Eternal Academy: Year Three

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Chapter 8


My face press against something warm and soft. I sigh in happiness, remembering falling asleep cuddled up with Mateo. My arms tighten around his waist, pulling myself closer to him.

"This is weird." A rough voice says, one that definitely does not belong to my dragon. My head snaps up, eyes landing on a pair of dark ones.

"Why the hell are you in my bed?" I glare at the offending male next to me. The one I was currently still wrapped around like a spider monkey. I scramble across the bed to get away from him, my legs getting caught in the sheets. "Where is Mateo?"

He sighs, wiping invisible lint off his nice pressed suit. "The dragon left for school, as well as the others."

I roll my eyes. "Great, another day stuck with you." He throws a smirk in my direction, getting up from the bed.

"You can always go back to school. That was your plan to begin with right?" Before I could answer Kol appears on the bed. He sides glance Lucifer then dismisses him completely, focusing all of his attention on me. Or well my stomach.

"How are you feeling? Are you hungry? Has the baby been kicking?" He fires off the questions, a concerned frown on his face.

I giggle at him. "I don't think the baby has even grown feet yet Kol." I say, giving him a wide smile.

"Get dressed, breakfast will be waiting for you downstairs." Lucifer demands, leaving the room. Kol chuckles on the bed next to me.

"I can't believe he's the face I had to wake up to." I groan, tempted to climb back under the covers and sleep. Unfortunately the thought of Lucifer returning to get me out of bed enters my mind. I shudder, thinking about the last time.

"Mateo didn't want you to wake up alone so he demanded one of us stay in bed with you. I was taking care of business and everyone else went to school. So that left our darling teddy bear." Kol explains, getting from bed and walking over to my closet.

"And he agreed to that?" I ask curiously, Lucifer has been throwing my mates around since meeting them. There's no way he let one of them order him to do something.

"Not necessarily." He hums, looking over a low cut black shirt with interest. Usually I'm ok with my mates dressing me, but I can't say I'm not a little wary about Kol picking out my clothes. I mean it's Kol, what more do I need to say?

Getting up from the bed I walk around to meet him at the closet. It's best I supervise while he picks out my outfit. "What do you mean?"

Grabbing a pair of black biker shorts he examines them, then toss them to the side. Half the clothes in here I've never seen, considering Lucifer's staff picked it out. "When the dragon puts his mind to it, he can be one scary bastard." He snorts, grabbing a pair of black leggings. Is he intentionally only looking through the black clothes? Turning he shoves the clothes in my arm. "Get dressed."

My brows raise at his order. Why don't my mates ever ask? It's always a demand. Maybe I need to start putting my foot down and let them know who's really the boss here. Glaring in his direction I strip out of my clothes, sliding on the low cut shirt and leggings. Even though the shirt is very revealing, it's surprisingly a comfortable outfit.

But I don't thank him as I follow him out the room and down the stairs to my other mate.

The kitchen is bustling with workers when we arrive. Lucifer sits at the head of the table, a book in his hand. When he looks up and sees me a frown stretches across his face, heat in his eyes. He snaps his fingers, barking orders for everyone to leave.

"I think the boss likes seeing you in black." Kol leans over to whisper. A slight warmth flares against my cheeks as I watch Lucifer watch me.

A chuckle sounds from the left of me as Kol moves to take a seat. The table is covered in a variety of breakfast foods, from pancakes to french toast, and eggs to sausage. My mouth waters at the sight. When's the last time I ate?

I grab a seat at the other end head of the table, shooting Lucifer a smug smile. It bothers him whenever I take this seat, considering it's his. Kol snorts, grabbing the seat next to me. Ever since we found out I was pregnant he's been sticking extra close to me.

Lucifer sits at the other end, smoothing a hand down his weirdly pressed suit. Why was he always so well put together? And why does he own so many suits? Clearing his throat he reaches for a glass of wine. "You look ravishing Catalina."

Leaning back in my chair I smile. "Is that so?" I tease.

"Careful kitty, he's wired and ready to go." Kol whispers, making an inappropriate gesture with his hand in case I didn't catch his meaning. I roll my eyes. If I want to tease my mate I'm well within my right to do so.

"Why should I be careful Kol? He's not going to do anything to me." Folding my arms on the table I stare him down. "That I wouldn't like." In a flash he's gone, disappeared from the room.

Kol let's out a loud laugh next to me. "I wonder if he prefers his right or left hand?" He muses. Once again I roll my eyes.

"Why did he leave?" Lucifer isn't cold to me like Jayden, but he's still very distant. Something deep in me wants to get closer to him. Demands I be closer to him like I am with my other mates.

He shrugs. "I won't sit here and pretend I know what he's thinking." Then he grins. "But if you're needing a release I'll be glad to help."

"Keep that thing away from me." I opt to ignore anything else he has to say, focusing instead on my food.

Stuffed and satisfied I lounge on the end of the couch. My room, the dining room, and this couch are my favorite places inside Lucifer's home.

"What do you want to watch?" Kol is at the other end of the couch massaging my feet while flipping through the channels.

"An action movie sounds nice." I wait for him to scroll but nothing happens. I look over to find him staring at me. "What?" Did I have food in my teeth?

His eyes drop to my stomach, where my hand has been rubbing it unconsciously. "Oh."

"How are you taking the news?" He suddenly asks.

"What? Being pregnant? Well I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. I didn't bother forcing any of you to wear a condom." He grins at that. "But I feel like the timing is all wrong. There's people out there wanting to kill me. How selfish am I to bring an innocent life into this?" I voice the fears I didn't realize I had. But it's true. This is not the greatest time to get knocked up. Maybe eight years from now would've been better.

"Or maybe the timing is just right." I look up as Lucifer enters the room, a foreboding feeling hitting me instantly. The feeling is coming from him.

I stand. "What? What is it?"

He looks at Kol first, then back to me. "Artemis made a visit to the school sooner then we expected."

"Don't tell her." Kol hisses from behind me.

"And now your mates are missing." Everything freezes as a wave of sorrow washes over me. "Nick? Mateo? Lucien! Sebastian!" I call out through our link, but get no response.

"No." My knees give out from under me, I fall heavily against Lucifer who catches me. "She has them." A strange thump happens in my chest. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I pass out.

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