A Twin's Redemption

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Our Tenth Birthday- Angelica


Mildred and I were having our tenth birthday already. The years had gone by slowly because we were still doing the same things every day. We were in grade five now and were the highest scoring children at school with our work. We got A+’s for everything. It just made me feel smart and loved because everyone kept congratulating us, apart from our parents, who didn’t take any notice of our existence.

I had returned the blue Kindy book I had found years ago, but I still had the same sick feeling it had given me the day I read it. Your parents will break up, and you will die at a young age. It sounded real, and I didn’t want it to happen to me. By the sound of it now, my parents were breaking up. They just couldn’t stop fighting.

We got nothing as usual on our birthday from our parents. No presents, no smiles, and no talks. Mildred and I struggled to keep frowns off our faces. You are supposed to have the finest day of your life on your birthday. If I could drive a car, I would go somewhere, but the time when I’ll be able to do that is too far away – six years or more at least. I probably won’t get my driver’s licence because I have never had real money before, and neither has Mildred.

I would love to have fun today, but like any other day, it will be spent locked up watching TV and nothing but bread and water for food. Mildred and I never get proper food at this house. We get a loaf of bread and a bottle of water to share each day, even at school. People classify us as weird because they believe that we have never tasted real food before. Well, we had a few times with Mr. Humble, but still however managed to maintain a slim figure. We don’t put on any weight at all. We have to save some bread and water for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; otherwise, we get nothing else for the whole day. It sucks being Mildred and me and having the most unsupportive parents in the world. You can never seem to live a normal life around here.

I would wish for anything in the world for my birthday, but I never get it. At least we still have our big teddies that Mr Humble bought us in Kindy. Our parents still haven’t found out about them.

We were locked in the lounge room now, and Mildred and I helped ourselves to two pieces of bread and a sip of water each. There was no children cartoons on, so we just watched adult shows. We couldn’t get away from adult shows. If our parents couldn’t teach us how to live our lives, the TV could.

If the TV didn’t exist today, Mildred and I would have been the dumbest kids in town and never have learnt anything. We were so glad that we had it in our lives; otherwise, we would never have been as smart as we were now. Kids at school were jealous of us or saw us as their role models.

I wished I could get something from my parents for my birthday. I also wished I could meet all of my other relatives.

I would die for a pet dog for my birthday. At least I would have a friend when I needed one. Mildred and I would take good care of it at all times. If it had to live on bread and water all day like us, I would be happy enough to share the bread among the three of us. But it would be hard to convince our parents to let us buy one. They wouldn’t listen to us if we tried to ask them anyway.

The phone rang.

“I’ll get it.”

I picked up the phone.

“Hello, Angelica speaking.”

“Oh hello, Angelica, it’s Mr Humble. Are your parents’ home, by any chance?”

“No. They said they were coming back in the afternoon, which is usually ten o’clock at night.”

“Are you locked in your living room and unable to come outside to me?”

“Of course we are. Inside with bread, water, and a TV with no escape routes.”

I heard Mr Humble sigh on the other end. He must be outside trying to come into the house. Our parents usually left the front door open so both of us could always get in and out easily without locating a key and our bedroom window was always open, so he could get in that way. I instructed Mr Humble, and he hung up straight away.

“Mr Humble is coming to save us,” I told Mildred.

Mildred and I ran up to the locked living room door and waited for it to open. We heard the front door opening and footsteps coming into the house.

“Where are you?” Mr Humble called.

“In here,” Mildred answered.

We were free in no time.

“Girls, here are cheeseburgers and fizzy drinks for you. I know you have never tasted them before, but you’ll like them.”

To me, this drink and burger did not look appealing. It smelled too. I took a bite. I felt fuller and had more energy after one bite, so I kept eating. The drink made all the food go down. It was the nicest tasting thing I had ever eaten. I could tell Mildred liked it too. Thank God Mr Humble had come; I would be able to leave the house now with Mildred and Mr Humble for the entire day. We would have to make sure the door stayed locked in the living room just in case our parents came home and found out we were gone. If we left the door locked and the TV on, they would think we were still in there.

We left the house and jumped into Mr Humble’s car.

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