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Magical love

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chapter 2

After I got done eating I changed into my workout clothes and went to train. When I got out there I found that it was set up to where I was training with arrows today. I picked up the bow and placed the arrow on the arrow rest and string. I then pulled back and eyed my target before letting loose and breathing. As all the boys looked at the target before shouting saying why are you so good at this stuff when you have never done this before. I just laughed because their guess was as good as mine. After 3 hours of hitting the target in the center without fail I was let go and do whatever I wanted.

I went and got a shower before going back out to watch the boys train. I watched as Körbl got beat up by Damon who was 2 times his size with Black hair that looked blue at times, and sea green eyes. I saw Cassandra staring at Damon and smiled cause I could tell that they would be good friends one day. I went back to watching Körbl as he was once again being beat up. I just chuckled as he got beat up by all four of our guard.

“Urgh! It’s monday morning and why do I have to go to school?” I asked. I was very mad for being woken up at 5 in the morning. Cass looked at me shyly with a evil grin saying, “Get up you have to show the new kids around school today. I will go get Körbl if you don’t get up, and give him a bucket of cold water.” I jumped up outta bed looking at her with a look that said mess with me before i’m awake enough to be messed with your gonna need to watch your back. She then ran out of the room scared. I heard her knock on Körbl’s door begging for help.

I got changed into some black skinny jeans with rips at the knees. My favorite dark blue tank top and black leather jacket. With my black combat boots and my hair was pulled up to look like a princess with a small blue and black tira in my hair. My makeup was done to look like it was barely there. After I was done changing I went to go get my breakfast to find it to be all my fave food. I grabbed some and ate it all by the time everyone else was ready to go. Körbl was staring at me the whole time I ate.

I drove everyone to school and helped them get registered for school and settled in class before the teacher came in class. She was shocked that we had some new students and that I knew everyone of them. “Class today we have five new students their names are Kael Bryant, Andres Ferdinando, Alexzander Zigmond, and Cassandra Rane.” she said with a look of confusion. The rest of the day went like that.

When we all got home all the boys were complaining about all the work we have for homework. We all did our homework and then they made me do some training. As if school wasn’t tiring at all. We went and practiced how to use the sword. Turns out i’m not that good at it. They taught me how to hold a sword correctly and how to keep my balance while running with it. After a hour I told them if they don’t let me rest then they were going to pay majorly for it. They let me go for the day but not before telling me I was going to be doing this and learning how to handle a sword until I mastered it.

The week went by fast after that and I was sore from all the damage I got in practice that week. It’s now saturday and they got me up at 5 this morning. I can now run with a sword without losing my balance but I have yet to master how to swing it without falling. They decided to give me a break from the sword and thought it would be fun to fight me. I can’t even hit one of them yet without being knocked down first. We have been going at this for 2 hours and I still have only hit one person.

I was not looking when out of nowhere I saw a fist coming at me when I knocked them off their feet and on their back. Without thinking I placed them in a headlock and didn’t let them loose until I heard everyone clapping. I looked up and realized what had just happened and looked confused because I have no idea in heck where that came from. The twins ran over yelling, “Nala just beat up the best fighter here and is my fave little mom ever.” I smiled at that knowing that they were like my own if I had kids that is. I must ask Körbl where their parents are. After I managed to beat up Damon practice went by fast.

Körbl was sitting alone under the tree by the back gate. I went up to him and said “may I sit down with you creep.” “Sure why not my lady.” He said with a grin on his face. I sat down and laid back into his chest and he wrapped his arms around me smiling. “I been meaning to ask where are ashers and kyle’s parents.” I felt Körbl tense up and I knew right then and there that something bad had happened to them. “Oh my god they are orphans aren’t they.” I say more than ask. “Yes they are and I took a liking to them so that’s why they are here with us. If I hadn’t taken them in the would be in a horrible orphanage right now.” he said with a look of sadness on his face. I turned and hugged him cause I could tell talking about this upset him.

