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I Always Knew (re-written)

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Ally was abandoned as a baby and taken in by a wolf pack even though she was not a wolf herself. They treated her horribly and abused her from a young age. She discovered that she had powers and the wolves feared her for it, but also used her powers for themselves. She was trapped and depressed and never spoke to anyone... she had tutors come and go. They taught her to read, write, and other skills but the wolves always seemed to kick them out. Will she ever get to leave this horrible place? WARNING: NOVEL MAY TRIGGER SOME READERS. 18 PLUS. READ WITH CAUTION. MENTIONS ABUSE AND VIOLENCE. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Romance / Fantasy
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I woke up in the cold room they had put me in. It was damp and smelled horrible and had only one small, barred window that was too high up to look out of. The walls and floor were concrete and there was no escape. There was a large steel door that lead to some stairs but it was always locked.

It wasn't always like this... when I was younger I lived with the wolves and they left me alone. But when they discovered I had powers they saw me as a threat and also used me to their advantage. I have the ability to heal, but it doesn't work on myself, and the ability to speak with the dead. They often had me heal their pack members and warriors but they always warned me that I was dangerous... that is why they locked me up. They said I could hurt or kill someone and that is the last thing I wanted.

I am only 8 years old and I do not understand why they have to whip me and beat me. My back is always sore with fresh lashings and it never stops. I have learned not to talk, to always keep my gaze on the ground, and to obey them... especially the alpha.

I don't get to see or speak to anyone except my tutors, the alpha, and his son. I am not supposed to speak unless spoken to. I did try to escape a couple times but that did not end well so I haven't tried since.

The alpha's son also scares me... he looks at me strangely, as if I am some sort of exotic animal at the zoo.

I had been using my healing powers often on the pack warriors but it was hard when I have been feeling so weak. They hardly feed me anything and I am sure that my body doesn't look right anymore.

I keep wondering what it would be like to be able to go outside and see the sun... it feels like so long since I have been out of this horrible room.

"Get on your knees" the alpha's voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "You know you are dangerous and because of that I have to limit your contact with other pack members... no one can know you exist" he stated.

I didn't say anything as he spit on the ground in front of me and left the room. I curled up into myself and started to cry. I was a mess... I had nothing to wear but rags and I used an old blanket as a bed. It often got cold down here...

I always wondered what had happened to my parents. Why did they leave me? I had tried to contact them using my powers but there was no answer... meaning they were still alive or their souls were just gone.

At least I had learned some things while I was here. I learned about the pack hierarchy and the basics like reading and writing. The tutors were very harsh with me but at least I had company when they were here. I hadn't spoken out loud in a while and I was worried my voice wouldn't work again.

I didn't know the name of anyone here or the name of the pack but that didn't really bother me. It was hard to believe that the alpha's son and I used to be friends until they locked me in here. Maybe he treated me differently because of the way I looked. I couldn't see myself but my hair was a tangled mess and I was covered in dirt and dried blood.

At least when darkness hit they left me alone and I had some time to recover. With how often they beat me I usually struggled to sleep. I wake up from every little noise... worried that it is them coming back to punish me.

I always cooperated in the healing... I learned the hard way that saying no to the alpha was always a bad idea. I had no clue where my powers had come from and I didn't really experiment with how to use them for fear I would hurt someone.

I wished I never had these powers... I wish I was a wolf like everyone else. Maybe then things would be different... maybe I wouldn't be locked in here and used as a punching bag.

But I couldn't fight... not anymore. I was too weak and it was pointless. The wolves were stronger and faster than me. I became depressed and isolated. I found it hard to focus on the lessons.

They used to send a doctor to patch me up after the beatings... but now they expected me to bandage myself. They didn't want to risk other pack members being around me. I was like their dirty little secret.

What if another pack had found me instead of this one? Why did it have to be this way?

I played with the dirt on the ground, drawing shapes absentmindedly as I tucked my knees into my chest.

*******2 years later*********

I sighed as the metal door opened. But when I looked up I saw an older lady I didn't recognize. I backed away in fear as she walked towards me. She sighed and looked at me with sad eyes. "Don't fear child I will not hurt you" she said gently "I am a witch, here to help with your powers. You can speak freely around me".

I looked between her and the door and shook my head no. "What is your name?" She asked me as she pulled over the single wooden chair and sat down. "My name is Esther" she smiled at me.

Could I trust her? I know this is probably a trap but I want a friend so badly "Ally" I said, my voice scratchy from not being used. I would probably pay for this later but I selfishly want someone to talk to... maybe I can finally have a friend and someone to talk to.

"Nice to meet you child. Can you tell me what they have done to you? You can trust me" she pried and I wondered just how much I should tell her.
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