Eternal Academy: Year Three

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Chapter 3

“And what might that reason be?” Lucien asks, side eyeing Jayden and his arms around me. From the look in his eyes he’s about two seconds from snatching me away.

“The gods that are hunting our untrained mate.” I narrow my eyes at Lucifer, that last part was unnecessary.

Lucien gets serious at the mention of other gods. “You’ve gotten word about an attack then?”

“Not exactly,” Kol walks to the center of the room. I don’t know who fights for the spotlight more, him or Lucifer. Must be a demon thing. “One God has arrived to Earth.”

I gasp. “Which one?”

“It seems Artemis wishes to take a crack at you.” I rack my brains trying to remember what she’s goddess of. Jayden stiffens behind me.

“The hunter.” He says, arms tightening around me. “Where is she?”

Kol clicks his tongue. “Squeeze my mate any harder and we're going to have some problems fallen.” His top lip lifts into a snarl.

All at once Jayden releases me, pushing me gently in Mateo’s direction. I turn around to give him the stink eye. We’re back to denying then?

“Her last known location was New York, she seems to be making her way towards the school.” Taking a seat in his throne he beckons me over. I raise an eyebrow.

Lucien nods. “Good, then she has no idea where Catalina is.”

“We’ll annihilate her the moment she gets there.” Jayden declares, his wings rustling behind him. I wonder why he never puts them away. Can he put them away? I’m almost certain Lucifer has wings but he never shows them.

Kol laughs, the sound sounding slightly unhinged. “I’m all for that idea, but sadly we don’t know what she’s capable of.”

“All the more reason to take care of her before she gets close to the human.” I snort. Really? The human?

Kol winks in my direction. “I’m pretty sure Kitty can take care of herself.” I roll my eyes at his nickname.

“Doesn't matter, as her guardians your job is to make sure she doesn’t have to lift a finger.” Jayden deadpans, looking each of my mates in the eyes. Guardians? What was this nutjob on about now?

“Why do you have such a problem with saying the word mate? Deny all you want big Bird but we all know she’s your mate.” Kol shrugs, walking over to the throne and sitting on the steps leading up to it. Lucifer lounges in his chair, watching me.

“Who cares about his performance issues,” Lucien sighs, “this meeting is about the safety of my mate. And it’s safe to say she can’t go back to the school.”

“Or perhaps that’s exactly where we should send her.” Lucifer taunts, a spark in his eyes.

Kol scoffs, stretching out on the step while simultaneously pulling a lollipop from his pocket. “And they say I’m the crazy one.” Lucifer growls at the insult, flicking his wrist kol goes airborne, landing on the floor across the room. Instead of getting mad, he laughs, blood dripping from his nose.

“Can’t you imbeciles focus for once?” Sebastian snarls. Always a ray of sunshine that one.

“He’s right, Lucifer was clearly joking. But maybe that is the best plan? If Artemis goes to the school looking for me who knows what kind of Chaos she’ll cause? Innocent lives may be lost.” I hadn’t thought about the safety of the other students until now. Damn I’m a terrible person.

“And why should we care about the lives of other people?” Kol asks from his spot on the floor. He didn’t bother getting up after being tossed over there, just set up leaning against the wall. The glare I throw his way only makes him smile.

“She’s right.” My mate with the most common sense agrees. “Some of us have friends there.” He looks pointedly at Lucien. My lycan mate must’ve forgotten he has a pack. He arches an eyebrow at Mateo’s look.

“And some of us care more about our mate.” Sometimes Lucifer and Kol were like the same person.

I cross my arms. “Says the guy that stabbed me.” He smirks.

“As the dean I have no choice but to return, I’ll look after the students.” The look on his face says that’s the last thing he wants to do. How can my mates care so little about the lives of others?

“I’m going back to school and that’s final.” Quite frankly I was tired of hiding in hell. Lucifer’s place was nice but it wasn’t home. Not that I have a home but still. Imagine being stuck with only your mates for company for the rest of your life? And with mates like mine, I’m bound to die from a headache or something.

“You do know I can keep you here in hell, right?” Lucifer challenges.

I stare flatly at him. “You do know I can destroy this whole place, right?

“Can you? Last I checked you could barely dodge a punch.” My eyes narrow, he was right but fuck him! My hands clenches into fists at my side. Let's see if he can dodge a punch.

“Show some respect when talking to my mate demon scum.” Lucien parks himself in front of me, glaring at Lucifer. I’m starting to think no one scares my lycan mate.

“And if I don’t?” The growl that leaves Lucien shakes the walls and the floors, fur starts to sprout from his skin. I have no doubt he plans to fight Lucifer, even if he might lose.

“Enough!” Sebastian shouts, making me jump. “If she wants to go back to school let her. She’s stubborn and won’t change her mind on this, we all know that.” What was this? Insult your mate day?

“At least when Artemis comes we’ll have control of the situation instead of walking into something blindly.” Jayden inputs. He wasn’t thrilled with me going back to school either, but at least he was trying to see the bright side. Or at least a side he can use to his advantage.

“You think we’ll have control? Artemis is a goddess, the only ones in here on her power level is me and our mate. Who by the way, has no clue how to use her powers anymore.” I was getting tired of his smug mouth.

“Oh shut up already! All these excuses Lucifer, one would think you don’t believe you can protect me from her?” I smirk.

He snarls, standing from his throne. My other mates close in around me at the action. I roll my eyes. But he doesn’t attack, he turns and leave the room. That was unexpected. “So it’s settled then.” I say, breaking the silence. “We’ll head back tomorrow.”

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