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Eternal Academy: Year Three

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After defeating the fae king it's about time Catalina and her mates get a break, right? Wrong. The gods decide they now want to meet her, and there's one in particular that's very persistent and will stop at nothing to get their hands on her. Will Catalina have time to master her godly powers and bond with all her mates before the first wave of attacks hit? Find out in year three! The academy book were the student is rarely at school!

Romance / Fantasy
Queen Vega
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Chapter 14

I brush past my mates, darting up the steps to the nearest bathroom, which happens to be Lucien’s. Making my way to the mirror. Another one could only mean one thing. I skid to a halt, staring wide eyed at my reflection.

“Catalina!” I ignore Lucifer’s thundering voice, tracing the outline of my tattoo. New tattoo. Holy cow.

It’s a vine of thorns. The stem starts in the center of my neck, then branches out wrapping all the way around. Seven thorns along the vine. What does this mean? Another mate? But what supernatural relates to thorns?

“I swear you’re a handful.” I turn to glare at Lucifer, as he casually leans in the doorway.

“I didn’t ask for this!” I didn’t get the chance to decide if I wanted a tattoo! Or another mate, or any mates. It’s like my life has been non-stop ever since I shifted into that wolf.

“No, you didn’t.” He steps into the bathroom, walking until he’s directly next to me. I stand there as he uses a finger to trace my tattoo, causing goosebumps to appear along my flesh. “These seem familiar, like I should know who it is.” He continues following the pattern, a thoughtful look on his face.

“No wonder you were in a rush.” Nick smirks from the doorway he just appeared in. “If you wanted her alone you could’ve just said that.”

“If I wanted my mate alone I wouldn’t need to tell any of you anything.” He drops his hand from my neck, taking a step back. I frown, whenever I think we’re getting closer, he takes two steps back.

“I know why he’s holding back.” Lucien walks into the room making a beeline for me. His eyes zero in on my neck. “What’s this?”

Why is he holding back? Not wanting the whole room to hear our conversation I ask that directly to him.

Kol isn’t the only one filled with darkness. His powers and the burdens that come with it, let’s just say I desperately want my lycan back. His answer fills me with a sense of dread. What is Lucifer keeping from me?

“A new tattoo, maybe even a new mate.” Sebastian’s voice pulls me from my thoughts. I forgot Lucien asked me a question. Gosh, how weird I must’ve looked to the others standing staring into space and not answering his question.

He spins to face Jayden. “Is this your doing? Another one of your tricks?” He demands. I yawn, suddenly feeling drained. Why does it seem like we’re just going in circles with this conversation?

“We’ll discuss this in the dining room, for now let’s give Catalina time to rest.” I want to argue with Lucifer that I don’t need rest, but my body says otherwise. Jayden and Sebastian leave with no questions. Nick hangs back long enough to peck me on the lips, then leaves. But Lucien takes this moment to confront Lucifer.

“You’re hurting my mate with your distance.” He growls, making me blush with being exposed. Damn him.

Lucifer eyes shift from him to me. “She’s fine.” His words cause a slight ache in my chest that I try to ignore.

“I’m the one with your powers, there’s no reason to hold back.” He gives me a little push towards him. “You’ll never get this chance again. So either take it or man the fuck up!” Why does it feel like I’m being used as a virgin sacrifice? And I’m not even a virgin.

Before I have a chance to rip into Lucien, he leaves the room. Obviously proud of his “get busy with me” speech. I huff, going to his closet to find a shirt to sleep in.

“Are you planning to sleep in here?” I jump, having forgotten he was still in here.

He’s moved from the bathroom to the bedroom door. Most likely not planning to stay but wanting to know my whereabouts like always. “I was, I mean since I’m already here.”

“Mhm, sleep with me tonight.”

My cheeks heat at his words. “What?” I sputter. Oh my god did Lucien’s words work? Does he want to get closer? Wait does he want to have sex? Is it safe for me to have sex? I wonder what-

“To sleep Catalina, that’s it.” He gives me a bored look, no doubt having picked up on my thoughts. If possible, my face gets even more hot.

“Right.” I grab one of Lucien’s oversized hoodies. They always fit me like a hoodie dress. “I’ll meet you in the hallway.” He arches an eyebrow at my words, but leaves the room.

At first I thought Lucifer was distant because he was busy keeping my mates and I safe. Now, I wonder if it’s something else. Something that has to do with his powers. Soon as I wake up I’m going to hunt down Lucien and demand answers from him. But for now I'll sleep covered in his scent.

