A Twin's Redemption

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Still Trapped- Mildred

“Looks like we are locked inside.”

“Can you not ask your mother for the keys?” I said.

“You see, that’s the problem ...”

“What’s the problem?”

“Mum is out tonight with Dad. We are home alone.”

Great, now I was never going to find Angelica. I tried everything to call her; however, every time I tried, she wouldn’t answer, or my mind would completely wipe itself out. I knew she was at Sunvalley High, but how could I reach her?

“Can we break down this door? I have to find her.”

“No, because then you will have to pay for the damages.”

“I can get a job. You know it’s not hard,” I said.

“It is when you are ten years old and are too young to work.”

“Oh ….”

“Is there anything you could do for me?”

“I don’t know. You could hire me as your personal slave.”

“Then it’s a deal.”

“But I haven’t shaken on it yet.”

Luke gave me an earnest look. I shook hands with him to show I agreed. I threw a thick book at the door. It didn’t open. I did it again; still didn’t work. After the third throw, the door finally swung open. Surprisingly, it didn’t break off the latch or any part of the door. I wouldn’t have to pay Luke after all, except for the damages of the three books I threw. I jumped for joy and ran out, dragging Luke behind me out the door towards Sunvalley High.

“We have five kilometres to travel. I forgot to order a taxi. Do you want to walk in the dark?” Luke asked.

“Yeah, if there is no other way to Sunvalley High.”

“What if this whole Angelica thing is made up?” he asked.

“Luke, you already agreed that I am telling the truth. Can you stop questioning me?” I said.

“Yes, but sometimes I see things differently.”

“What do you mean?” I said.

“You know how you kissed me before ...” he said.

“I never kissed you. Why would I have done that?”

“Because you did. You saw something different in me like I see something different in Angelica.”

“I don’t get the picture you are trying to explain to me,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it Mildred. I’ll explain it you later.”

We were one kilometre away from school. I could see the tall buildings inside the school and its sign. I was finally going to meet Angelica. My heart fluttered at the thought, though I was also freaking out. What if Angelica wasn’t who I thought she was? Then I would have travelled for three quarters of an hour for nothing. Luke and I walked into the school grounds through the big wooden gates. No one was there apart from the blue car, which had the numberplate LOV123 that Angelica told me about. I ran over to the car, with Luke following behind me. No one was inside, and there was no sign of blood, so I figured that Mr Burns hadn’t killed anyone. Two things stood in my way. The car was unlocked, and inside, on the car seat, was a needle and a small note beside it. The needle was a painkiller, so I placed it back and shut the car doors. I took the note and read it:

Dear Daddy,

If you get this note, I love you. Please don’t marry Sasha, because she is not my type. If I die before you wake, I pray the Lord to take my soul to heaven and for you to create a funeral for me. I love you Daddy. From Angelica.

P.S. If you see this, Mildred, find me!

I cried. The letter was heart-breaking to read. Luke and I went to sit over near the big tree in the school grounds near the office. Angelica was real, and she wanted her father.

“Mildred, it’s okay. She’s not dead yet.”

“Yeah, but she will be soon.”

“All we have to do is watch this car and see who gets in it.”

“It’s not that simple. It’s over, and I have wasted my time.”

“It’s not over. You haven’t found her yet. I will help you with every little step you take.”

“Really?” I answered wiping away a few tears.

“Why do you think I came with you?”

“Sorry. You must think I am a cry-baby right now.”

“I know you’re sorry. All girls cry. It’s a natural thing. They can’t help it sometimes.”

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