirk on his face. I didn’t pay attention to class for the rest of the day cause he was in every class I was in.

I got home and stormed up to my room before screaming out loud and throwing my pillows at the door. I heard tapping at the window and saw a crow tapping the window. I went and closed my curtains and turned my radio on to drown out the tapping. My mom came up later and asked if I would mind company I said “No.” She said to come downstairs and go to the living room. I went downstairs and found that jerk sitting in there. I automatically ran out of there and to my room. I fell asleep and dreamt the same thing again.

Mom yelled at me the next morning when I came downstairs. I ignored her and went to school. When I walked into class he was there in the seat beside mine with all the girls swarming him. I sighed and sat down in my seat. He turned and tried to talk to me making the girls shot daggers at me but I ignored him. Mrs. Boring being all so sweet decide to partner the class up for the rest of the year and guess who my partner was why it was none other than the jerk. I just had the best of luck. I am so lucky to have this kind of luck.

The day went by with every class where I was paired up with him. I told him that he needs to leave me the heck alone and he said he will if I would talk to him today after school. I said fine but he was to talk to me at gran’s grave. I went home and changed into the outfit at the top of the page. And told mom i was going to visit gran’s grave. She said okay but be home by 8. I drove there and got out and found him there surrounded by crows. He waved his arm and they flew away. “Hello Zinnia Nala Black. I am going to tell you why I will not leave you alone and why I know your full name.” He said without making me feel creeped out.

“You are a half blood shapeshifters and I am a full blood shapeshifter and in line for the throne. Your grandma was a full blood shapeshifter and was my guardian. And she had asked if I would look after you because your mom does not know of this world. I told her yes I would look after you and train you to be a guardian and a lady of the court since you are special to her. She was like a mom to me also since mine died after she had my brother who died a week after her.” He said with a look of sadness in his eyes. “I’m so sorry for you but I don’t want to believe you at all because it would mean that I was dreaming of the future and that would be crazy.”

“Wait you are dreaming of the future. If you are then that means you are going to change and become a true leader of my people and that would mean that you were born a full blood even though you are half human. It also means that you have to come back with me to my home and learn how to fight and be a royal.” “You are not taking me anywhere and I am tired of all this mumbo jumbo you are saying so goodbye you crazy lunatic.” I said running away from him.

I got home and saw my mom asleep on the couch with the tv on. I turned the tv off and went to bed. I feel asleep and dreamt about fighting some people who tried to end my life repeatedly and Körbl Aalam Crow came to the rescue and took me to his home. I woke up to tapping at my window and screamed because it was a crow that was different than the ones gran had talked to and kept at her house. I screamed and screamed until i could no longer scream. I fell asleep for 30 minutes before I got up and got ready to go to school. When I got to class Körbl was sitting in his seat he saw me and looked worried. I sat down and wrote him a note about my dreams and what happened last night. He wrote back on the paper telling me that he will find a way to keep me protected and that I should rest when I got home and if I wanted he would come over and watch over the house that night. I said it would be okay but he would have to come in and stay away from my dog who hates birds with a passion.

He came over and stayed with me while I slept a dreamless sleep. Mom called up at seven saying supper was done. He woke me up and told me this. We went downstairs and ate. After we was done I looked out the kitchen window and saw the bird from last night looking at me. I screamed and he and mom came running asking me what was wrong and I said that I saw a crow staring straight at me and it creeped me out. Körbl walked me back upstairs and told me that the crow was a shapeshifter also but he was evil. He stayed the night with me and I feel asleep happy and had a dream about him again but in the dream he was proposing to me.

I woke up in his arms and I smiled before blushing. I got up without waking him and went into the bathroom and got dressed for school. I went back in my room and woke him up by pinching his arm. He smiled pulling me close saying you’re lucky I don’t hurt you. I smiled before pulling away saying that he has to go get ready for school if he’s not going to leave me alone. He left to go change clothes before coming back to get me for school.

