Eternal Academy: Year Three

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Chapter 1

“Duck!” I crouch to the ground, avoiding a fist to my face. Calling on my lycan, I retaliate with an uppercut. Kol stumbles back, grinning. “Good, but not quick enough.” I roll my eyes at Lucifer’s words. He walks over to the two of us from the sidelines. Kol takes off his boxing gloves, handing them to him.

A sigh leaves me watching Lucifer put them on. Yup, I’m going to be sore tonight. Kol pulls his punches, I know it Lucifer knows it, hell all my mates know. But Lucifer? He doesn’t know the meaning of take it easy I’m not actually your enemy. ”In addition to having powers and strength, the gods are gifted with speed. Faster than any vampire living.”

He moves into a fighting stance, and I copy him. “Even faster than you?” He smirks, then shoots toward me. I swallow the scream that threatens to come out, diving to the side. Before I get the chance to right myself, I’m pinned against the floor on my back. The air leaves me in a whoosh, a body full of muscles on top of me. “Get off!”

“That’s your job.” He grins, shifting his weight. I shove at his chest, but he doesn’t budge. “The gods aren’t going to get up for you. Make me move! Use that power inside you.” My breathing turns erratic.

“You know I can’t!” Ever since that day I’ve had trouble connecting with my God side.

He stares down at me, eyes completely black. The first time this happened it scared the hell out of me. But apparently it only happens when there’s too much emotion involved on his end. “Because you’re scared.” He whispers, placing his hands on either side of my head.

I struggle to get from underneath him. The sudden urge to get away hitting me like a freight train. Being around Lucifer was smothering, with all the power he posses. “I’m not.” My voice sounds weak, even to my own ears.

“You are!” He snarls, face getting closer. Tears threaten to spill, I blink rapidly. “You’re still fighting it.”

“Hey! Ease up on her.” Kol pushes him off me, and they get into a glaring match.

“Know your place demon.” He snarls, holding a hand out to me. How he can be threatening and a gentleman at the same time baffles me. After pulling me up he steps back, removing his boxing gloves. Oh boy. “Again.”

Everything aches, from my hair to my toes. “I actually think he was taking it easy on you.” I glare at Kol. No way in hell was that taking it easy.

“And I think you should be locked in a white room somewhere.” I hold out my sponge and he adds another glop of soap to it. If I wasn’t in so much pain I’d protest having him in here while I took a bath. But right now even my brain hurts, it wasn’t worth it. The extra help was a blessing.

He chuckles, eyes darting to my chest area once again. He’s been stealing glances ever since he sat down on the toilet. “When’s the last time we hooked up?”

Raising my hand, I flick water on him. “First of all, you’re a pig for saying that. And secondly, as my mate we don’t hook up, it’s called making love.” My cheeks heat on the last part. So far the L word hasn’t been mentioned in our relationship. Did he love me? I knew he was slightly obsessed with me, but how deep does his emotions go?

“Why that look?”

I snap out of my thoughts. “Huh?” He doesn’t answer, instead pulls a blue lolly from his pocket. “Don’t you get tired of eating those?”

The corner of his mouth lifts. “I could eat you instead.”

Before I can make a retort the bathroom door bursts open. Kol jumps to block me and I let out an embarrassing squeal. Can’t a girl get some privacy around here? “The vamp is here to feed.” Lucifer says, closing the door behind him. With him on our side. Wtf?

“Hello? Can you leave?” Having Kol here was one thing but Lucifer? We’re not quite there yet.

He smirks, crossing his arms. “Yes Kol, leave us.”

“I didn’t mean-” the door opening again cuts me off. This time Sebastian stands there, looking pale and well, hungry.

“Catalina.” He growls. Privacy means nothing to these people.

Lucifer turns to him, eyebrow arched. “Didn’t I leave you in the throne room? How did you find us?” Sebastian stares pointedly at me, the tip of his fangs slipping past his lips. Oh he’s hungry hungry.

“If you guys don’t mind,” I gesture to the open door. “I’d like to get dressed.” So much for a relaxing bath to ease my pain. My muscles still ached, and now I have to feed my vampire. They all leave silently.

"Catalina." I smile, climbing from the tub.

"Yes my sexy dragon?" It’s been days since I seen him and my other mates. Ever since I left the academy to hide out in hell. I missed them, but it was best they kept their distance. Until we figured out this God situation. I didn’t want to put them in danger. Well, anymore danger.

"I want to see you." My heart soared hearing those words.

"I want to see you too." I bite my lip, wrapping a towel around me. "I’ll send Kol to get you after class."

"Lucien too, his wolf is going crazy without his mate. He’s gotten into four fights today." Shaking my head I smile, I’m not surprised.

"How’s Nick?" Unlike Mateo and Lucien, Nick hardly reaches out to me with the mind link. It’s been radio silence on his end, and something about that leaves a dark feeling in my gut. Mateo doesn’t respond, making me frown. "Mateo?"

"I have to go, class is starting." My frown deepens. He just avoided my question. I step out of the bathroom, getting ready to force an answer from him. When I spot the shadow lurking in the corner of my room.

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