Eternal Academy: Year Three

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Chapter 4

All I could think while sitting in first period was, what the hell was I thinking? Who in their right mind would voluntarily return to this bullshit? I sigh loudly, earning a glare from the teacher. “Is there a problem Ms.Cortez?” She demands. The whole class turns around to stare, waiting for my response.

I smile innocently. Sebastian warned me not to bring anymore attention to myself while I’m here. More than the usual attention I receive that is. “I was just wondering if I may use the restroom?” She eyes me suspiciously, then gives a sharp nod. After all, what could I possibly do in the restroom?

I spring from my chair in excitement, almost running out the door. The hallways are empty as I make my way to the restroom.

Walking in I check to make sure I’m alone, before diving into my mate bond. ”Kol?? Come to the girls bathroom.” Leaning against the sink I wait for my demon mate. And he doesn’t make me wait long.

Materializing in front of me in a cloud of shadows, he smirks at me. “Hi little mate, need a quickie and figure I’m the best man for the job?” I roll my eyes, though a burst of heat goes through me at the thought. Maybe we can... I shake my head.

Smirking in return, I say, “I would’ve called Lucien for that.” He snarls, moving to trap me against the sink, his arms on either side of me. I inhale his scent, making my lycan purr.

One tan finger runs down the side of my face, a look of dark heat in his eyes. “What was that babe? I didn’t quite hear you.”

“I said,” stepping closer I lay a hand on his chest. “How was your day Kol?” My lips stretch into a grin at the confused look on his face. The man was so crazy he probably thought I actually did say that.

The confusion clears, replaced with his usual playfulness. “And why did you summon me little mate?”

I sigh dramatically, laying my head on his chest. “Please take me away from this torture.” His chest vibrates with a laugh.

“Ready to go already? How many classes have you been to so far?” Why was he asking questions instead of whisking me away?

“Too many.” I mumble. He hums, still not whisking us away. I frown in annoyance, about to call him out on it.

The restroom door slams open, making me jump in shock. I look over, my eyes narrowing on Mateo. Pushing Kol away from me I growl. “You snitch!” I can’t believe he told Mateo!

Not at all phased by my anger he wraps an arm around my waist. “I figured your dragon would want to know that you’re planning to ditch school.” I scoff. Why does that even matter at this point? I’ve already missed weeks!

“Catalina,” my eyes snap to Mateo who’s been standing quietly by the door. “Come here.” My pulse quickens, loving the demanding tone he used.

“Uh oh,” Kol grins, winking at me. “Someone’s in trouble.” I yelp when his hand comes down hard on my ass. “How do you wanna do this dragon? Good cop Bad cop?”

Mateo shakes his head, still waiting patiently for me to come to him. Releasing a breath, I make my way over, stopping a few inches away from him. “Are you scared?” He asks, throwing me off guard.

“What?” Another hard smack lands on my ass. I turn around to glare at Kol, not having heard him move closer.

“We’ll ask the questions around here.” He says, in a voice meant to be intimidating.

“Why don’t you just fuck right-” I receive another smack. The hand much hotter this time. I whip around, staring at Mateo in shock, and little bit of lust. He blushes.

“Ahh,” Kol breaths from behind me. “Bad cop Bad cop then.” The door slams open once more, this time Lucien stands there. Though I doubt Kol or Mateo told him to come.

“What the hell is going on here? I can smell her arousal from down the hall.” My cheeks flame.

“No need to announce it to the world! God I just want to go home, that’s it.” I’ve been gone for far too long, eventually the teacher is going to send another student to check on me. Imagine the shock she’ll get walking in to me and three guys in the restroom, and one of those guys being a demon that’s supposed to be banned from Earth. Yeah, that’s not going to end well.

Mateo gives a reluctant sigh. “Take her home, we’ll discuss this later.” Kol nods, which shocks me to my core. Did I miss something here? Since when does he allow my others mates to give him orders?

Wrapping me up in his arms he begins to shadow jump us. I barely have time to yell a bye to Lucien.

