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Never Out Of Sight

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Farris blaze, a self made multimillionaire started to break and bend his rules after his perosnal assistant of 8 years decided to hand in her resignation with a full English breakfast on a random working day. Farris POV centeric because we deserve more male POV's

Romance / Drama
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Farris Blaze was a self made multimillionaire, owning one of the biggest oil export companies in the world, though the headquarters were in Ireland, Farris divided his busy life in expensive neighbourhoods in England, Ireland and Dubai.
Everything, in his life was going just perfect, he was singing deals after deals, Profits were sky rockting and everything in his picture perfect CEO life was connected frimly, or so he thought.

He had started to crumble bit by bit last week, when her perosnal assistant of 8 years placed the resignation letter on his table while serving him breakfast in the office. He hadn't paid much mind to it and but she insited he took the evenlope and opened it.
He had laughed at her face for the few minutes before he realised she was being serious and he only had 2 weeks to either convince her otherwise or let her go.

Luna Sanz, handed her resignation with 2 weeks notice. It should atleast be 6 months, actually scratch that, she shouldn't be resigning.
There was no reason, the pay was good including the bonuses, travel to where ever I went, 30 holidays a year! It was a good job! She was being... unreasonable. More than that I couldn't figure out why I was bothered the way I was. Yeah I am cold hearted and stuck up and many in my company will call me but we have been together for 8 years. Almost everywhere and now suddenly she wanted to leave... just like that. I couldn't allow it. I wouldn't. I needed more... time.

"Sir, I apologise, but I think its time for me to leave Farris International corporation behind"
Her voice was stren, and her hands clapsed infront of her. On this sunny afternoon in dublin, this was last thing Farris wanted to hear. Her white top was neatly tucked in her trousers, the laneyard with her company badge was hanging neatly from her slender neck. She had let her long hair down today, with glasses sitting on her cute button nose. She bit the inside of the cheek and avoided eye contact regardless of the confidence in her voice.

"Why?" Farris's voice came out annoyed.

"Perosnal reaosns" the answer was short and unsatisfactory.

"What personal reasons?" Farris pushed further

"With all due respect, i don't think I am obliged to tell you that. I am sorry I am unable to explain further"

"Thats not helpful at all, I just- i want to know why you are leaving suddenly after 8 years! I am used to you being around, dammit!"

He had regretted saying the last part but it was the truth and it was the truth. He was bothered more than he should have been.
He loosened his tie and got up from the chair, walking towards Luna, he came forward and sat on the desk, rolling up his sleeves and folding arms on his chest.

Luna had stepped back and lowered her head, staring at her feet she bit her lower lip.

"I- i uh- well, i need to go back to my home town now. Yeah that"

"I can give you holidays for that"

"No- it might be long term"

"How long? 2 months? Its fine!"

"No, maybe a few years now, or maybe forever, I am not sure yet"

"You can come back after a year too"

"Sir, I can't do that I might be getting married in 3 months!" She clasped her hand on her mouth and closed her eyes in regret.


She breathed out and said "Yes, my dad wants to get me married to his freind's son and I might do just that. I am turning 30 soon and I think its perfect time to settle" she didn't want that but her dad was emotionally black mailing her every single day! It was just too much, the freind's son was rich, he had a showroom of cars and he was good looking as well! A bit older than her but she could see it for herself once back home.

"When did that happen? You had a fiancé?" Fariss was in disbelief, something in his chest bubbled. Was he ..... feeling angry??

"No!! I don't. I will be meeting him the first time once I get back" she responded

"You are getting.... married to someone you don't even know? In 21st century?" He almost shouted

"I am afraid I don't have much choice"

Farris wanted to shake her from the shoulders and scream at her but why would he do that. It wasn't like he was in love with her.

Or was he?

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