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Brad wants nothing more than to play football and get drafted into the NFL but his maths grade seeming to be a threat to it. He gets help from a fresher, Audrey, who is being known as the sexy nerd. As time goes by, Audrey is seeming to be more threatening than his maths grade because she stands for everything he can't and would never have. 

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Chapter One

“He likes me”

“It doesn't seem so,”

“He does, I mean who would help a girl just because she tumbled on her feet and still volunteer to take her to the infirmary,” Audrey added.

“A gentleman,” Lizzie snorted.

Audrey threw the pillow on the couch across the room, “He does like me. I'm sure it was love at first sight.

She had been obsessed with Brad since the first day she got into Raid University. She came to Raids for a different reason, don't get her wrong but damn it was like she was sent here to meet her destined boyfriend. She met him for the first time in front of the Administrative office and she knew he was her shining knight. His vivid smile had swept her off her feet. She didn't believe in love at first sight but this was the first.

She had never seen him up close, always farfetched. In front of the library, at the parade ground, in the cafeteria but today was her lucky day. She beheld Brad, the football team star right in front of her. Her clumsiness yielded good results for sure.

Brad piggybacked to the infirmary today. It was rear to see a very gorgeous guy that is caring and sweet. All the sports players are rude jerks. She might sound judgemental but it was true. Especially the guys, entitled and arrogant.

Freydis hiked into the living room. The sofa squished as she slumped into it. Lizzie and Freydis are Audrey's besties since the first day. Their first encounter was under a very bizarre and hilarious atmosphere during their freshman year but they had been the best in her life.

Audrey swiveled to Freydis from the couch. “Imagine you fell on your way to the library and a really cute guy walked up to you, asked if you were okay, and then helped you to the infirmary,” she counted the sentence with my fingers. “Doesn't that count that he likes you, like love at first sight thing?"

Her eyes trailed after Freydis as she treaded on the Brown rug in the middle of the room to the freezer placed in the right corner, bringing out the fanatic disgusting juice she took every day. Audrey tapped her fingers together Like chill dawn waiting for sunrise.

Frey proceeded to sip the green gummy juice and collapsed on the sofa nearby “He seems more like a gentleman, who is he?"

She shot a daggered glare at Frey and Lizzie. “I hate you both so much.” Couldn't they humor her? Lizzie tilt up and stuck her tongue out at her. Audrey stretched her hand towards the pillow and launched it at her which she dodged narrowly.

A thunderous crash erupted “OMG". The pillow hit her porcelain jar, the only one of its kind. Audrey held her breath and rushed towards it, whining at the broken pieces.

Lizzie strolled up to her and mockingly patted my back. “This nasty temper of yours.” she said trying not to laugh “Poor jar. It had to get caught in your mess." Audrey spun and grabbed her hand but she slipped out of her grasp. Jogging in the opposite direction. “I'm sorry Madam Brad.” Audrey launched after her. They both merry-go-round the living room cutting in between the couch arranged in a U-shaped manner. “Stop there," Audrey exclaimed

Ten minutes gone, Audrey was trying to catch her lost breath. She slanted her body on the wall as she observed Lizzie, who is still agile and popping with adrenaline. She must have taken some energy drinks. Lizzie played for the volleyball team of the school and she is one of their best top runners so she wasn't surprised, while she, on the other hand, was just a smart girl who always topped the class and brilliancy doesn't come with incredible strength.

She breathed heavily in and out with her hands on her hips. “Stop there, I promise not to beat you.

“Really?” Lizzie turned to Audrey. Her back is on the bronze wall with a splash of brown.

Audrey rubbed her back with her hands,“ Yes. Really."

“Can you guys stop? I'm trying to concentrate here,” Frey Shouted from her room. The sound of her voice throbbed like an earthquake. When she and Lizzie were still trying to regain their heart that jumped out of the window. She slammed the door of her room so hard, the house vibrated.

“Everyone here has a very nasty temper. Huh," Lizzie placed her hands on the right side of her chest. “Oh, My heart."

“The heart is on the left side,” Audrey corrected. She stealthy walked up to her hoping she doesn't notice.

Lizzie took to her feet, “You can't catch me," She stopped dead dropped in front of Daren. “Why are you walking around naked" she said, not making eye contact with him. Oh, I didn't mention Daren

He is the fourth member of the squad. She and Daren came from the same neighborhood and they both went to the same high school. They were more like strangers even though their parents were close until last year. Audrey met him at the orientation party and he had stuck to her like glue. Daren could be classified as a tic when she first met him. He was now an integral part of her life.

Daren rubs his eyes and gave Lizzie I just woke up look. He looked at himself from head to toe. Audrey slid into the chair beside her and watch their movie unfold. Lizzie had a bigger problem to deal with now. Technically, Daren isn't naked. He is in khaki Short though he wasn't wearing anything on top.

One year and a half, Daren and Lizzie still argue about everything. They were never on the same page. When they weren't in an argument. They were bickering at each other, if they weren't doing that, they were probably teasing each other.

She dragged her feet to the couch and clutched my hands over my ear because Lizzie and Daren started their love fight again.

“I had a short on, girl.” Daren walked to the fridge and bought out a chilled bottle of water. He guzzled it down in one shot like a thirty lion.

I can see your chest, your bicep everything else except for your—" her voice trailed away. Lizzie's cheeks burned with all shades of red. I knew it. Lizzie had feelings for Daren. She hadn't admitted to it yet. Audrey and Frey would tease her a lot about it. The other day she was laughing so hard at the video he posted on his insta story. Audrey couldn't pinpoint the point of the video that was hilarious.

“Fine,” Daren trudged out of the living room.

