A Twin's Redemption

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Luke’s House- Mildred

I met Luke’s mother at his front door.

“Hello, Mildred, I’m Mrs Hostile.”

Mrs Hostile looked exactly like Luke, except she was female. She was tall, with very long mousy brown hair that was dangling in silky locks, over her shoulders.


“Come in dear. Hi Luke, honey.”

His house was extraordinary, as grand as the queen’s palace. Everything was polished, and not one thing was out of place. There was mahogany furniture, marble floors and intricate paintings lining the walls. It had a fragrance of lavender and red roses. I could hear the wind creeping in, and the large fans above whirling. I wished my house looked like this. Tonight, I needed to find Mildripily Children’s Hospital, according to Angelica. I would have to find an escape route. I was still crazy and bubbly as I walked into the door and hadn’t yet calmed down. Luke took me up to his room and locked the door behind him so no one could get out.

Luke’s room looked as if it was designed for a prince. It was pristine clean with a king size bed. He had a personal bathroom and huge glass windows covered by a light cloth that looked over a wonderful and spectacular view of one of the parks in his area. I was now incredibly jealous and frightened. I was in a rich boy’s house.

“Luke, why are you locking us in?”

“I’m not. You did it to yourself.”

“But I don’t understand what I did wrong. All I was doing was telling the truth.”

“Mildred, you weren’t telling the truth; you were going crazy.”

He felt my forehead to see if I had a temperature. I did. He stood up, went into his personal bathroom, and brought back a wet cloth.

“Lie down on my bed with this on your forehead. You’ll feel much better after you start to cool down.”

“As long as we don’t have sex, I’m fine with that.”

“You’re going crazy again. I am not going to have sex with you. I am just trying to make you feel better. If there is anything more you want, I’m happy to get it for you.”

I lay down on his bed, and he placed the cold, wet rag on my forehead. He told me to relax as he went to sit at his desk to watch me.

“Is it not hard to stare at me while I am in an uncomfortable position?” I asked rudely.

“Sorry, I’ll face this way then.”

He turned around to face his computer and turned it on. All I wanted to do was stand up and research where Angelica was, but I couldn’t. I would have to ask him to do it for me. There was no way I was leaving this room tonight.

“Luke, do you know where Mildripily is?”

“No, why?”

“Nothing much, I just want to know.”

“This better not be about your conscience again.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Then why do you need to know?”

“Because ....”

“Because what?”

“Can you please look it up for me and show me a map?”

“No, I cannot. This does have to do with your conscience, and it seems like you are trying to escape. I have locked both of us in this room, and we cannot escape at all, because the door opens from the outside. I also forgot to bring the key in so we will never get out until my mother lets us out.”

I frowned. Well, that didn’t work. If anything happened to me, Angelica would meet me at Sunvalley High. Maybe I could see if I could sleep over there tonight with Mr Burns. I shook my head. No. That wouldn’t work, because Mr Burns wasn’t very nice. He seemed nice, but he was like a vicious monster. I met him yesterday, and I already thought he was a bad person. He was also the groundsman of the school.

Luke pulled out a cord, which had white stickers all over it, and connected it to his computer. He brought over a rectangular cushion and lay it over my forehead, after taking away the wet cloth.

“What are you putting on my forehead?” I said.

“Something that will help me find out what you’re thinking. It’s called a mind-reading machine.”

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