A Twin's Redemption

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Mind-Reading- Mildred

“Mildred, what was all of that?” Luke asked me.

“What was all of what?

“Are you an alien or are you just going insane?”

“I’m none of them. I’m lying down here on your bed like an average person would.”

“No, you’re not. What you are telling me could be the truth, but it’s the wrong truth. It’s like you are communicating with someone in another universe. This has never been seen in science before.”

“I know. Her name is Angelica. I know where to go from here, and if you don’t believe me, then don’t.”

Luke studied me for a while. He looked freaked out and pale with his eyes wide open, and his jaw dropped.

“Mildred, are you making all of this up?”

I kept quiet. I knew he would find the answer somewhere in my head.

“You are apparently not lying to me, though I’m still not convinced you are telling the truth. We’ll have to find Angelica, and then I can believe you and regret what I did. Even so, I can’t understand how I am supposed to find her with no evidence that she exists. I mean, the big tree and the red, dusty road is not enough information to find her. There are also lots of places like that in this world, and it would be impossible to choose the right one. I guess we’ll have to wait at school for her to come.”

“But she is in the middle of Mildripily and somewhere else. Isn’t that enough information to find her? I mean, it’s dark and cold outside. She could be catching a cold this minute. Could you please take this mind-reading device off my head? It’s starting to scare me and makes me feel like you are taking in more information, especially more private stuff than you need.”

Luke unstrapped the device from my forehead. At last, some real privacy.


“Danger! Danger! Kidnapped! Danger.”

That was all I heard, and this time, Angelica was in trouble. She had been kidnapped. I told Luke quickly. But where and by whom? This was going to be the worst adventure I had ever experienced. With no evidence of where she was kidnapped, it was useless trying to find her. I couldn’t let my thoughts and worries throw me away that easily. I guessed my one choice was to find Angelica, and fast. I called her again.

“Man with black beard and blue car. LOV123.”

“Hey, that’s Mr Burns’ car. I saw him this morning jumping out of his blue car with that numberplate. He also has a black beard. He must have taken Angelica to his house at the school. He is the scariest person in the school, and I had met him yesterday. He was like an evil scientist, though he didn’t do chemistry. We must escape tonight and wait over near the big tree at the school beside his small apartment.”

“Hey, great idea, Mildred. It looks like you are telling the truth after all. I’ll hire a taxi and tell my mother we are going to the movies.”

“Why would you tell her that? You were the one getting up me for not telling the truth, when I was.”

“The point is I didn’t know if you were telling the truth. Do you want to find Angelica or not?”

“Okay, fine. But if we get into trouble, it’s your fault, okay?”


“Thanks, Luke,” I said, placing a warm kiss on his cheek.

I’d never kissed a boy in my life. That felt weird. Sparks flew instantly through my mind and I blushed a little. Luke was frozen like an ice block.

“Are you all right?” I said.

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

Luke tried to open the door and then finally remembered it was locked on the outside and that he had no keys. My heart dropped to my feet. We were never getting out of here.

The Kidnapper- Angelica

“Let me go. Please, I insist.”

“I know what you are doing out there.”

“No, you don’t.”

“You’re trying to find someone, like your parents, or you could have just run out of the hospital. I can tell by your clothes.”

I sat silent for a while. “I was doing both of those things. So? Why should you care?”

“I’ll help you if you stay at my house tonight.”

“I don’t want any help from a man I don’t know, thank you very much.”

“I’ll tell you who I am if you keep quiet.”

“Could you please let me out?”

“Out where?”

“Sunvalley High in Peterson, please.”

“That’s where I live.”

“No, you don’t. It’s a school.”

“I know it is, but I have a house there.”

This Mildred and school thing was getting to me now. Was this guy’s name Mildred, the person who was calling me in my head and wouldn’t leave me alone? But I thought it was a girl? But Mildred said she had a boyfriend. Oh no, I’m in a car with a gay man. I couldn’t get out of the car because all the doors and windows were locked, and I had a lock on my seatbelt, so I couldn’t move anywhere. I couldn’t believe this was Mildred.

“Mildred, I knew it was you,” I said.

“Who are you calling Mildred? I’m Mr Burns. My first name is Taylor.”

“Oh, sorry. You’re lying aren’t you?” I replied cheekily.

“Why are you sorry for calling me the wrong name? I hadn’t introduced myself.”

“Why am I in here?”

“You were lost. I could tell.”

“I’m lost? I don’t think so. My conscience was telling me everything.”

“That’s crazy. Now you are the one lying,” he laughed.

“No it’s true. I’m trying to find someone called Mildred. She said I needed to meet her at Sunvalley High.”

Mr Burns began laughing his head off. My eyebrows furrowed. What was so funny?

“I know a Mildred.”


“Her name is Mildred Shortstreet. I live at her school.”

I blinked. “Hey, that’s my last name.”

“Really, what’s your first?”


Mr Burns stopped the car immediately and turned around to face me. He gave me a strange look and studied my face. Was Mildred related to me? I’d never met anyone in my family before.

“Are you sure you are not Mildred?”

“Do I look like a Mildred to you? My name is Angelica.”

“You do.”

“What do you mean I do?”

“Nothing much, I suppose. Mr Burns, please tell me what’s she like? I’ve been dying to meet her.”

“She looks a little like you, but not a lot.”

Mr Burns turned back around and started the car. Do I have a long-lost twin sister? Now I felt aching again in my stomach. My arms and hips tensed up. I couldn’t move or speak. Mr Burns stopped the car and looked at me. He took out a painkiller needle and stabbed it into my arm. He removed the lock from my seatbelt and laid me down on the back seat of the car. He drove faster this time, and before I knew it, we were at Sunvalley High. He picked me up, took me into his house, and lay me on a pleasant, soft, warm bed where I peacefully fell asleep.

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