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The Alpha King's Mate

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Zara is a human slave lorded over by a rouge werewolf and his sons. She only knows this life as her mum joined when she was little after her dad died. Forced mating, beatings and no technology is all the norm in this camp. When it is liberated by the Royal Pack and Zara's mum is the mate to the King's advisor, Zara decides to run off, no longer wishing to be under the boot of wolves considering how they treat humans.

Romance / Fantasy
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We’re all in position, waiting for me to give the command to breech this rouge settlement. Eight years it has taken to get this rouge-bastard Jake Hobbes found, far too long. But his cocky attitude has been his downfall; kidnapping humans and recruiting other lone wolves to become tools in his own little empire, set up in a neutral area, an hour’s run from the Royal Pack, over an hour by road.

He has a little over 100 wolves and humans in the settlement or cult would be more correct. The male wolves have been breeding any female; wolf or human, for him to raise an army. He has forced the wolves to accept him as their Alpha, so can easily control them; using fear is how he rules over the humans.

We had managed to get one of my men inside his pack; my warrior had agreed to breaking the pack link, making it look like he had been expelled from the royal pack. It allowed him to join the ‘cult pack’ and he has been feeding us information over the last month. This rouge wolf and his sons will be going down. The Council has signed off on it and the human authorities are standing by.

Us Werewolves have lived together with humans for a while now, we keep ourselves to ourselves and only cross-over if required, such as tonight. Most of the humans in this camp have been forced to bear children and if they are Were pups, they along with their parent will be rehoused in a pack to be supported by the wolves.

As soon as I was aware of what Jake Hobbes had been up to, I summoned him. Initially it started him grouping rouge wolves together, not doing anything under Were law for me to put a stop to it, which pissed me off. His arrogance, even then, meant I knew he was up to something. I had to bide my time and allow the council to build a case. Unfortunately, just as the council was about to arrest him, he took off with his followers, moving one step ahead of me due to a mole in my council. I have taken care of that traitor, so tonight we end this.

With numerous pack support, we had 150 warrior wolves here, no one was going to escape. This was going to be a well-executed plan; families would be returned and help provided to all. Jake, his three sons and another 10 wolves would be executed for their crimes of rape, murder, mate fraud, and an arm-length list of child abuse.

I prepared myself; my watch showed 0159. It was a clear night, but no moon. We had planned this down to the last detail.

0200 “GO,” I ordered through the radio. Shouts and screams rang out within the camp.

“This is Alpha King Xavier Rosen, this camp is against pack decree code 225. No one may leave this area until processed. Jake Hobbes, Julius Hobbes, Jared Hobbes and Jarvis Hobbes, you are all hereby summoned to answer to your Alpha King. The four men, one older, three younger were dragged out by silver chains.

“Jake Hobbes, Julius Hobbes, Jared Hobbes and Jarvis Hobbes; you are arrested under Were Law; you have kidnapped 18 humans and kept them here against their will. You or others under your order have raped and or murdered werewolves and humans…” I continued to list off the charges.

“Fuck you Xavier, you are not our Alpha King….” Jared Hobbes interrupts. “We have our own Kingdom now; we have whores on their knees for us……”

“Shut up boy,” his father lunges for him.

“Enough,” I shout. “We have more than enough evidence of your crimes,” I calmy state, before turning to look around the camp. “If anyone here wishes to say anything in defence of these men, please make yourself know to the warrior nearest you now.” Everything was quiet.

The current ‘wives’ of the Hobbes men sat grouped together crying.

“You bitches, you whores,” the middle son shouted.

“You have the right to appeal these charges, do you wish to enact this?”

“Fuck off, just kill us and get this over with,” Jake spat out.

“All those here present, have heard the charges against these individuals. With consent of the Were Council, they are sentenced to death.” I held up the signed decree.

They were before me on their knees, hands behind their back. I nodded and the senior Hobbes was released, he ran at me, his last efforts to try halting his death. He was no match for me, I gabbed him in a headlock and twisted. He fell to the ground. Dead!

The oldest son, tried to copy his father to no avail. The middle son, stayed on his knees, eyes bored into mine, just accepting his fate. Three down one to go. I don’t like this part, but I must remove this scum.

As I approach the youngest of the Hobbes family, he looks up at me with remorse.

