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Initial Change

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A story about romance, teen-life, high-school betrayals and friendships. As the story begins, the main character is Kathryn Meyer. She is 13 years old. No one warned her about the trials that await high-school and the fact that she is surrounded by new people and boys her age and older. Will she cope with her peers influence, good or bad?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 Getting to know eachother

Today is the first day of school..... gr 8. A living hell can be described in 1 word... which is... HIGH-SCHOOL!!! The initial change from primary to high-school. Not even to mention new freinds and of course new crushes.

Friends Have a big impact on My life . Not to mention crushes. Boyfriend's take up time, time that I don't have to waste on love and relationship or whatever. As I was saying today is the first day of high-school. I followed the directions to my class and met my new bffs...Suaney, Chloe, Ruth, Jessica and Izabella.

They were so cool, but then they started to talk about.... Boyfriends! Like really not even 3 min in to the school, and we are talking about boys. You see I had a boyfriend (Joshua) and he was the world to me but then...he dumped me. So, since then I hadn't dated or seen anyone again.

They carried on talking about boys. Then all of a sudden Ruth asked,"Has anyone had a boyfriend or girlfriend?" She was looking directly in my direction. Two boys said no... I'm surprised. Jessica said no. Chloe said no..... Suaney said no. What am I supposed to say... If I say no, then i will fit in. But if I say yes, they will all ask me questions. Then Izabella said," yes...... whatttttt!!?"she asked , everyone is looking at her confused includeing me. She doesn't look like a person who would date a guy or girl... I could sense she felt left out so i said "Me to!!. I also dated someone!!" Why did i do that? Immediately she looked at me surprised and a bit relieved that she was not the only one to date.

The group looked surprised at what i said, but I think they could understand that I dated someone, but they still looked surprised at Izabella. Suaney asked, "ok,ok tell us who it was, when you met and if u are still dating him or her." Looking in my direction I guessed she ment that i start to talk. "His name was Joshua Jones. We met about... 4 yrs ago on holiday, we became best freinds up un till 1 year ago, when we decided to start to date eachother. It was going really well until he dumped me just before January." Everyone had a sad expression on there face. Chloe asked,"How have you been coping with it. Did you get another bff after that." "No." I said.... sad but also relieved. All of a sudden Izabella started to talk but was cut off because of the bells loud noise. It was like a RRRIIINNNGGG, RRRIIINNNGGG......and so it carried on for about 30 seconds.

After the bell had rung, we went into the classroom. The teacher was allready inside. Like a stalker, she just looked at us. I wonder if she could hear our conversation about boys. After 5 min of silence she began to speak, "My name is Mrs Tracy, I am your home room teacher or register teacher. I was wondering if we could start to learn about eachother, like our name, where you live, etc..." I was relieved that we werent going to do work. Honestly the teacher looked cute in some ways. WHAT AM I SAYING. My krap cant start early on.

We started to sound like a song , "My name is.....I live in....... I went too ...... I have a . ......"

We all filled in our own info of course, but I could see the teacher begining to get annoyed with the repitition. I wonder how old she is.... my brain is so dangerous.

But as I was saying....came to my turn to introduce myself. Then all of a sudden... RING,RING,RING,RING.....

I was so happy, because i actually had no idea what i was going to say. I looked at my timetable, and realised that we had another period at our register teacher.
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