We land in the middle of my room in Lucifer’s castle. Grinning, I toss myself face first on the bed. “Oh how I’ve missed you.” What I don’t expect is a large body to flop right on top of mine. My breath leaves in a whoosh. “Holy cow.” I wheeze.

“And I’ve missed you.” Kol purrs in my ear. I squirm trying to get from underneath him, only for something hard to poke me in the ass.

“Is that a flashlight in your pocket or you’re just happy to see me?” I joke, still trying to breathe.

He laughs, lifting some of his weight off me. “It’s a flashlight luv, don’t flatter yourself.” I start to call him out on his bullshit, but knowing Kol it might actually be a flashlight.

“Can you get your fatass off me?” I try to push him off by lifting my body, but that only succeeds in pressing his flashlight harder against me. I drop back to the bed panting. The feel of him against me was too much. I can feel my body coming alive at his touch. Gosh I’m such a harlot.

He gasps dramatically. “Are you fat shaming me luv?” His weight drops on me once again.

“Kol.” I whine, dragging out his name.

“Yes luv?” Intertwining his left hand with mine, he slides it up above my head. His right hand makes a hot trail down the right side of my body, slipping between my stomach and the mattress. I freeze as his fingers expertly start to unbutton my pants.

“What are you doing?” I breathe, my body on fire from his simple touch.

He nips my left ear playfully. “What do you think I’m doing cupcake?” His finger press down on my clit hard, and I can’t stop the moan that follows. “Music to my ears.” His hand ventures lower, one finger sliding between my wet folds.

“Kol.” I moan, arching up, giving him more room. He doesn’t disappoint, slipping one elegant finger inside my heat.

“You’re so wet.” He growls, inserting another finger. My legs spread as much as I can, hips bucking to take his fingers deeper. He speeds up, his thumb pressing on my clit. I can feel my orgasm building up. Moaning his name I clench the hand holding mine. Yes, just a little bit more.

Suddenly he stops, removing his fingers and sitting up. I snarl in protest, making him chuckle. Hooking his fingers in my jeans he starts yanking them down, taking my panties with them. I help him once they get to my ankles, kicking them off.

Before I can fully sit up, he grabs my waist, switching our position. I’m not surprised when I’m on top, and he’s completely naked under me. I arch an eyebrow, why didn’t he remove my clothes the same way?

I settle down on his hips, his flashlight hot against my ass. One hand grabs the back of my head, pulling my lips down to meet his. Instantly our tongues battle for dominance. Reaching behind me I grab his cock, pumping it a few times before sliding back, aiming the tip at my entrance.

The head slides in slowly, making us both moan. Grabbing my hips he thrust up into me with one long hard stroke. I break the kiss, gasping at the feel of him filling me. “Fuck.” Gripping my hips he starts a slow steady pace. My fingers flatten against his chest, my hips moving to meet his thrusts. “Kol.” I groan, tired of the slow pace.

He grunts, bending his legs slightly to thrust up hard. I moan as he picks up speed, the sound of our flesh slapping together filling the room. “You’re so tight.” I grip the end of my shirt, pulling it off. Reaching behind me I unsnap my bra, letting my titties bounce freely. Kol’s eyes zero in on them. One hand leaving my hip to squeeze it.

Feeling myself getting closer, I start rolling my hips. He stops his movements, letting me ride him. My fingers dig into his chest and he moans. The sound makes me lose control. I move up and down on top of him like a bucking bull. Truly fucking him now.

One hand stays on my waist while the other plays with my breast. Sooner than I’d like, I tip over the edge. My walls grip him so tightly he can barely move. With a grunt he thrusts up, deep inside me I feel him swell, then he bursts.

I collapse on top of him, completely spent. But his cock doesn’t go soft, in fact, it starts swelling at the base. My eyes widen. “Kol?”

He looks just as surprised as me. “Hmm, I thought it was a rumour.” I lean forward to make him slide out, except he doesn’t. His cock locked inside me. What the fuck?

“What?” I squeak.

He gives me a smug self-satisfied smile. “I believe I just knotted in you luv, meaning we’re going to be like this for a while.”

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