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S T O R Y T I M E A M A Y A📝 Every Saturday weekend, Amaya leaves her home and goes to beach. It's about thirty minutes drive from her home. She makes sure to pick her sketch book whenever she goes. Her sketch book is her friend. She's a bit introvert and got few Friends. She's always alone. Her parents died when she was at college due to car accident. To keep refreshing her mind she makes some sketches. It has become a habit whenever she has nothing to do. Apparently on this Saturday, she came late than expected. And the spot she usually takes has been taken by a group of girls. She mentally cursed but walks further to the shore. After like few minutes she found a good spot. Then, sat down whilst took her drink to cool down. Though it's afternoon and sun isn't that warmer but she likes staying hydrated. Meanwhile,she took her sketch board after flipping some few pages. She finds the empty one and started sketching. She wasn't a fan of loud places, that's why picked an isolated place but still she can hear the music background from the dance hall. She mentally noted to visit some other cool places in the future besides that. She started drawing despite the distant noises she held. All awhile, she was so focused into her work and not to care about the surrounding. Abruptly, he phone rang. She normally switched it off whenever she's not at work or came at beach. Wondering

Romance / Adventure
Rehema Sirdone
Age Rating:

C H A P T E R 02

A M A Y A 📝 02

Her forehead collided on something so hard for which caused her head spinning. She thought it was something but then is a person. She realized has spilled some water on someone's shirt and was about to fall backward instead of forward. Lucky, a pair of hands caught her milliseconds before her fall.
"Am i dead?" . She shyly asked
"Glady!. Not" . The deep man voice answered.
"How I wished I could". She responded.
A man chuckled and reply " well, I think your time isn't yet" . She collects her self and about to stand still eyes closed.
"Why not now God". She exhales and opens her closed watery eyes.
At first, A man was so furious about his white shirt which was now wet. Same time he was confused about what she said but he found it amusing.
Until he saw the tears run down her face then mastered his manners.
He cleared his throat
"Oh am so sorry miss" . He confronted her. All this while she was fetching tissue paper from her bag and found none.
"I guess it's my bad day after all" she whispered to herself. But the man heard it. And was curiously watching her every move.she then wipe her eyes with her loose scarf.
He really wanted to raise her chin but was so uncomfortable especially to someone you just met and really don't know.
" Excuse me, thanks" . She stepped back, collects her fallen back from the sand and rush forward this time more careful. She didn't waste any time to look into man's face. Her boss was gonna kill her since she wasnt dead by little bumpy accident. She was really In a hurry.
A man was dumbfounded and didn't know how to react.
" Your name at least" he voiced out.

"Amaya" she shouted back. But never turned back.

She walks so fast as if she was being chased by FBI. Entered in her car and drives fast to the office.
The man tried to calm himself from chasing her. Which could be rude and unprofessional since he was not raised that.
He remembers how his mother used to scold him to treat people he doesn't know, well despite anything . He thought.!
To be continued..........
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