A Twin's Redemption

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The Escape- Angelica

It became dark soon, and Natalie had injected me with painkillers so I wouldn’t feel the heavy and aching pain I felt beforehand in my stomach. All she didn’t know was that I was going to escape tonight and find Mildred at Sunvalley High. I didn’t know where Peterson was, so I would have to follow her thoughts so I could find her. Natalie had left the room, and soon all the lights were off. I was a bit scared because I am afraid of the dark; however, I had to keep my hopes up. I crept over to the window and began to climb down the vine. My pain worsened, but I had to persevere. The painkiller obviously wasn’t going to work while I did this.

In no time, I finally reached the ground and realised I didn’t bring anything with me apart from a note I wrote to my father and supposedly Mildred if they ever found me dead. It was a cold summer’s night, and anything could happen to me out here. It was a pretty easy escape, too. Easier than the ones you see in the movies because there are always guards around.

Now to the hard part: hiding. Before anyone woke up, I needed to be out of this town.

Every two kilometres I would stop to take a break because I was in a bundle of pain. I would only walk a metre, then I would be tense and fall softly to the floor, holding my arms against my stomach. At least I had a good dinner or I would never have made it this far. I looked at the road signs and followed the directions. Mildred’s voice hadn’t sprung back in my head at all since I began this journey, and I began to feel as if this whole thing was a joke to me. Should I be doing this? I hope I was doing the right thing.

I was out of Mildripily before I knew it, walking across a dry and barren road lined with trees. It was getting late, and I didn’t have the time to stop. Nevertheless, I knew I had to stop and rest. I walked over to a hollow tree with soft grass and leaves beneath it and lay down. I was roughly about ten metres away from the road. This would give me protection for tonight until the sun rose tomorrow, when I would begin my journey again. I was tired and scared of all the weird sounds around me like owls hooting, and dogs howling and barking. But there was nothing to do about it.

The next morning was peaceful, and my back was stiff. I stood up to do a couple of warm up stretches, which helped a lot. I was starving and thirsty. I spotted an apple farm and ran over to a tree to grab a nice juicy apple. I took about five and stuffed them in the pockets of the long nightgown I wore when I escaped last night. At this point, Natalie and Brandon would have rung the police. The bad thing was that they couldn’t ring my dad because no one had his number.

“Angelica, are you there?”

“Yes, I’ve escaped and am coming to find you as we speak,” I replied, startled.

“Sorry, my boyfriend has this thing on my forehead and is listening to every word we say.”

“Is he helping you?” I said.

“No, we are both locked in his room, and he thinks I’m crazy.”

“That’s what people have said about me too.”

“Are you all right? Is your pancreatic cancer healing?”

“No, I’m feeling so much pain. I have to find you. I have no idea where I am, though.”

“That’s all right; I’ll guide you.”

“How?” I said.

“Luke has a computer with maps.”

“But how can you help me when I don’t know where I am?”

“We’ll track you down from objects around you.”

“Okay, I am at a big hollow tree with a red dirt road,” I said.

“I’ll call you back when I find you. Just keep walking.”

Mildred was trapped. I had to help her. Why would her boyfriend lock her in his room with him to see what she was thinking? I’d never heard of a mind-reading device. Had she told him? Did he know who I was? Was he safe? I knew that Mildred and I were in danger. We need to save each other. If I knew how to.... If I had a car, I would find Mildred faster, but I didn’t. And this trip would be slow and long if I kept complaining about it.

Talking of cars, a blue car parked straight in front of me. A large, muscular man with a black beard jumped out and locked me into his car, gagging me with a sock in my mouth. I struggled uselessly. I was being kidnapped.

“Someone help me, please. Mildred are you there?” I called to Mildred in my mind.

She didn’t answer.

This was the end.

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