A Twin's Redemption

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Last Words- Angelica

I woke up at midnight and started to creep out of the house. Mildred could have forgotten about me. I’d tried to call her for ages, but she wouldn’t answer. I looked through my pockets for the letter I wrote to Dad. It was gone. I frowned. Did Mr Burns take it? I hope not. This could just lead to more problems. I must have left it in the car or at the hospital. I could write another one to him. Four days had passed since I saw my dad and my journey to find Mildred wasn’t over yet. I could die any minute without seeing them. I finally got out the door and made my way over to Mr Burns’ car. It was cold outside, making me shiver, and I felt sore and hurt. The note was gone. Someone must have stolen it, and the car doors were unlocked. I looked around; Sunvalley High was a big school, and I wasn’t going to waste my night looking for the letter.

“Hey, you over there,” a voice called.

I stopped and then ran as fast as I could to safety. I thought the closest park would be a good spot to hide. I had no idea who it was, and I had no time to look. I ran and ran. I heard the voices grow closer, so I climbed up a tall tree, even though I was in great pain. I hoped this tree was thick enough so I wouldn’t be seen. Two black figures appeared underneath the tree. I listened as they spoke, hoping they didn’t climb up after me.

“Who was at Mr Burns’ car?”

“I don’t know. It could have been Angelica.”

They were after me! I kept listening.

“Where could she have gone?”

“What if it wasn’t Angelica, Mildred? What if it was someone else?”

Mildred? Was that her? She could have read the letter and pretended she was Mildred. They might already know I was up in the tree. I was so toast. I threw a stick down which hit the girl on the head. I could be killed. This could be it.

“Hey, what was that? Something hit me on the head.”

“Maybe something is in the tree?”

“I bet you there is.”

“I surrender. Just kill me,” I yelled.

“Who’s that?” asked the male voice.

“Angelica Shortstreet.”

“Come down, it’s Mildred and Luke. We are not going to hurt you,” explained Luke.

I climbed down the tree and stopped with my jaw open. It was as if I was looking at myself in the mirror. Mildred looked exactly like me. She too was confused. I came close to her and touched her hands and looked deeply into her eyes. It can’t be. Were we twins?

“Mildred, I don’t understand,” I said.

“I don’t either.”

“Angelica and Mildred, what’s going on? Why do you two look alike?” Luke said.

“We don’t know!” we chorused.

I was horrified.

“Why did I never know I was a twin?” I thought.

Was my dad her dad? Did she have a mother? What happened to us?

“Mildred, do you have a mother?”

“Yes. I found your note. Apparently, you have a father?”

“Yes, but how come we have just met?”

My pain came back again. I began wincing and doubling over. This time, the pain was worse.

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