A Twin's Redemption

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A New School

Many years later….


This was the worst school I had ever been to. There were no boys, just a whole bunch of girls. I wouldn’t survive the rest of high school at an all-girls’ boarding school. I had no phone or computer – nothing that I could use to contact Luke. Plus, my stepparents didn’t tell Luke where I was going because they believed that every time I was with him, more chaos was created. I had walked into the school after travelling on a plane by myself. Well, I wasn’t alone. A bunch of other girls and random people who went to this school were on the plane too. It was a noisy and extremely annoying ride, with girls talking to each other loudly about what happened on their holidays. Senior year was not going to be a breeze. I was in grade eleven now. Not too far from finishing school. But this school was not going to make the most of it. I could tell it was going to be slow and boring. I was allowed to go home in the Christmas and Easter holidays for a period of one week each. I could try to escape. That won’t work, though, because all the other times I tried escaping something, I ended up being punished. I wanted to spend time with family, not be away from them. It was like World War one again. I couldn’t wait until I left school and turned eighteen. My life would be complete and fine because no one would be able to tell me what to do anymore. It would be me and hopefully have a cute boyfriend who respected me.

Girls Grammar High was the third school I had ever been to in my whole life. I never knew school could be so stressful. This was my new life now and my new home for two more years. I knew it was going to be hell, but all school is horrible, no matter which one you go to. I hoped for a huge change in my life from this. Although I sounded quiet and perfectly fine now about it, I would not be like this forever. I didn’t want any trouble at this school. I hated getting others into trouble and making them suffer for the things I made them do. Luke was one of these people. A great friend and stepbrother who would be in my heart forever, even though he was not my boyfriend.

Years have passed by quickly. From Sun-Valley High, to Christian College and then now to Girls Grammar had been a huge change for me. I didn’t see Luke or my stepparents a lot, but I sort of was enjoying my time here. Firstly, there were no boys, which means there was no drama, there was no bullying, and everyone seemed to be friends. I never got my way in grade five, and I was always getting into lots of trouble for nothing. I had forgotten about Jonny as soon as I finished primary school at Christian College. For these years, I had stayed with a foster carer. As the years grew fast, she then sent me to Girls Grammar boarding school by grade seven under the Hostile’s permission. I was now in grade eleven.

“Mildred, did you complete your jobs this morning?” asked the dorm mistress.

“Yes. Bins are out, and dishes are done.”

It had been four months since I was home. I missed home so much. Christmas was around the corner. There was a month left, and grade eleven would be over and summer holidays would begin. I was very enthusiastic. I could hardly wait. It was hard to sleep at night due to the excitement. Everyone could see this too. I hadn’t heard from Mum, Dad, or Luke for ages. I was thrilled to know what they were doing now without me.

“Are you going home this summer holiday, Miss Hostile?”

“I think so, Miss Bloomsberry.”

Miss Bloomsberry was single and never married. She was a wonderful lady and gave me courage every time something was too hard and I wanted to give up or with anything else that popped up in the school grounds. I never understood why she never married or had at least been taken. She had the traits and appearance of a blond-haired perfect woman. Blue eyes, thin, and tall. Every man would have died to be with her. But I would have to say, everyone is different. And she was. Most perfect blondes are in jail or doing drugs. It was on the news and everywhere over the web. I couldn’t let any stereotype stand in my way. She was also smart.

She gave me the weirdest look. It was a look of despair and sorrow that somehow made me feel as if something had gone wrong.

“Miss, are you all right?”

“Mildred, I’m so sorry,” she cried.


“Your parents have been killed in a car accident.”

“Well, that’s fantastic. I never liked them. Hang on – which parents?” I answered with a bubbly tone, which then turned into a sigh.

I felt a twinge of guilt and blushed. I was embarrassed due to my response.

“The Hostiles.”

My jaw dropped. I ran out of my room and into the gardens, crying. Miss Bloomsberry followed. Did Luke know where I was? The answer was no.

“Mildred, as your stepparents have died, and your other parents are in jail, there is no one else in this world to take you in. I have been contacted by police and have been instructed to tell you that Luke Hostile will be taken care of by his aunty and uncle, but both of them declined to take you in. We know you are seventeen, which brings me to the next point. You are old enough now to take care of yourself, and you won’t need to leave the school grounds in the summer holidays. You will stay here with me until school resumes, and from then on, we can figure something else out. There are no records of other family members related to you, and Luke Hostile is no longer related to you. I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t believe it. My life had never been decent at all. All my life I had been tossed, turned, borrowed, kicked out, and lied to. Now I had suffered the loss of Angelica in grade five and now my stepparents.

“Miss, can you kill me already?” I sobbed.

“Mildred, there is nothing I can do. I cannot kill you. Then I would go to jail.”

“What if I wrote you a letter and I signed it?”

“You’re not eighteen. It wouldn’t be counted or seen as a reliable source.”

All my life I had one dream; a dream to one day be free and loved. This dream just vanished.

“Miss, did you get anything from Luke at all when you found out about this?”

She handed me a letter addressed to me and left.

Dear Mildred,

I cannot come to a different conclusion about any of this. It’s my entire fault; I’m sorry. You and I have experienced too much loss in our lives. It is hard to keep up with what is exactly happening. I am beginning to feel anxious and depressed. I have lost my sister and both my parents, and you have lost your sister and stepparents. I tried very hard to convince my aunty to take you in. She told me she didn’t want any trouble with you and me, as she had found out what happened with us. It saddens me to think you are not my stepsister anymore, but I have a plan so we can be together again. I am madly in love with you. Do you want to marry me? You have no one else in your life, and I have loved you for so long that it’s hard to explain in any detail. If my aunty and uncle don’t approve of the marriage, we can run away to another country and get married there without them knowing. We have a two years left of school. I have been told which school you go to and are planning to tell my aunty and uncle I have a football thing in your town over the summer holidays with friends. I don’t want you to be alone these holidays. I’ll pick you up (I have my P Licence), and we can book a motel if you would like. I’m sick of everything that has happened in my life, and I am so sick of seeing you depressed and separated from me. I wish this could be all different. We have both tried and failed many things in our lives, and we regret it all. Please, I am asking for your hand in marriage. Would you take it?

XOXO Luke.

I began crying hard. I was happy to receive a letter and recognition that Luke still loved me, but at the same time I was completely confused. I couldn’t understand for the life of me why this was all happening. Was I the daughter of an unlucky one? Wait, I was! There was clearly nothing left in this world for me. I knew I wanted to finish school. But I saw no point. There was no point in being instructed by anyone in this world. There was only one choice.

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