Eternal Academy: Year Three

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After defeating the fae king it's about time Catalina and her mates get a break, right? Wrong. The gods decide they now want to meet her, and there's one in particular that's very persistent and will stop at nothing to get their hands on her. Will Catalina have time to master her godly powers and bond with all her mates before the first wave of attacks hit? Find out in year three! The academy book were the student is rarely at school!

Romance / Fantasy
Queen Vega
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The cell slams shut with a sound of finality. I cringe, watching the angry guard march away. This is so not good.

"What you in for rookie?" My spine stiffens, unaware someone else was occupying the room. If Lucifer ever finds out I didn't secure my surroundings, I'd suffer another month of training.

My new cellmate was huge, and I mean huge as in packed with muscles. She had blonde hair and her body is covered in tattoos. At one point in life I'm sure they mistook her for a Barbie, but now? Looks like she ate Barbie. I cross my arms, pinning her with a glare. Show no weakness. "I don't believe that's any of your business." Something else occurred to me just then. This was a human prison, with a roommate Kol wouldn't be able to visit me. I had to get rid of her. Or get myself out of this cell.

I eye her once more. She seemed friendly enough, unlike the other inmates I saw on my way in. But friendly or not she was put here for a reason, and it'd be smart for me to remember that. Considering I now have to kill her.

She lays causally on the top bunk, one leg hanging over the side. Killing her will get me a one way ticket to the hole. Once there I can get into contact with Kol and find a way out of this mess.

I push back my lycan that jumps at the thought of a fight. She was so bloodthirsty. But there was no reason to use her against a human, even though she's twice my size. Alright, time to see if Jayden's fighting lessons paid off.

Marching forward I wrap my hand around her ankle, giving it a hard yank. "What the hell?" She curse when she hits the floor. I jump back, getting into a fighting stance. Jumping to her feet she glares at me, murder in her eyes. "You're going to pay for that fresh meat."

Grinning, I cock my head. "Oh yeah? And who's going to make me?" With a battle cry she charges me like a bull, literally. I grunt as her head makes impact with my stomach. Holy cow I wasn't ready for that. Why is her head so hard?

I fly back against the metal bars of the cell, my head smacking against it. A low growl vibrates my chest, but once again I push my lycan down. I got this.

Rolling to the side I avoid her oversized foot smashing my head. Grabbing her leg I yank hard, making her crash to the floor. Leaping up I straddle her stomach pulling back my fist, then hesitate. Can I really murder her in cold blood, even though she's done nothing to me?

My moment of hesitation costs me, she bucks me from her body. I roll then crouch, readying myself. "Let's just call it even," She huffs, obviously not one to be in many prison fights. I guess her hardcore looks deters them away. "I don't want to end up in the hole."

I grin. "That makes one of us." With a snarl I charge.

I pace the small room, if you can call it that, trying to get ahold of Kol once again. "Kol damnit!" Kol Kol Kol Kol Kol. Again I get no response. Wtf? I try to think of who else can get ahold of him, without him attacking them in the process. Which of my mates did he like the most?


"Catalina! Where are you?" The worry in his voice let's me know I'm in deeper shit than I thought. "Lucifer says to unblock him." I shake my head, forgetting he can't see. There's a reason I have everyone blocked from my thoughts.

"Mateo, I need you to get ahold of Kol. Where is he? He's not answering me." I stop my pacing, choosing to lean against one of the dirt packed walls. The "hole" turned out to be an actual hole. Almost ten feet deep in the back of the prison. The only way out was the ladder they used to put us down here. Lucky for me we're in California, so I won't have to worry about freezing to death out here. Maybe just a heatstroke.

"Lucifer has him." I sigh, of course he does! Why do I always forget that Kol works for him? "He wants your location and knows he has it. Catalina where are you?"

"Tell him to let Kol go, or I'll never see any of you again!" With that last thought I break our connection. I needed Kol, but I also needed them to work together. There's no way I'm doing life in prison. All those people I killed, they deserved it.

"Orange looks good on you." My head snaps up. Kol grins down at me from the opening of the hole.

"Kol! Get down here before someone sees you." He chuckles, then a second later black shadows appear in front of me, and he steps from them slowly. Without warning I throw myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck. It's been twenty four hours since I've seen him or any of my mates, I needed the contact.

His arms come around me, squeezing me to him. "Sorry I took so long, the devil held me up." I laugh, which comes out more like a sob. My arms loosen but I don't let him go. "As much as I would love to stay like this forever, nothing more romantic than hugging in a hole," he jokes, untangling my arms from his neck. "But we have business to take care of kitten."

"Right," I step back, letting my hands fall to my side. The corner of his mouth twitch, and he reaches out to snag one of my hands. "let's plan a prison break."
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