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Pronounced: Zaa - ri-yah PREVIEW "I am not done with you yet Zariayh," he whispered low. He hovered over me with only a towel loosely covering sections that my innocence dares to imagine. Water droplets still falling from his creamy toned skin making my lower region very soaked "Don't you think that it is only fair that you wear only a towel? Since you have seen me like this, shouldn't I have the same pleasure of doing the same myself?," he questioned, his perfectly shaped eyebrow raised up as he pulled his head back to see my reaction. "I mean this uniform already leaves little to no imagination of what is underneath. I only would like the pleasure and delight to see all those curves yes?" he said with a smirk still plastered on his perfect face in a nonchalant way as if having a normal conversation with a friend. "Yes.'' I sad sleeplessly and in a trance to his heavenly voice. "I- I mean no- I mean I-I-I don't....,'' I stuttered. He laughed. "I see that forming sentences is something that troubles you. Don't worry I only need to hear are your screams and moans from your mouth if that makes it easier for you. Although I would love it if you screamed or moaned my name once in a while too.'' He winked. This caused me to unintentionally squeeze my legs together and my chest to rise and fall down fast. I am finding it very difficult to breathe. Did I just hear him say that?

Romance / Humor
Miss. xox
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At 23 years old, Zariayh is a beautiful, curvaceous, intelligent, and kind woman born to a beautiful proud Zimbabwean-African mother and a powerful werewolf in a world where werewolves were the dominating species serving under the rule of the new alpha king. Not only being mixed race but mixed-species, she tries to find her own independence in a world that she finds difficult to truly fit in and embarks on a journey filled with anguish, happiness, and love, lots of love.

Mates were destined to be together. Bonded by a special, physical, and spiritual connection. Zariayh’s father had found his mate, except it was not her mother.

He has three children with his mate, a family, a life.

You see when you find your mate and accept them into your life and heart, there is no one else you desire to be with. At least that is how it is supposed to be and Zariayh’s father was fully and wholeheartedly in love with his mate.

And yet he was able to find love again when suffered from amnesia, losing his long-term memory. His heart was opened once again because his mind had made space for new possibilities.

There is great pain that comes when you do not know who you are or where you belong. He was suffering until he met Zariayh’s mother who in a way saved him when she showed him love, joy, and happiness that felt very familiar with, yet had no recollection of.

With this new love came Zariayh, who despite being born in difficult circumstances, was a product of pure, real innocent love.

Soon her father’s former life returned back to him. His wife, his mate, the strong connection they shared, and his children which he knew he had to return to. Except for this time he had a new addition to his family that he promised to never forget and keep on loving- Zariayh. After all, a blessing, no matter what form it may come in, is still a blessing nonetheless. And she is. Let’s hope that she always knows that.

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