Eternal Academy: Year Three

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Chapter 2

Sebastian steps from the wall he was so creepily hiding against. "God, you almost gave me a heart attack." Hand on my chest I head for the closet. Since I left the academy Lucifer made sure I had my own space filled with everything I needed. Only downside to living here is his room being right down the hall from mine. "I thought you were waiting downstairs with the others?" I call out, dropping my towel in exchange for some underwear.

I've just finished sliding them on when I feel a presence behind me. I spin around, arms across my naked chest. Sebastian stands directly behind me, eyeing me like the last slice of pizza. "Catalina." He purrs my name while glaring. I take a step back and he follows, taking a step forward.

"Are you ok Sebastian?" His eyes squeeze shut, like hearing my voice is causing him physical pain. Well, that's not insulting or anything.

In a flash he's on me, strong hands gripping my arms. I squeak in surprise, forgetting to cover myself. His eyes zero in on my exposed flesh, fangs lengthening. "Wait-" his mouth covers my left nipple, fangs sinking into my plump flesh. My scream cuts off into a moan as I fall against him. He moves his arms to wrap around my waist, pulling me closer.

The more he feeds the more aroused I get. Soon I find myself reaching for him, slipping my hands in his slacks. He stiffens as I grip him, then relax as I stroke him slowly. His other hand finds my right boob, giving it a rough squeeze. I moan, throwing my head back and increasing my pace. After a moment I just hold him, over run with pleasure I can barely move.

With a growl he rips out of me. Grabbing my hips he turns me toward the wall. I brace myself against it as he yanks my underwear down. In one shift move he enters me from behind, sinking his teeth into my shoulder at the same time. I scream in pleasure, bucking back against him.

His fangs sink deeper the harder he thrusts. Now I know he's biting for pleasure and not food. As if to prove my point he sinks his teeth into the other shoulder.

It's not long before I feel myself getting close.

His cold hands dig into my hips, holding me steady as he goes deeper. I clench around him, my thoughts shattering as I come. Sebastian follows me soon after, holding himself in me as he finds his release.

We're both panting, coming down from our orgasm. I lean against him, completely spent. He holds me for a while, then bends to pull my underwear up. Completely ignoring our fluids leaking out of me. But I'm so weak I can hardly move. Between training and now this?

As if reading my thoughts, he scoops me up, carrying me to the bed. "Wait, I need a shirt." Lucifer's servants enjoyed busting into my room unannounced and without knocking.

"You're fine." Placing me on the bed he moves in behind me, covering us both in the oversized blanket. Wrapping his arms around me he pulls me back into his chest, making sure his arm is covering my nipples. I want to debate sleeping, knowing Kol and Lucifer are waiting for us. But the moment my head hits the pillow, I can't keep my eyes open.

The sound of a door slamming jolts me awake. I look over my shoulder towards the door, right into the fuming face of Lucifer. "Hi." I squeak, taking note that Sebastian is no longer in bed with me.

Crossing his arms an aura of malice leaks from him. "I told you to be downstairs an hour ago."


"Only to find you still in bed freshly fucked and smelling like blood." I cringe. He can smell blood? Gosh it's going to be awkward when I get my period.

My eyes narrow, not appreciating his tone. "Well that's what happens when my vampire gets hungry."

Growling eurpts from in the room. "Get dressed now, and don't keep me waiting again." He turns to leave, but of course I have to get the last word in.

"Or what?" He stops midstep, the temperature in the room dropping several degrees. But I'm not scared, he is my mate after all. Plus if he harms me, I have five other mates that will return the favor.

"Have you ever been spanked little goddess?" He doesn't face me as he asks the question. My body heats up, suddenly breathing becomes a little harder. Did he just say he wants to spank me? Am I dreaming right now? "Get dressed and let's go," he grits out. "Your mates are waiting." Leaving the room he slams the door shut behind him. I fall back against the bed, taking in much needed air. He is so hot and cold that half the time I wasn't sure if he liked me or not. Most days the answer seemed like no.

Shaking my head I slip out of bed and into my closet once again, grabbing some shorts and a tank top.

Five minutes later I'm walking down the stairs heading to the throne room. Lucifer held all his meetings here, sitting on his throne the entire time like he doesn't have a care in the world.

"Shouldn't you be at school bloodsucker?" I pause at the door, hearing Lucien on the other side. A smile lights up my face as I yank the door open. My eyes find him instantly, my lycan always knowing how to find her mate. "Little pup."

"Lucien!" I take off across the room towards him, jumping into his awaiting arms. "I missed you!"

"Not as much as I've missed you." He buries his face in my neck inhaling deeply, chest vibrating in content.

"I agree with his statement, he's definitely missed you more." Lifting my head from his shoulder I spot a grinning Mateo. My heart swells at the sight of him. I try to remove myself from Lucien but he growls in protest.

"Lucien." I warn, the man sucked at sharing.

With the deepest sigh in history, he places me back on my feet. "You're lucky I like you dragon." He growls, watching me step around him to greet Mateo.

I pull him into a hug, squeezing him so hard you'd think I was trying to merge us together.

"How come you never greet me like that?" Kol asks, pouting at our embrace.

"I can't miss you if I see you everyday." I roll my eyes, stepping back from Mateo but entwining our hands.

"You forgot a mate." Lucifer calls from his throne. Kol snorts next to me, and I look around searching for Nick. My eyes land on a stoic Jayden standing still as a statue by the door instead. I didn't even see him when I came in.

"He positioned himself by the door so he'd be the first one you noticed." Mateo whispers in my ear. "But if you confront him he'll deny it." I giggle. "Go give him a hug, he's been almost as angry as Lucien lately." I glance over at him standing next to the door like a centaur. Jayden hasn't accepted our bond and I haven't bothered forcing him. But if what Mateo's saying is true then maybe I should.

Before I lose my nerve I make my way over, and he watches me the whole time. "Hey." I say, stopping in front of him. He nods his head in greeting, making me roll my eyes. "I'm going to hug you now." Cutting off the protest I know is coming, I wrap my arms around his waist, laying my head on his chest. Ignoring his stiffness as he wraps one arm around my waist. Such a stubborn mate. This is the most awkward hug I've ever participated in.

"Alright enough of the lovey dovey bull shit," Lucifer says, just having to open his ignorant mouth. "I brought you all here for a reason, and it's not to put your paws all over my mate." Lucien growls, making sure to announce his displeasure.

I start to move towards him, only for Jayden's arm to tighten. I look up with a question, but he's staring straight ahead avoiding my eyes. I smile in triumphant, he definitely missed me.
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