Eternal Academy: Year Three

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Chapter 7

If the smug smile on Nick's face doesn't tell the others what we've been up to, then the blush on mine surely will.

I reclaim my spot next to Lucien, who leans over and inhales deeply. I smash my hand against his face, forcing him back. "That's the welcome back the half breed gets but I don't?"

Kol laughs, "Just say you want to have sex with her too." Then he winks at me. "We all do." Unfortunately my eyes slide to Jayden, who must've arrived while Nick and I were upstairs. He glares at me. Maybe not everyone wants to. Did they tell him about the baby?

"He hasn't seen his mate in awhile, what do you expect?" Lucifer walks over, crouching in front of me. "You know this baby changes everything right? No more school, no more wandering off alone."

"He's right," Mateo cuts in before I can open my mouth to disagree. "It's not just your life at stake now."

"What baby?" Jayden demands from his spot against the wall. Why didn't they tell him while I was gone? Now I have to be the one to do it.

"I'm pregnant." I mumble, hoping he can't hear me.

"What?" I look up as I hear the sound of glass breaking. His wings are spread out to their full size, his face twisted into a nasty sneer.

Lucifer stands from his crouch in front of me, blocking my view of him. "Calm yourself." He says with a note of warning.

"You don't give me orders demon. We need to get rid of the obmination growing inside her." My eyes widen at his words, a pinching feeling in my chest. He wants to kill the baby? A sharp gasp leaves me, my eyes watering.

I look up at the sudden sound of choking. Kol has Jayden pinned against the wall, his eyes completely red with small black horns protruding from his head. I've never seen him like this. "Just say the word princess." His voice is deadly calm, which scares me.

"Kol," Lucifer warns, but he pays him no attention. Instead his focus is on me, a pleading look in his eyes. There's no doubt in my mind he wants to kill Jayden. It's taking all his self control to hold back. And he's holding back for me.

Something out of my peripheral catches my attention. I look over, surprised to see black fur and glowing yellow eyes. Lucien has completely shifted, his murderous gaze on Jayden, his hackles raised.

"No." I whisper at last. My eyes go to Jayden but he refuses to look at me. Would he have suggested to kill the baby if it was his? Anger replaces the hurt in me. It's one thing to reject me, but it's unfair to an innocent. "Just leave." To my surprise Kol steps back.

"You have five seconds to get out of my sight." The threat is clear in his words. "Five." He says, right before a clawed hand swipes across Jayden's face. Jayden doesn't scream or flinch, not even as blood runs down the side of his face. His eyes lock with mine for a split second and I see something shocking underneath the disgust. Hurt. Then he's gone.

Lucien roars in anger next to me, then darts out of the room. Lucifer curse. "Fucking hell." He walks out after him, muttering about his house turning into a chew toy.

"You need to calm him down Cat." Mateo says, making me jump. He points across the room at Kol who's leaning with his face against the wall. My eyes roam over his shaking form, and for the first time I fear him. I've never seen him lose control like this.

"I'm scared." I admit quietly to him. Right now I just want to run to my room and lock everyone out. Childish I know. But too much is happening in such a small amount of time.

"Catalina." A deep grutal voice calls my name. I look up into the red eyes of Kol, he doesn't even sound human. "No matter," he stops, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. When he opens them again they're no longer red. "No matter how angry I am, I'll never hurt you." With those words he use his shadows to leave.

"Come, let's get you in bed." I take the hand he offers to me, still staring where Kol was.

"How did everything turn badly so quickly?" I whisper to him. Kol was gone, Lucifer was off chasing Lucien. Nick was still in the living room. And Sebastian... I look over my shoulder to see him silently following us.

I'm not leaving his words whisper in my head. I nod, following Mateo out the room.

Once in my room Mateo silently dresses me in my pajamas while Sebastian watches. And by dress I mean he slips one of Lucifer's shirts on me. I slip into bed almost numb like. I don't wanna think about what just happened or what could've happened.

