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To A New Dawn

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She died over and over again......it was always so dark.... So suffocating. He was always appearing, he was her knight in shining armor but when the recent needs arrive will he be there to save her .....again! Who will he come as this time Corrine was an intelligent girl who worked with her aunt's husband, she had always been grateful to the pair of couple......then she got her chance, she had to marry the young conglomerate bound by an alliance. Looking at his watch " it has been 2 months 6 days, 12 hours, 10 minutes and 36 seconds since I gave you a ring" " You shouldn't flirt with other men"

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1 ( Unfailing Alarm)

She never had a problem waking up early by 3 0'clock every morning. Curious as to whether it was the alarm waking her up, she set it a little later than 3 a.mthe previous night..

But just like every other night, she was in a dark room and could gear whispers of a name that definitely wasn't her's. So she didn't answer to it as she always did.

Just as if her decision affected the presence of the darkness around her.
Then the room felt really suffocate, it was like the darkness was waiting for her decision not to give a reply I'm order to swallow her whole.

Just when she was about to breath her last, a light shone in and she woke up.
Sweating and sucking in air greedily. She swept her hair away from her face and immediately looked at the time it was exactly 3 a.m. 'great' she thought.

Hurriedly picking up her diary, she tried to recall the things she saw but it hasn't as to no avail. It has always been like that, and that was why she stopped her secret visit to the psychiatrist Mrs Mogan, who told her to write down anything she remembers from her dream before it vanishes.

Sadly that was what happened Everytime all she could remember was the darkness and moments of close death then the blinding light. She couldn't remember anything else she saw.l oray e it's because she never did see anything.

Determined not to make the day a bad one she shool away the thoughts.
Staggering towards the bathroom with 'Man down' by Rihanna booming out of her phone.

She could never really understand why she always dreamt of something that doesn't seem to be in her past........having a weird habit of eating ice cream just after brushing her teeth
She settled down to it and moaned with delight.

After wiping clean a bowl of Ice cream, she fixed a steaming bath for herself. By 6 a.m she was fully dressed for work in a black pencil skirt, a blue satin shirt with pumps....made her hair into a bun.
Corrine lives with her aunt, being the only relative she knows apart from her dead parents.

She has being living with Aunt Cathy since her parents died in a car accident, but she couldn't remember it or anything about them, even though she was about twelve when it happened.

She has watched her Aunt Catherine love and hate men and herself till she got married to Dame Lewis 'The love of her life'. He was the owner of a company he was an orphan who had nothing and no one but his name to grow up with in the orphanage.

It hasn't been an easy journey for him before he got where he was at the age of 48. He was a proof of hard work and deal in the hardest part with a worthy competitor ...... All in all Corrine hopes to be like him.

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