I got up and made him come with me. I led us to his room and went in. I sat down on his bed and he sat down beside me. “Since we do end up together when this is all over maybe we could adopt them and then they could be ours and they could have a family.” I say with a serious tone and look. “Really you would do that but why.” “Simple they said that I was their fave little mom ever during practice. And beside I feel like they are my own sons anyway and since you like them and I do. It would just be the most logical thing to do when we are of age.” He looked at me with a new respect. I hugged him and he kissed me on the lips. Which led to something else.

I fell asleep in his arms with a smile on my face. When I woke up he was still asleep so I looked him over and seen no scars and that made me happy because of all the training he went through and all the injuries he came out with had never hurt him. I kissed him on the lips which woke him up. He smiled before pulling me close and saying he’s glad it wasn’t all a dream. I chuckled before getting up and sliding his shirt on and going back to my room to get some sleep in my bed. I went into my room and found the twins there looking scared.

“What’s wrong boys?” I ask with concern. “We had a nightmare about our parents and we thought we could sleep in here with you if you don’t mind.” They say with hope. “Yes you can sleep in here let me go get Körbl and then we can go to sleep.” I went and got him and we came back to my room and we laid down on either side of the boys. The boys went to sleep an hour later. Körbl and me went to sleep 30 minutes after the boys.

I woke up to someone hugged up to me. I look down and found Kyle hugged up to me and Asher hugged up to Körbl. I chuckled before waking up all of them. “Look here boys if y’all don’t wake up imma shove you all out of my bed in 10 minutes.” With that they all jumped up running to the door saying that I shouldn’t be so mean to them. I replied saying that they shouldn’t snore so loud at night keeping me awake. They left and I got dress for the day.

I went downstairs and found everyone eating. I smiled grabbing a plate and eating it. After I was done eating I called the twins to my room. “Boys what would you do if I said that I wanted to adopt you and raise you as my own.” “We would like that very much as long as you never left us.” They said with a tone of serious. “Will I guess it’s a good thing you agree seeing as to how I love you as my own. When school is out this year I will be of age to adopt you legally.” They screamed with joy causing Körbl to come running into the room.

“Oops, sorry for worrying you with all the screaming of joy. I was just telling the boys that I was going to adopt them at the end of the school year since it’s my last year in school and I will then be of age to adopt someone.” He told the boys to leave and then he looked at me sternly. “You should have told them that we agreed that we would both adopt them. Not just you.” “Look I had a dream about this and that we get married 3 years from now but I adopt them this year. So if you want to get mad then get mad but don’t take it out on us just go beat up the punching bag in your room. Now if you don’t mind I would like to be left alone for the day so good bye and don’t come back until tomorrow when we have school.” I yelled at him shoving him out of my room. I slammed the door before curling up in a ball on my bed falling into a deep deep sleep.

In my dream I was running in a forest with people yelling at me to stop or they were going to hurt the people I loved. I kept running until I could run no more. I fell down and begin to cry silently until there was no sound but the rain hitting the leaves. The dream then switched to the next day. I had gotten up and looked around to see where I was to find a small river and a bag with supplies in it. I looked around again cause that was not my bag at all. There was nothing showing a sign of anyone had been here during the night other then me. I was a little creeped out because of the bag of supplies but I was not going to complain because of it. So I grabbed the bag and went on my way through the forest. As I went through the forest I saw ravens and crows everywhere I looked and went. “Why are you here and where is here?” I yelled out. I got no reply to my question just a lot of birds fleeing from me. I turned around and saw the ugliest bird ever staring at me with a look of cruelty. I ran as fast as I could away from him and found myself on a road. I ran along the road for what felt like hours. I came to a store and used their phone to call home. When I got no answer I hung up and called my mom telling her to come get me from the store I was at. An hour later she showed up with the twins and we left. I woke up at that. I looked around and found the twins asleep in my bed. On the couch in my room was Körbl sound asleep.

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