“Can I please say some final words,” he asks. I nod.

He turns to where his so-called wife is. “I am sorry for everything I have done to you and others. I was not brave enough to fight my father and brothers. Please don’t tell my son how he came to be, just know that I do love him and hope he becomes a better man than I. I know none of you can forgive me, but I am truly sorry for all the hurt I have caused.”

He turns back to me and kneels, bowing his head. “Sorry my Alpha King.”

I halt a moment. “You are the only one to show remorse and apologise. It is for the Moon Goddess to forgive you in the next life, unlike your father and brother’s, who will not have our traditional burial rites presided over them, I will grant you that dignity,” I explain.

“Thank you, my Alpha King,” he whispers, just before I break his neck.

This camp is going to take time to sort out. Already, we’re getting everyone into different groups; humans, wolves and those with children. Due to the internees of the camp being afraid of males, especially wolves, I had transported via buses and cars, a large number of she-wolves, made up of warriors, trackers and support staff.

I have already explained that I will take wolves into the Royal Pack, and humans that have Were pubs, if that is what they wish, or they can go to another pack close to any family. I am also aware that a few of my wolves believe they have mates here, they are going to need a lot of support, especially if there is a child involved, however their wolf will accept the child as their own, as we are pack animals, we all feel the bonds of family.

My own wolf Dax is brisling, which I put down to everything going on, but I haven’t been able to speak to him before now.

“I think we could have a mate here,” he growls, “but I get a slight whiff of something, but it’s gone as quick, she may not be of age yet, but our pull to her is beginning.”

I have been waiting a long time for our mate, if she is here I will properly sniff her out, but I have a lot of work to sort out just now.

* * *

I can’t believe that those monsters are dead. I feel so relieved, yet petrified. Most of us only know this life, how will mum and I manage. I’ve been here since I was about five. My parents had me young, but mum managed to train as a nurse when I was a baby. My dad died in an accident and mum went into a deep depression, which was when she was coerced into joining The Republic Moon.

Mum was one of the first humans brought to the settlement and being a nurse gave her and me some protection, but we still had to cook, clean and all the manual stuff to keep the camp running. It was also why I had been left unmated and ‘married’. Mum had delivered the Alpha’s last grandchild safety after a difficult delivery and she was granted one wish, she asked that I be 21 before breeding. Any woman over the age of 18 could be rutted by a male, there were always screams and crying around the camp.

The ‘gifted’ as Alpha Hobbes called them were raised in a different part of the camp. Being trained by my mum to be a healer/midwife, I saw how the gifted were treated and most weren’t much better than us. In some ways worse, they did a lot of flighting, some getting really hurt, especially the little ones, having to fight other kids a few years older.

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and I was supposed to be ‘mated’ to Jared. I would be his 2nd ‘wife’. I knew this since my 16th birthday and not long after I tried to escape. I hardly managed to get out the boundary of the camp, when one of the guards caught me. I was tied to a pole in the centre of the camp, in front of the Alpha’s tent and given 10 lashes. I have the scars to show for it. I didn’t try again.

Mum was helping the Royal Were Pack; she had let it be known she was the camp midwife and could supply information about most of the people here, whose child was whose, etc. She had delivered nearly all the babies. I think Mum would manage in the big wide world, she knew what life was like outside of camp, she would often tell me about things, like a box with moving pictures and speaking to people over long distances using something I can’t recall the name of. We had to live a basic life here. The men hunted for food and supplies, we cooked it. We had to make our own clothes or at times a group of wolves would come back to camp with clothes, which were usually handed down over and over again.

There were no hygiene items here, when we had our monthly bleed, we had to stay in our tent and we used handmade pads. Mum had once told me about other things she used before our time here and that there were drugs to actually stop bleeds and falling pregnant. Mum was able to beg for pain medication and eventually the Alpha allowed it, but for only certain cases.

Most of the male guards had left, leaving the females behind, which made me and the others feel more comfortable. I was one of the few humans left at the camp, as my mum was here I had to stay. They were processing the families at another area and getting them placed into packs, so mum explained.

I couldn’t help but pace, I can’t explain the weird feeling I had. It was like pins and needles, but in my stomach. I wasn’t due my monthly bleed, so I didn’t know what it was, but it made me feel something, I found hard to describe. Excited yet scared.

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