Lizzie twisted her back to me. She fanned herself with her hands and blew air out of her mouth. Lizzie looked at her with flushed eyes


“Nothing," Audrey replied, beaming.

“Why are you smiling then?”

“Aren’t I allowed to smile?

“Didn't say that.”

She burst into an erratic laugh.“You need to see how red and flushed your face is.” Every act of Lizzie towards Daren had always indicated she liked Daren. He on the extreme end never get it. Poor boy. If only he knew.

“I mean all this won't make him like you. You need to show him you care about him.” I demonstrated with my hands.

“How is that working for you?” She beaconed at Audrey. Damn. She was never short of the right word.

“So you are admitting you like him?” Audrey contemplated.

“I don't. I—” She got caught off by Daren.

“Is this better for you now, ma'am?. Or you need me to go wear a hoodie?” He bowed to her like a tree in the storm. Her cheeks still turned red because now Daren wore a sleeves striped shirt. Mehn. Those sleeves drove ladies wild.

“Pizza or fries” Frey rested her back on the doorframe with her phone hanging loosely in her hand.



She rubbed her fingers on her forehead and drifted to where they were. “Daren stay out of this, no offense.”

“None taken,” Daren took the remote and tuned the channel to an Anime channel.
She and Lizzie giggled on their toes. She loved both dearly but she was in the mood for chicken this night, for the most part, the sauced one.

“Fries or pizza,” Frey asked again.

“Fries” Audrey shouted.

“Pizza,” Frey said immediately after her. They both looked in curiosity in Lizzie's direction.


She stood up and thumped her thumb finger in the air, sticking her tongue at Frey, who shot a glaring look.

“You said Pizza before," she glanced at Lizzie with her arms cross on her chest
“I changed my mind” Lizzie added.

Not long after the delivery arrived. They dug into it even before Frey dropped it on the table. One would have thought they have been starving for days. Yeah. They were total foodies. She being the biggest of all. They also have quite a temper too except Daren. Sometimes Lizzie is on the coolheaded side. God. She is scared of her when she is pissed.

“Wow, that was gratifying, thank you for the food,” Lizzie rubbed her stomach and belched.

“Gross,” Frey said.

“Should we order more,” Lizzie asked.
“No," Frey said with no chill. “You have a game tomorrow.” Frey is our gym instructor. Always keeping us in shape except for her. On days when they had intermitent fasting. She would go to the cafeteria and eat to her satisfaction before heading back to the hostel. she also runs a Workout channel. people wanted to get fit but most of her followers are thirty boys and girls.

“Oh right," Lizzie glanced around the room. “I have training this night.” she whined.

Lizzie and Frey continued in their display of affection while Daren was focused on the tv watching Anime like his life depended on it. She still didn't get why a guy would watch Anime of all things.

Audrey drowned into her phone, strolling through her Insta feed. ItsBrad popped on her screen. Brad owns an Instagram account? Longing, only to see him for a split second was frustrating for her. Talk about being awesome. Mirror selfie of Brad with no shirt. Damn. His abs. She wanted to trace her delicate hands on his chest and place her tongue on hi—. She couldn't believe she thought of those. His sculptured face His sandy Blonde hair looked damp and wet. —How sweet it would feel on her—. Stop. His pink plump lips would feel so good on my—. No, she shouldn't. It captioned, Excited for my game tomorrow. six months is a long wait. Heart heart.

She screamed from the chair and spun around the room before hugging Frey's workout instrument rotating round it.
She cleared her throat, “Don't be surprised." They turned to her, waiting for the big news. “Brad is playing tomorrow.” She jumped again still screaming like a scared puppy. Lizzie gave me a look like she kicked a puppy. Frey was the worst.

“I guess I'm the only excited then," She straightened her hair and adjusted her PJ. “I should Prepare for the game tomorrow."

“Are you coming to my game tomorrow?” Lizzie's eyes sparkled with excitement. She walked and hugged her tightly. “You are such a sweetie” She detached her body from me after noticing my rigid body. Of course, she wasn't going to her game tomorrow. “You are not coming to my game right?”

She moved away from her to avoid stories that touched, couldn't predict what she would do. “I might, I have a fan thing tomorrow.”

“Girl code babe” she beckoned. “You have a fan page for Brad now?”

“I'm sure the theme gonna be Horny girls who just want to fuck Brad.” Daren chuckled as he shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth even after eating a plate of Chicken. The room was filled with awkward silence and they deemed at her in unison.

“That is your theme?” Frey furrowed her forehead.

“Gross” Lizzie covered her mouth. “I wanna puke.”

“I get that he is sooo handsome but girlll” Frey Emphasized the last word.

I'm certain they also share his naked picture.” Daren howled. Talking about having a bunch of crazy people as friends.
“We Are not perverted!!” She shot at Daren. “Aren't you gonna leave it's eleven pm already.” She shifted her gaze to Lizzie. “Is the renovation not done yet?”

Audrey and Frey own the apartment Daren lives next door while Lizzie stays in the next block building because it is close to the volleyball center. She couldn't count the number of times Lizzie had crashed in her room and Daren on the other hand practically lives here.

Lizzie yawned and rubbed her eyes, acting oblivion “Goodnight.” Lizzie dodged past her and headed towards her room.

“My room is out of reach.” Audrey bellowed. “Stay in Frey's room.”

“You can stay in my room,” Frey said, her face still concentrated on the laptop in front of her.

“I don't want to. You know how Frey's room is. ” Lizzie bit her lips regretting what she said. They Burst into laughter including Frey, the victim. Frey never cleans her room and she was glad they had a separate room.

“Tomorrow is going to be a long day.” She needed to prepare for Brad's game tomorrow. God. And her thank you for helping me speech. She couldn't wait for it. To see her knight. The word was felt so cheeky she almost puke.

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