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Story about two people who are stubborn as hell, the whole world can see their chemistry but they can't She is sweet, charismatic, turns head when she walks in but has no clue about it. She is a single mom of a lovely boy. And because of hard life she lived, she feels like no man in his right mind will pay attention to her. He is droolworthy, very cocky, arrogant, athletic, career driven but very territorial when it comes to people he care. Let's go through their journey of their first kiss, love, betrayal and the spark that only they can't see. He gripped my arm and turned me around in one swift motion. He pressed my body against his. His other hand moved under my chin to lift my eyes up to his, his eyes full of hunger, and was staring at me like I was his prey. I am going to kiss you Elizabeth, cause this is the only way I can think to shut you up without losing my temper, he whispered.

Romance / Erotica
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Matt: Chapter 1

I make my way to my dad's office this morning to listen to the same speech I've been hearing since I stepped on his shoe and was named the next CEO of our corporation about when was getting settled and garce him and mom with gazillions grandchilrens.

My mom dad being the Cliché romantic couples that you read in romantic nobles and see in those soapy hallmark movies. They met in middle school, dad was brat so mom really did not pay attention to him but dad being dad wanted what he wanted and that was mom who according to him was the most stunning woman he ever laid eyes on, who brought caos and calmness at the same time in his life which I find corny , I mean how can someone rile you up and give you sense of calmness at the sametime is beyond me.

My mom is the epitome of grace, I don't think she has one single mean bone in her body. She is the queen of our empire but if you meet her you would not guess that she comes from money, she just doesn't believing in flauting it. Her whole world revolve around me and dad. Dad being the love of her life and me being their only child. But as per Nanna , they wanted as many kids as humanly possible however, because of some complication during her pregnancy with me so, they could not conceive. Now 30 years later , they are taking that frustration out on me in name of grandkids.

After that repeat speech on family and how I need someone dialogue, dad finally told me the reason he called me this early not that I am not a morning person but I had to kick a absolutely fine specimen from my penthouse early in the morning when she was about to give me head.
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