When we walked into class together and everyone looked at us as if we were aliens. I chuckled cause I knew why they were like this. It was cause I have never been seen walking with anyone before. Plus he was carrying my stuff for me. I smiled as we sat down and everyone started saying we must be dreaming this cause there is no way Zinnia is actually hanging out with a boy yet alone a hot one. I just blushed and ducked my head as they all realized it was not a dream and that I had done what they just saw.

All day classes went just like the first one and I just smiled by the end. I went home and found my mom talking to some men in the living room. I went in and asked who this person was and she said that he was the one in charge of gran’s will. He then said that gran left everything to me including her money. Mom looked mad at that and said that there must be a mistake because I wasn’t even old enough to take care of stuff and not responsible with my own life and money. Körbl knocked on the door as mom was saying all this. He came in and smiled at the lawyer and said “hey dad, how’s it going.” I looked at him and noticed the similarity. I chuckled and said “Mom you know you’re just mad cause gran liked me better and if you say or do anything that makes me mad I will move out and live at my own place and never give you a dime of the money.” At this the crows laughed at her while I just sat there smiling.

That week I moved out and moved into gran’s old place. Körbl’s dad helped me move and said that Körbl could stay if I wanted. “Sir why don’t he and some guards stay here with us since he will be king one day and it will be safer for us that way.” “Zinnia Nala Black how do you know he is a prince and he’s in line for the thrown?” He asked with worry in his voice. “I know all this sir because I dreamt it last week when we first met in human form and if you must know I was being crowned queen the same day as he was.” Both of them stared at me before walking out of the room and talking to each other. They came back in 30 minutes later with four boys our age and a man with his wife and two kids.

“Zinnia these four young men are yours and my son’s bodyguards and this couple will do the housework and help you learn about the courts and train you to be a strong leader.” “Okay but there is going to be some rules first I will have you all living here with me and the youngins are to keep this place full of laughter and joy. Second no one is to say my lady to me. Don’t forget that Körbl since the first day we met you been calling me that and you are to never say that again you will be addressing me as Nala from now on. Lastly I am not to be flirted with by anyone in school unless I am being bothered by someone who I and you don’t trust. Is that clear.” “Yes we understand” they all said at the same time. “Good cause I am starving and I bet these cuties are to right little guys.” “Yes Nala we are but we are also bored.” The twins said at the same time.

Since it was the weekend I decided to go shopping for things we needed plus toys for the twins. The one with reddish brown hair was kyle while the one with blackish blue was Asher. The twins came with us cause they were cute and it was fun having them around when I was overwhelmed with news. We went and got them toy cars and toy swords and bows and arrows. We got home and they dashed off to play with there new toys. I went to my room and found a dress on my bed fit for a princess and found the note attached saying it had been made just for me since I was a princess and that I would need it when I met my subjects. I smiled and put it away in my walk in closet. I changed into some pjs and laid down when Körbl came in and laid down beside me as if I wouldn’t care that he was doing this. I smacked him on the arm and said ask next time before coming in and doing what you wanted.

He smiled before pulling me close to him and saying he was glad he had met me. I blushed before kissing his check which caused him to blush. I laughed at that and laid down going to sleep. I dreamed about the twins and saw them playing and laughing as they watched me walking down the aisle to Körbl who was dressed in a tux and looked handsome in it. Then the dream switched to me being crowned and him also. I woke up to being jumped on by the twins who were play fighting. “Boys why are you in my room and most of all playing with the swords on my bed?” I asked with a stern voice. “Mom said to come get you since breakfast is done and we were having fun.” Asher said while kyle was hanging his head in shame. They left after that and Körbl was looking at me with a face of envy and shock cause he thought I was going to yell at the boys.