Lucifer is still waiting for me in the hallway when I step out. “Has anyone ever called you just Luc? Lucifer is such a mouthful.”

“If they did they’re not alive today.” He answers, falling into step with me.

“Good to know I’ll be the only one then.” I smirk at him. I wasn’t kidding about Lucifer being a mouth full. He sighs, like being called a nickname is pure torture. At least he didn’t deny me the option.

Lucifer has a spare bedroom directly next to mine. Apparently his main one is the mansion somewhere and he refuses to tell us. ”I don’t want more unwanted guests in my living space.” His very rude words to us the day we discovered this. I just assumed that excluded me, you know being his mate and all. But I was wrong.

“Should I tie myself to the bedpost to make sure I don’t touch you in my sleep?” I joke, flopping down on his bed.

“I didn’t know bondage was a kink of yours.” Calmly he walks to the dresser, pulling out a pair of boxer shorts and nothing else. Maybe I will need to tie myself up if that’s what he’s going to sleep in. “Such a dirty mind.”

“I think that’s more of Kol’s kink.” I say, ignoring his comment. It’s a shame when you have no privacy in your own damn head.

“Do not speak of the demons sexual preference to me.” My mouth goes dry with a response at the sight before me. His back muscles flex as removes the white shirt he wears underneath his suit. Unmarked tanned skin is all I see.

He unbuttons his pants and I bite my lip to keep from moaning as he bends over to pull them off. Now I see why he’s the king of sins. “You have drool on your mouth.”

I wipe my mouth without thinking. It takes me a moment to realize he’s not even facing me. I start fake coughing to cover up my mistake. “Don’t flatter yourself.”

Looking over his shoulder he winks at me, grabbing his boxers and a towel heading into the shower. I fall back against the bed. He was teasing me with that strip show. There’s no reason he couldn’t have gotten undressed in the bathroom, with the door closed and away from my perving eyes.


I roll my eyes at Lucien’s nickname. Calling me pup when I know my lycan is stronger than his.


Are you naked? I snort.

Why would I be naked Lucien?

Listen to me pup, cause apparently your stubborn ass mate won’t. Lucifer needs you. He sounds worried, and not like my possessive lycan.

You all need me, that’s why we’re mates.

If you don’t mate with him now pup you’ll never get the chance. You are truly half of his soul, more so than the rest of us. There’s a piece of him missing and it’s slowly starting to fill with darkness. I know that piece has to be you.

I bite my lip, suddenly getting worried. How do you know all this?

His powers, they hold his secrets, and his memories. I know more about him than I’d like to. Like how he’s scared to mate with you because he believes his darkness will consume you. But now I’m in control of that darkness.

So you want us to mate now because there’s no barriers? Nothing to hold him back. I sit up in bed, looking towards the bathroom. Can I really do this? Convince Lucifer to mate with me?

Of course you can, no one can deny that ass luv. Kol butts in.

Shit I thought this was private. Lucien mutters.

No worries wolf, your lycan let me into this conversation.I start to feel antsy the longer this conversation carries on. He’s not going to be in the shower forever.

You can do it kitty, just go in there and start sucking his dick. If he pushes you away I can confirm he’s not your mate and kill him. I shake my head at him. Kol and his romantic words.

Getting up from the bed I nervously make my way to the bathroom.

Wait! Kol shouts, making me since.What are you wearing?

Really demon. Lucien hiss.

This is important! Don’t go in wearing something belonging to your other mates. Not the best ego booster. He does have a point.

Should I put on one of his shirts?

There’s no point, the goal here is to get you naked. Lucien argues.

Shut up wolf, most men like unwrapping their gifts. Kol snarls back. I stand there awkwardly in the middle of the room.

He’s in the shower already, you think he’s going to get out to undress her then get back in? I wait for Kol to respond but he’s silent for a few seconds.

You’ve won this battle wolf, but you won’t win the war. I giggle at his words.

Take the shirt off pup, leave your panties on.

No take everything off, show him what he’s missing out on. Once again they start going back and forth, giving me a headache.

Both of you just shut up and go away! I’ll handle things from here. Pulling the shirt over my head I toss it to the side, then remove my underwear.

Kol sniffs. Our little girl has grown up into a beautiful whore.

I blush at his words. Fuck off Kol!

Love you too kitty! Now show him what that mouth do!

God, kill me now. Lucien sighs. I stand there for several more minutes to make sure neither one of them will be listening in.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly open the bathroom door. The room is steamy, making it hard to make out much in the shower. All I can see is the outline of his body.

Before I lose the courage, I quickly walk over to the shower. Taking another deep breath, I slide the door open and step inside.

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