Eternal Academy: Year Three

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Chapter 6

Eventually Lucifer demands we leave the kitchen so it can be cleaned, ushering us to the living room. While the guys converse with each other I'm lost in my own thoughts. Leaning in the doorway I stare straight ahead, not seeing much of anything.

Who is the father? If I'm pregnant, would Nick be able to tell? Will the other guys be mad and want nothing to do with the baby? I flinch at the thought. I know it's not possible for it to belong to Lucifer or Jayden. But they don't even make up half of my mates. The other half are all bachelor's. I can't imagine just one of my mates loving my kid and the others ignoring it. The thought upsets me tremendously.

"You don't have to worry about that." A warm voice says from next to me. I know it's Mateo without looking over. He's the calmest of all my mates and always the voice of reason. I know he's replying to what he heard in my thoughts.

"What makes you think that?" Stepping closer I press my back against his chest. Wrapping an arm around my waist he pulls me closer.

"Look at them," he whispers. "There's not a single male in this room that doesn't care deeply about you." I take in the room for the first time. Lucien sits on the couch while Kol stands in front of him, hands moving animatedly as he tells a story. Sebastian leans on the arm of the couch, glaring at them both. "And the baby will be a piece of you no matter who the father is. And any piece of you is worth loving in our eyes." He finish.

My eyes water at his words. I turn around in his arms, my arms going around his neck. "I love you." The words slip out before I can stop them. But I won't take them back, because it's the truth.

His arms tightens. "I've loved you since I watched you doodle on your notes." I sniff, a laughing bubbling out of me.

"I do not doodle on my notes!" All eyes fall to me at my outburst. Luckily Nick and Lucifer choose that moment to walk in.

"Come to the couch Catalina." Lucifer orders. I'm too nervous to argue with him as I shuffle over to the couch. I plop down next to Lucien, looking up at Nick. My eyes take in his silver hair and piercings. Oh how I've missed him.

"Hi stranger." I greet.

Leaning forward he places a soft kiss on my lips. "I hear my little wolf might be pregnant." A small smile lights up his perfect features.

I roll my eyes. "So I've been told."

Lucien growls in annoyance next to me. "Get on with it half breed." I pinch his leg. Nick sighs, placing a hand on my stomach. A faint green glow starts to illuminate his hand. Though I can see that something is happening, I feel nothing.

No less than twenty seconds does he step back. "You're pregnant." I stiffen at the confirmation. Holy shit this is real.

"And who's the father?" Lucien demands.

"All of us." My head snaps up in confusion.


He shrugs. "Well not all of us, just those you've been intimate with. I can sense a bit of all of our essence inside the fetus, though it's too early to tell if it's a boy or girl."

Lucifer nods. "Just as I thought." I want to ask if he's upset, but again Kol does that shadow flame thing.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" Lucien demands, tucking me into his side. Mateo reaches out to Kol, placing a hand where I think his shoulder is. The flames dispatch, leaving a tear faced Kol. Mateo pulls him into a hug. I smile at the sight, my big bad demon mate crying at the news of me being pregnant.

Nick shifts in front of me, gaining my attention. "Do you mind if we talk alone?"

"I mind." Lucien answers before I can.

"Good thing I wasn't talking to you mutt." Holding a hand out to me he helps me from the couch.

"You know, this baby will technically be a mutt and a half breed." I point out to them both. Lucien looks shocked as if he didn't realize that, while Nick smiles.

"And I'm ok with that." I lead him from the living room and up to my room. This conversation will have to be quick. I doubt my mates will allow me to be away for long after finding out I'm pregnant.

I instruct him to sit on the bed, then I sit next to him. "Where have you been?" I ask softly.

He sighs, and that's when I notice the bags underneath his eyes. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about." He sounds exhausted, all I want to do is wrap him up in my arms and never let go. "Since my father has officially been declared dead, I've had to take over as the new King."

My mouth opens in shock. "What? Why?"

"I'm next in line as his only heir." I cringe, I never thought about the consequences of killing the fae king. Of course with Nick being the prince he'd have to take over once his father died. "I've been trying to calm the fae of my kingdom. But they're out for blood. They want to know who killed the king and how I intend to make them pay." Now I understood why he's exhausted, having to lie to a group of people that expect you to lead and care for them.

"I'm sorry Nick, this is all my fault." I put him in this position, I made him become someone he wasn't ready to be.

"You know that's not true little wolf, my father was trying to kill you. You only defended yourself." Grabbing my arm he pulls me to him, forcing me to maneuver myself until I'm straddling him.

"Yeah but I could've stopped Lucifer from killing him, we could've kept him as a prisoner." So far two of my mates father's have died because of me. Am I destined to kill all their fathers? So far I'm not a good daughter in law.

Nick chuckles, "Maybe you're only destined to kill the evil father's." I punch him in the arm.

"Our kid is going to know me as a father killer." I pout. His eyes brighten at the mention of me being pregnant again.

"Say that again." He mumbles, moving his face closer.

"Our kid-" His lips press against mine, cutting my words off. The feel of his lips against mine is familiar yet different. It's been so long since I felt them, since I felt him. I push myself forward, destroying any space between us. I bring my arms up, wrapping them around his neck to pull him closer and feel him smile against my lips.

He grips me around the waist and suddenly I feel us moving. The softness of my mattress hits my back as he lays me down gently. I gaze up at him as he stares down at me. His eyes are full of emotion, too many for me to focus on one. "I've missed you little wolf." He says, leaning in to kiss me. Before I can deepen the kiss, he breaks it off, choosing to trail kisses down my neck instead. "I wonder how quiet you can be?"

"Why would I need to be quiet?" My back arches when he bites down on a sensitive spot, making him chuckle.

"Because," his kisses continue lower. He stops at my nipple, flicking a tongue against it through my shirt. I bite my lips, thanking whatever higher power that I decided to go braless. "I'm going to show you how a king worships his queen." Before I can react, he strips me of my bottoms and underwear.

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