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A princess and a middle class boy

BTS army winter
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Chapter 1

There used to be a princess.named Evelyne.she was very beautiful.there used to be a boy in her dad's empire.named Viktor.he was from a middle class family.

One day he fell in love with the princess.he used to send her letters but never got a reply.one day Evelyne also fall for him but, her family wouldn't allow her. She was scared. Her love for him was pure.

One day they tried to run.gaurds caught them. Emperor was very angry on his daughter. Evelyne talked to emperess too but she didn't apcepted that love story. Emperor forced his daughter to marry a Emperor of ulstead.she denied it. She truly loved Viktor. Her parents forced her to marry the emperor. They got married. Before this happen Evelyne got pregnant by Viktor, after her marriage her first child was princess lily. After 8 years, they both met. They both remembered how they used to be crazy in each others love. When Viktor first saw lily. He asked “ Hey, your loyal highness I'm Viktor may I know your mother's name”. Lily told Evelyne's name he hugged lily tightly and cried.he said her that “ I wanna meet your mother. Can I ?”. She took him to evelyne. she didn't told anyone that she has a rumour in her brain. While she was on her last breath, she just wanted to see the face of Viktor. Her daughter entered the room with Viktor. She was astonished. She tightly hugged Viktor and said “ I ALWAYS LOVED YOU THE MOST, BABY. I JUST WANTED TO MARRY YOU. LILY IS OUR DAUGHTER, YOUR AND MINE DAUGHTER,IM SOON GOING TO DIE, LOVE HER AS YOU LOVED ME ; I LOVE YOU BABE, I LOVE YOU” ( while they both kissed she died but her wish to see Viktor was fulfilled )

After that, Viktor took lily with her and lived a happy life with her.....💜
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