Mateo takes the spot in front of me, pulling me to his chest. I'm surprised when the bed dips behind me. Sebastian doesn't cuddle me, but lays close enough that I know he's there. I smile into Mateo's chest.


"Break another vase and she'll be short a mate." Lucien, the wolf, looks back at me snarling. I arch an eyebrow, completely fed up with babysitting this pup. "I mean it wolf."

With a growl he takes off again. I sigh, now he's heading to the ballroom. "This tantrum you're throwing is getting real old." I say as he yanks the curtains down with his teeth. He looks back at me, my ten thousand dollar drapes hanging from his mouth. "I hope you know you'll be replacing those."

Bones crack as he shifts back to a man, his eyes still glowing yellow. "Fuck off termite." He grumbles, heading towards the door. I guess he's finally calmed down a little bit. I stop him before he can exit. "We need to talk." He growls at the hand on his chest.

"What? I need to check on my mate."

"One, you're not completely in control to do that, and two she's sleeping. So you have time to discuss this matter." I point to the table in the center of the room. "Sit." His eyes narrow but he listens. "We need to discuss Jayden, there's something off about him."

He scoffs. "Yeah he shouldn't be breathing."

"He's right." Another voice joins. I turn my head as Nick and Sebastian walks in. "I noticed it the first day he arrived."

"Kol?" I question, wondering if the demon was under control.

"He's with her." Sebastian answers.

I nod, facing Lucien once again. "As pack leader I expected you to pick up on this eventually, but since you haven't I'll bring it to your attention."

He frowns in confusion. "Pack leader?"

A sigh of irritation leaves me. "For whatever reason Catalina views you as the leader of her pack of mates. It could be the lycan in you, or simply because she feels safest with you. But unbeknownst to her she's deemed you pack leader." Something I don't quite understand. Out of all of us he's the weakest, yet she unconsciously chose him. We can all feel it within the bond, his decision will always be the final answer.

He nods, a smug look on his face. "Makes sense."

"Not really." Nick chimes in and I silently agree.

"Back to the subject at hand, am I the only one that doesn't truly feel a connection to Jayden?" Sebastian asks.

"Because he's not accepting the bond?" Nick responds.

"And she's also not accepting him?" Lucien finishes.

I nod my head in agreement. "It's interesting that she's not pushing to bond with him."

"But she got the tattoo for him? Maybe their bond is just one that'll take time." Nick shrugs.

I frown. "What tattoo?" I've caught glimpses of black markings on her but never really paid attention to them. But now it seems I'm missing something here.

Lucien sighs, like he'd rather be anywhere but here having this conversation. That wolf grates on my nerves. "Awhile back we did a ritual to try and bring out her powers, afterwards she received a tattoo representing all of her mates." He eyes me with distain. "This was before you were dragged into the picture."

"Angel wings appeared on her collarbone, at the time we assumed it was for Jayden." Nick says.

I stiffen at his words. Slowly I pull down the collar of my shirt. "Wings like these?"

Lucien jumps from his seat. "Holy shit!"

"Damn." Nick whistles.

"So the wings were for you and not him." Sebastian muses, taking a quick glance at my chest.

"Holy shit!" Lucien repeats, making my skin burn with his choice of words. "When did you get that?"

I rub at the art on my chest, remembering the slight burn I felt when it first appeared. "A few months ago."

Nick nods. "Around the time we did the ritual. Do you think there's a chance Jayden also has the tattoo?"

"Why wouldn't your tattoo be horns like Kol's? Why wings?" Lucien asks.

"Have you forgotten that he's a fallen angel wolf? It would make sense for him to have wings."

Lucien snorts. "Don't believe I was asking you half breed."

"We need to find out if Jayden has the tattoo, so for now we keep this between ourselves." Sebastian states, heading for the door. "And If he doesn't, then we have a problem on our hands."

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