Eternal Academy: Year Three

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Chapter 5

It took two hours for his cock to go down. Two fucking hours of being trapped with Kol while he goes on and on about his latest kills in very vivid details. I now know how to kill a guy seven different ways with a traffic cone. What kind of person needs to know that?

Thank God no one came to my room in that time. “You are no longer allowed inside of me if you’re going to be doing that.” I hiss, drying my wet hair.

He fakes a hurt expression, grabbing his chest. “What happened to loving me through the good and the bad?”

I scoff. “One, we’re not married. Two, I’ve had yet to see any of this “good” you’re referring to.” His smile brightens, my eyes narrow. “I mean it, I’ll ban you.”

“It’s a demon thing luv, I have no control over it. Maybe if you’d stop having such good pussy we wouldn’t have to worry about that happening.” I growl, tossing the towel at him.

“If it’s a demon thing, then why didn’t it happen before?” I accuse. He shrugs, dragging a hand through his white blonde hair. All of my mates are sexy, but Kol has this crazy aura around him that makes him even more appealing. I turn away before we end up back in bed, and I think he’s been in me long enough today. Huffing I slide on some underwear and shorts, then dig around for a shirt. My stomach gives an embarrassing growl making Kol laugh. I snatch up a random shirt and quickly slip it on, heading to the door.

“I guess it’s time for us to make some lunch.” He holds my bedroom door open, giving a low bow. I ignore him, sweeping pass without so much as a thank you.

We make our way to the grand kitchen downstairs, dismissing the staff that offers to make us food. As much as I enjoy being serviced I’m sure I’m capable of making a sandwich myself. Now Kol on the other hand...

Grabbing cheese, bologna, and mustard out the refrigerator, I instruct Kol to get the bread. I spread the ingredients out on the table biting my lower lip to keep from drooling. Kol frowns at the spread then makes his way to the refrigerator. He pulls out a jar of pickles and a tomato. “That’s better.”

With a glare I snatch the bread from him. “One or two sandwiches?” He holds up two fingers, smiling hugely at me. I lay out eight pieces of bread across the table.

Kol grabs a knife and chopping board setting to work on the tomatoes. I watch him for a few minutes, loving the way the muscles in his arms flex as he chops. “Take a picture it’ll last longer.” He says without looking up.

I smirk, grabbing a slice of bologna and holding it until he looks up. I drag my tongue across it then smack it down on the bread. “That’s your sandwich.”

Throwing his head back he howls with laughter. “Man I love you.” I freeze at his words, but he goes back to chopping like nothing happened. Did he just confess his feelings to me? My body vibrates with a happiness I never felt before. I try to calm myself but it’s almost impossible. I want to throw myself across the counter into his arms and demand he says it again. “Luv? The sandwiches aren’t going to make themselves.”

So lost in my thoughts I hadn’t realize he was done chopping. I ignore the heat in my cheeks and quickly start making the sandwiches. Wouldn’t want him to catch on as to why I was so distracted. If he knew how much his words had an effect on me I have no doubt he’ll keep saying them just to see me squirm.

He walks around the counter to my side, pulling out his favorite sugar stick as he leans back against it. “This is nice.” He states, flicking a piece of my hair.

“What?” I squirt mustard on the bread then apply the cheese next.

“Having you to myself.” My eyes snap to his. I’ve never seen this side of him before. He’s usually joking or being homicidal. But this version of Kol clearly wants to express his feelings.

I smile. “It is.” It’s usually exhausting dealing with two or more of my mates at once. They either bicker with each other, fight for my attention, or ignore my existence.

Once I’m done with my part Kol adds his pickles and tomatoes. We sit in comfortable silence as we both stuff our faces. “I think I’ve decided where I’ll be taking you on our next date.” He says out of the blue.

“I don’t remember agreeing to a second date. In fact, I believe you’re still in the doghouse after your little stunt at the museum.” I glare at him, making sure I got my point across. Letting him know I still haven’t forgiven him in his part of us getting captured.

He waves me off. “I think you would enjoy a day of rollercoasters.”

“And I think not.” A new voice cuts in. Lucifer enters the kitchen, eyeing the mess on the counter with a sneer. He snaps his fingers and a servant appears. “Clean this up.” Safe to say Lucifer was a bit of a neat freak. But ever since my mates and I moved in he’s been struggling keeping it clean. He’s hired double the workers he used to have.

“And I think you’ve been misinformed about me wanting your opinion.” I’m shocked with Kol’s response, considering Lucifer is basically his boss.

Lucifer ignores him, something he tends to do with all my mates, and walks until he’s standing next to me. He squints, eyeing me with a weird look in his eyes. “What?” I ask, leaning back

“It’s come to my attention that you might be pregnant.” The room goes silent, then I laugh.

“Yeah, and kol is gay.” I giggle, taking a bite of my sandwich.

“I’ve arranged for the fae to come and check.” He continues, ignoring my immature comment. My eyes widen. He talked to Nick?

“When did you talk to Nick? And as happy as I am to hear he’s coming here, I don’t think you should waste his time. I know I’m not pregnant.” I would know if I was pregnant. There’s usually signs right? Like morning sickness or cramps and stuff.

“Do you use protection?” Leaning against the counter he smirks after his question.

“Of course I use-” I freeze before I finish my sentence. When was the last time I used protection? Have I used protection at all? I think back to the times I’ve had sex with my mates. “Oh shit.” I haven’t used protection at all!

“Oh shit.” Kol echoes, seeming to come out his frozen state. “You’re pregnant.” I glare at him.

“We don’t know that.”

“But we will.” Lucifer stands in front of me, trailing a finger down my cheek. “Once the fae gets here.”

“Why do we need Nick to confirm if I’m pregnant or not? We can just buy a pregnancy test.” The thought of possibly being pregnant is really making me sweat. I’m not ready to have a kid, hell I’m still a kid myself!

“Fae have a way of looking deeply inside any supernatural creature to physically see if a baby is developing. They’ve always been used to confirm if a woman is expecting or not.” Kol explains, trying to pull me from my chair and into his lap. “Much more accurate than a pregnancy test.” With an elbow to the chest he finally gives up.

“I can’t be pregnant! This is not a good time.” I complain. How reckless could I be? Having sex with five different men and not using one condom!

“Few people actually plan for pregnancies, usually it just happens.” Captain obvious decides to point out, reaching for my second abandoned sandwich.

I chew on the inside of my cheek, too many thoughts going through my head. “When will he be here?” The kitchen door opens making my heart drop to my ass. I look up, expecting to see Nick. Instead it’s Lucien, with Mateo and Sebastian following behind him. Lucien glares over his shoulder at Sebastian, before looking back at me. What was that about?

He rushes over, dropping to his knees in front of me. My lycan purrs at the sight. Pressing his face against my stomach he inhales deeply. I smash my hand against his face, pushing him away. “What the hell are you doing?” I hiss.

The look he gives me make me want to take back my harsh words. Wounded puppy, that’s all I can say. “Trying to smell our baby.”

I stare accusingly at Lucifer, who arches an eyebrow. “You think I’d waste my time communicating with the wolf?”

My glare moves to Kol, who I’m shocked to see has tears in his eyes. Ok what the fuck? “I’m going to be a father.” He sniffs, bursting into a flame of shadows. I jump back in surprise, falling out of my chair right into Lucien arms. I’ve never seen Kol lose control like that. Shadows consume his entire being, I can’t even see his face.

But his words make me realize something. If I am pregnant, who is the father?


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