“Körbl if you don’t stop staring I am going to smack you so hard everyone will come running.” “Oops busted. I am going to get dress and come back with food for you Princess.” “You are now in trouble for calling me that your royal pain in my neck.” I said as he left my room. I got dress in some comfy clothes and sat back on my bed as he came in with my food and his also for some reason. He sat down beside me and told me how he liked me more than and that he was happy for me and that he hoped I liked him more than a friend also. I blushed cause somehow I came to like him as more than a friend over the last week. He noticed and smiled at me before he kissed me lovingly.

We broke apart and smiled before we went back to eating. We went downstairs cause my training started today. All the boys were waiting on us and when they saw us the wolf whistled at us. I told them to shut up or I will make their lives miserable. They shut up immediately after that and led us out doors to where they had sat up the practice area. I looked at all the weapons before going for the swords and daggers. They looked at me funny before I threw a dagger and hit the practice dummy right between the eyes.

Körbl looked proud of me and I just stared at the dummy. “I want to learn how to use the sword, dagger, and to have a go with the bow.” I told the trainer whose name was Dean. we practiced for 3 hours before I was allowed to rest. Körbl was still training when I left. Before I left I caught sight of his toned muscles. I sighed as I went to get a shower. When I came out the boys were still outside practicing. I went out back and sat down watching them and sighed at their toned muscles. As I sat there I thought of how a swim would be nice plus it meant I could stare at the boy’s muscles some more.

After the boys were done practicing I suggested we all go for a swim. They said yes and we all went separate ways to get changed. I changed into a blue and black bikini. Just as I got done changing Körbl knocked and came in. He was shirtless and in black and red swim trunks with flip flops. He stopped in his tracks when he saw me standing there in my bikini. I walked over to him and said “stare much boy.” He just moved aside for me to leave but not before I saw him blush harder.

We went outside to the in ground pool where we found the twins splashing everyone. I started to laugh as I saw the whole thing happen. It was funny until everyone stopped and turned to look at me. All of the males gulped for air cause they forgot to breathe when they saw me. “If yall don’t stop staring I will make yall wish yall was never born.” I yelled at them which made them remember how good I was with daggers. I chuckled as they all turned slightly pale. Okay let’s go have some fun I said as I jumped into the pool.

We stayed out there for an hour before it started getting dark. As we were leaving I kept feeling like I was being watched so I moved to stand in between all the boys as we made our way up to the house. When we all made it inside I told them I had felt like I was being watched and they went to check the perimeter. They came back finding nothing when out of nowhere a crow flew into the window. It hit hard and looked injured prior to hitting the window. I opened the window and brought it in.

“You poor poor thing are you alright” I said putting it carefully down on the counter. “I am badly hurt in my left leg and wing your highness” the bird said faintly. “Does someone know first aid if so help this poor girl.” I said calmly. They looked at her and found out she had a broken leg and that she had been hit by an arrow. After she was patched and in human form I asked her name. “My name is Cassandra Ramona Rane!” She said slowly still in pain. “Cass you can stay here tonight and restore your health.” I said earning glares from the boys.

With that I went to my room changing into some comfy dry clothes. I changed and laid down on my bed when Körbl came barging into my room with a look of anger. “Just who do you think you are barging into my room as if you have the right to.” I yell at him before picking up the dagger on the nightstand beside my bed. He stopped before saying why did I help her when we have no idea if she can be trusted. I said I did that because I love crows if you haven’t noticed. He just laughed at that catching the second meaning in what I had said. I smiled thinking of what I had just said . He laid down beside me rubbing my back. I fell asleep a few minutes after that.

I woke up the next day to people shouting. I went downstairs ready to yell at everyone. Only to find Cass and the twins arguing about toy swords and bows and arrows. I smiled before taking them and saying no toy weapons in the house. And with that they went silent. “Okay it’s time for breakfast so who’s going to fix it.”I yelled through the house causing everyone to come and tell me to be quiet. I laughed at them and said, “don’t make me mad boys or you all will be sleeping outside for a week. Asher and Kyle that means you also.” With that I went and laid back down in my room until my food was brought to me.

please let me know if you like it and point out any mistakes you find. thank you

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