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After The Lust Boat

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Chapter 2

The second night of our trip, I was having the most erotic dream. Marsha and I were actually on the cruise, vacationing together, and after a wonderful day swimming and snorkeling, we went back to our room to have sex. The wildest part was that the dream suddenly vanished, and I woke up with her gagging on my cock. I watched as she guided me in and out of her mouth. I wanted so bad to reach out and fondle her tits, but my balls were on fire and about to explode. The moment she rolled them between her fingers, I shot a load into her mouth so fast, that I never tapped her shoulder to let her know it was coming.

Marsha spit out the mouthful of my spunk and apologized for not swallowing. Truthfully, I didn’t rightly care, I mean, after all, I had my release, I felt great. I did however return the favor and munched on her pussy until she begged me to fuck her, which I was more than happy to do. I was extremely surprised though, when she asked me to cum inside her. I always thought it was normal to stress over pulling out in time, so that you didn’t lose it while you were still six inches deep.

We had sex several more times over the next few days, the most exciting was probably when we recreated our own version of the scene from Titanic, where they fuck standing at the bow of the ship. Well, they didn’t but we did. It was almost embarrassing when we were finished and turned around to see that we had been joined by several other couples, copying our idea.

At the port in Miami, when the time came to say goodbye, I was trying to contain my emotions. I had to deal with the fact that in just a short few days, this woman made me feel things that I hadn’t felt before, with anyone. I tried over and over to convince myself that it was real, but at the same time, it was difficult to believe, and Marsha had never said anything at all. I had no idea how she felt about us, or even if there was an us. Since I really do hate goodbyes, I just turned and disappeared into the crowd and exited the ship.

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