A Twin's Redemption

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In the End

In the end everything that mattered fell into place. I might not have ever beaten Jonny in school, but I sure did get my happy ending. I might have lost my twin sister, but I still had people in my life who cared about me. I didn’t think I could have asked for more.

I spent an unforgettable forty years married to David. I witnessed Luke’s journey of searching for me. I couldn’t believe he found me. To live a happy life, all you needed to do was make the right choices, even if it sometimes required risks.

Although we were old, Luke and I became engaged after about three weeks in Fino Town Aged Care Home. I could do this since David had signed the divorce papers and requested they were sent to me straight away. At first I was in a puddle of tears, but I got over it. We were married a week later at the care home.

They say two wrongs can make a right. People also say that when one door closes, two doors open. I think this happened in my life.

Although the story had been told a million times before on the news, I continued to preach it, especially to the young ones until I grew sick. I couldn’t write anymore. It had only been two years.

I spent the rest of my days in the hospital with Luke until he got very sick and passed away. I knew it was my turn soon and I was beginning to feel quite alone again.

After Luke has passed away, Judy had continued visiting me for at least one day a week for a few hours until she moved away overseas with her new husband she met only last year. I never met him, but I heard wonderful stories of him.

The days grew dark and cold and I became restless to do anything. I was sent to a mental institution within the hospital premises. These words were the last I wrote, as the doctors were approaching me to take my pen and book away from me that I was writing this story in.

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